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Almost four months… ninety-five days to be exact.

Ninety five days of writing letters, phone calls, and missing the hell out of my girl.

I missed that girl so much, it hurt. It was still unbelievable to me that after only a day—one tiny event, she'd managed to stitch herself to my heart forever.

So many nights I'd lay in bed and talk myself out of dropping out of school and running back to her. Over and over again, I'd hear her voice, see the look in her eyes, and the words would stab me all over again.

"Come back to me."

That was exactly what I was doing. I'd had my apartment packed up for almost two weeks. I was over it. I couldn't wait for my flight to hit the ground. Was it crazy that I was so head over heels in love with a girl I'd only known a few months? Definitely. The fact that it was me in love was crazy in the first place. I didn't do love, or hadn't before Bella.

Apparently… I did do love.

I'd told my family very little about Bella, not because I was ashamed of her, but because I wanted to keep her all to myself for a little while longer. Honestly, I wasn't sure how my family would to take her. She was a lot to get used to, but I knew that she'd enchant them the same way she'd done me. Her sweet charm and quirky wit would have them eating out of the palms of her hands in no time.

Rose and Emmett knew a little bit, but I kept things vague. They didn't exactly understand what the fuck was going on, and I didn't exactly want to explain it to them. Shit… I couldn't explain it to myself. It just was.

I loved Bella Swan and that was that.

Leaving her was hard, but the hardest part was knowing where I was leaving her. Although she seemed happy enough with her way of life on the reservation, I felt like she deserved better. I wanted her to have better. I hated the little cubby hole box she lived in. I hated that she had to take a shower in the same house as Jake and his weirdo dad. I hated that she didn't have a car, and that she had to work at that shitty quickie mart.

So… I made some changes.

The first thing I did was buy her a phone. And a laptop… and had a satellite installed so she could get reception.

Then… I bought her a new house.

I had half a mind to buy her a real house… the kind without wheels, but she refused to leave the reservation. She didn't want to leave her mom, which I guess I understood. So, I surfed the net for listings, and found the perfect house trailer for my girl.

A perfect little mobile castle for my princess.

A pink one.

It was after an awkward conversation with my brother that I asked him to check it out for me in person. I had to be sure it wasn't a total piece of shit before I bought it.

"Edward… it's an old piece of crap. Why in the hell would you want that thing? It's got to be one-hundred years old, and its freaking pink!"

I knew it was going to be perfect. For her… it had to be.

The next day, I wired the guy twenty-five hundred bucks, put an extra five-hundred in to deliver, and another four-hundred for new tires.

I couldn't wait for her to see it. Her reaction was everything I expected and more. She was over the moon in love with it, and thrilled that she finally had a "real house" with her own toilet.

I just couldn't stand to have her living that way when I was living like a goddamned king. It made me sick. I had a luxury apartment a few blocks from school, decorated and furnished with only the finest, endless amounts of cash flow, and a maid to clean my house three times a week. It was just wrong, and I had never felt more spoiled and ungrateful in my entire life.

Her attitude toward me taking care of her was refreshing, too. Unlike other girls I'd known over the years, she was neither bashful, nor ashamed of accepting my help or gifts. Most of the girls I knew either expected it but wouldn't admit it, or they were adamant about being independent and doing things on their own. It never mattered one way or another to me since I was never one to woo girls with gifts. They either weren't around long enough for me to give a shit, or I just didn't give a shit… period.

I found that with Bella, I enjoyed doing things for her. It made me feel good… important and needed. The way my heart felt, and the stupid smile that I'd get on my face when I'd recieve her letters was all the reason I needed to keep doing them for her.

My dad was always spoiling my mom—gifts, trips, fancy dinners, jewelry… and it all made sense to me now. He loved her, and making her happy made him happy.


I felt like a natural with the romance shit.

With a stupid grin on my face, and a bounce in my step, I fled from the plane, through the terminal, and practically knocked my brother down trying to get to my girl.

"Whoa… cool it, bro."

He laughed at me, and I was ready to throttle him when a flash of something behind him caught my eye. I pushed him out of the way, and words could not describe the exhilarating feeling that pumped through me when I caught sight of her.

Jesus Fucking Christ… she was a walking, screaming, heaven sent orgasm.

And thank God she belonged to me.

She was looking back and forth, standing on her tip toes and smacking away at her gum when she finally spotted me.

"Yeah… I caught an eyeful of that little morsel while I was waiting," my brother commented, lowering his sunglasses. "You should see that ass on her…"

Just as I was about to tell him how well acquainted I was with that ass, her face lit up and she came running at me in a full on sprint.

I dropped my bag and opened my arms, too fucking stunned to move. Seconds later, I swept her up and crushed her against me.

I growled when she made contact, wrapping herself around me like a little purple chimpanzee. I held her up—happily—by her ass, and dug my fingers in deep.

Damn… how I missed that ass.

Her hands were gripping my hair, and her lips were on mine without any thought of our surroundings. It was one of the things I loved most about her. No pretense. No bullshit. Her vibe and passion were so intense and balls out.

Only when I heard the sputtering of my brother's conniption fit behind me did I pull back—but only slightly enough to speak to him. There was no way I was letting her go.

"Emmett, this is my Bella. Bella, this is my brother, Emmett."

"Holy shit."

Emmett's eyes were so big that I was afraid they were going to pop out of his head. He was stunned stupid-I understood the feeling. I'd had the same reaction to Bella the first time I saw her, too.

"You're Emmett?" she said with a big happy smile. "Well, damn. I shoulda known y'all were related the way you were eyeballin' me like I was a big fat t-bone."

She pecked me on the lips and wiggled out of my arms before standing in front of my brother with her arms up.

"Come on, now. Gimme some sugar."

Dirty thoughts flashed through my brother's eyes and I gave him a warning shove.

"Be respectful, fucker."

He coughed and carefully wrapped one arm around her shoulder, giving her a small tap on the back. She wasn't having any of that shit.

"That what you call a hug, city boy? You're almost as bad as Fancy. Come on, let me give you some. We're gonna be kin for cryin' out loud!"

His head snapped to face me—a little fear, and a lot of excitement filling his eyes. She grabbed him up and wrapped her arms around his middle, hugging him tight and squinting her eyes.

"Boy, you sure are a big ol' fella. Almost as pretty as my baby love, too." She gazed up into his eyes, and I laughed as his breath hitched and he shuddered.

I couldn't stand not having my hands on her another second and Emmett was making me nervous, so I stepped up behind her and pulled her back against me.

I felt her body fall against me with relief and happiness. It felt like home—she felt like home, and in that moment, I knew we could never be apart again. I leaned in and nuzzled my nose into her neck, needed her scent, her soft skin, all the stuff that made her so special.

"I can't believe you're here… that I'm finally here," I whispered, dragging my lips across her skin.

I wanted to fuck her. Hard. Fast. Dirty. I wanted to fuck her until there was no way of knowing we were two bodies.

I loved her so much—more than I even knew until I was there in her arms.

Emmett was still staring at us—disbelieving and confused.

"I told Mom that I didn't need a ride… this is why," I told him, kissing her bare shoulder. "We have a suite at the Regency."

He nodded. "Hell yeah you do."

He was struggling to keep his eyes to himself. I couldn't help but chuckle. She was a combination of every Sports Illustrated, every Playboy, and every cover girl we'd ever spanked it to. She was the girl those idiots from Weird Science tried to create but failed.

She was motherfucking perfection.

I couldn't blame the guy for looking, I mean; she threw it all out there on a slab for everyone to slobber over. Her shorts were small enough to fit a toddler—so tight that I could see through the fabric, and the fact that they were white did nothing to conceal what was underneath—which happened to be a thong… thankyouverymuch. Her top, as usual, left nothing to the imagination. It was very purple, and very low cut. Underneath, her bra was working overtime, squashing and pushing her tits out front and center. A small necklace with a purple Popsicle dangled temptingly between them, begging me to dig in and get it like a Cracker Jack prize.

Her feet were adorn with simple rubber flip-flops, the same color as her top, and her toenails were painted pink with little yellow flowers on her big toes.

Fucking adorable.

I wanted to play eenie meenie minie moe, and suck those toes until she moaned.

I mentally rolled my eyes. Only Bella Swan could cause me to develop a foot fetish.

"Does this suite thing got a bed? I'm ready to finally get our freak on. I'm so horny that I can't stand it anymore."

My brother's eyes bugged out, and I watched with humor as he wiped a drop of drool off his lips.

"The trailer… her… she… so you… wow!" he stuttered. I was afraid the poor guy was going to bust a vein, he was thinking so hard.

"You… Edward… not… you didn't… you're gonna… with her? Sex… what?"

"Calm the fuck down, Jesus!" I told him, shifting Bella under my arm. "You're embarrassing me in front of my girlfriend."

His eyes widened again and he stumbled back. "Girlfriend? Rose is going to flip out!"

I rolled my eyes. "Whatever. She'll get used it."

Bella, still smiling up at me, leaned in to whisper in my ear. "How'd he know 'bout my house?"

I smiled. "I had him check it out, sweetheart. Nothing but the best for my girl."

"The best?" Emmett shouted. "That thing is a piece of shit! You live in that thing?"

Bella moved forward and put both hands on her hips. " 'Course I do, ya big ol' dummy, and don't you call my house no piece of shit. It's wonderful, and I love it. My man takes good care of me. I told him I wanted to live in a pink house one day, and now I do 'cause he loves me!"

Emmett took a step back, obviously not ready for a verbal beat down from Bella.

"Love?" he choked.

I looked down at her and my breath caught in my throat. Fuck… if there was another word—a better word—something bigger, stronger, more pertinent, I'd have used that one, but until I figured it out, Love was what it was.


He laughed, shaking his head. "Well, now I can say I've heard it all. Holy Fuck…"

Bella was already rubbing her ass against me like a cat in heat, so I bid my brother farewell and hauled my lovely little sex kitten off to our little love den.

When I left the reservation, Jake had my car towed into the next town to have it fixed. Once it was done, I gave it to Bella to drive until I got back. I didn't want her hoofing it or relying on Jake anymore. I needed her safe and in one piece.

After an exhausting, lengthy phone call, she finally managed to figure out how to use the GPS so she could find the airport. She'd been to the city before with her mom, but only once when she was little, so she had no idea how to maneuver the streets. She was a little freaked out about driving alone. I had a feeling she was going to have a hard time adapting to life outside of the woods, but I'd be there to show her the way.

I sighed when I saw my car sitting at the curb, a security officer standing behind it with his ticket book out.

"Bella, you parked in a red zone! This is for unloading only!"

I wasn't mad, but I wasn't exactly pleased, either. I would have been pissed if they'd have towed it away.

"I unloaded my damn self didn't I? I unloaded, so I ain't in the wrong spot. Cops are all damn woman hatin' bastards."

I had a feeling she was going to get us both locked up with that sassy little mouth, so I opened the door to the passenger side, and shoved her inside quickly.

"Sorry about that," I said, taking the ticket from the officer. "She's from out of town."

He grumbled something under his breath and went back to his motorcycle before speeding away. I pocketed the ticket, threw my luggage in the trunk, and hopped in the driver's seat.

I looked over at my girl, all sexy and smiling, and winked. "You ready, baby?"

She turned in her seat, pulling the seat belt lower so it fit underneath her boobs, and leaned toward me. "I've been ready since you drove away from me," she said, her eyes glistening with tears.

I reached forward, touching her cheek… remembering, cherishing… before pressing my lips to hers and letting my tongue sneak out to taste her.

Like fucking honey.

I kissed her. It was softer than before, not rushed, but full of promises.

Horns blasted behind us, bursting our little blissful bubble.

"Fuck off!" I yelled out the window, putting the car in gear.

I looked over at her one more time, and the look on her face broke my heart. "Babe… don't give me that look…" I groaned. "You're turning me into such a pussy."

She smirked. "You ain't no pussy, Edward Cullen, you just love me's all. Now, hurry up and git us where we're goin' so I can show you how much I missed you. You made me wait long enough, now didn't ya."

My face flushed and my body heated. "It'll only take us ten minutes."

I peeled out of the airport, veered onto the highway, and zigzagged through the Friday afternoon traffic toward the Regency Hotel. I booked the Penthouse suite—only the best for my lady. I knew she'd appreciate the elegance and luxury of it, and I couldn't wait to share that part of my world with her.

I didn't want to shove my money in her face; I only wanted to share it with her, give her the finest things in life. She'd spent her whole life in that Podunk shit town, moving from trailer to trailer with her flake of a mother. She'd always had second best—hand me downs, and someone else's throw aways. It was time she was spoiled and fussed over, and treated like a queen.

As expected, when we drove up in front of the hotel, her eyes went wide and child-like.

"It's like a palace," she said, in awe.

The Regency did look like a palace. It was very European looking and elegant.

I knew she'd love it.

The valet swiped my keys and pulled our bags out of the trunk, placing them on the curb before pulling away to park.

I couldn't help but notice a rather small—at least for a girl—black bag, covered in big pink puckered lips.

"Is that all you brought?"

I was confused.

She gave me her trademark stink-eye. "You don't even know what I got in there. I brought plenty of stuff, Fancy."

I had to take her word for it. After all, she was Bella. Fuck knew what went on in her head.

We made our way inside and she twirled around in a circle. "You gotta be kidding me! This ain't even real!"

She was something else—the expression on her face was priceless. It was moments like that one that I wanted to last forever. I wanted to be the one to take her places she'd never been, show her things she'd never seen and do things that she'd never done.

One thing in particular…

Just picturing her response to me when we finally made love was going to kill me… I just knew it.

My jeans were starting to get tight around the groin area and with a small jerk of my leg, I adjusted myself into a better position. With my hand in hers, being that close to a room of our own—with a huge fucking bed—I was getting harder and harder by the minute.

"Come on. Let's go see our room."

She turned and smiled, bouncing around on her toes. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Let's go."

Heads were turning, and people were looking- noses out of joint, but I didn't give two shits about those people. I was finally going to get my girl alone and kiss her properly, and hopefully, I'd get to make sweet, sweet, love to her—that was all that mattered to me.

The elevator ride was another priceless moment. She danced around to the music, almost giving some four-hundred year old fucker a heart attack.

We made it to the door, and I slid the keycard into the slot, which turned into another round of twenty questions as to why that was a key and how'd it work and why didn't they have real keys if they were such a fancy hotel…

She was exhausting.

I finally pinned her against the wall and shoved my tongue in her mouth to shut her up. I then opened the door, moved her into the room without breaking contact, and slammed the door behind us.

I had her pushed down on the mattress of the king sized bed within minutes, licking my lips at the way she jiggled around as she settled.

"I missed you so much. I thought you'd never get back to me… it took so long."

I hovered above her. "Too long."

"I like your brother," she giggled. "He's a little slow, though, isn't he?"

I laughed. "Baby, I think he was just is shock. He's not stupid."

She wrinkled her nose. "Well, he sure has a hard time tryin' to talk."

I swept my hand over her cheek. "You have a way of leaving men speechless, beautiful."

She tucked her chin. "You make me beautiful."

I was done talking. We'd done nothing but talk for months. I knew every television show she watched, her favorite brand of peanut butter, how many times she changed her nail polish color, how she got every scar, and nick on her body, and every other little detail about her. I knew she didn't know how to swim and she was afraid of ducks. I knew she was pigeon-toed as a kid and had to wear a brace, I knew she hated pickles and onions and loved bananas. I knew everything about her, and she knew everything about me.

The good, the bad, and the embarrassing.

At that moment, the only sounds I wanted to hear were moans and cries of pleasure. I wanted to kiss her until she was breathless, touch her until she was begging, and love her until she had no doubt that she was my entire life.

I let my body fall against hers and kissed her like a starving man. She felt so damn good underneath me. I'd almost forgotten how perfect it was to be with her.

We moved flawlessly together, tangled up in a mess of hands and legs—exploring. I'd barely gotten my hand up her top when she pushed me backwards.

"I'm… um…" I stuttered. I felt like a dick, pawing at her and pushing her.

Maybe she wasn't ready.

I wanted to die.

"Shhh," she whispered, pressing a finger to my lips. "Sit back, Fancy."

So… I did.

And I watched.

She sat up on her knees and slowly pulled the top over her head, exposing the sexiest—dirtiest—piece of lingerie I'd ever seen. I wondered—only briefly since I had more important things on my mind—where the fuck they sold shit like that. As many of those things I'd seen in my young life, I'd never actually seen one on a real girl. Maxim, Playboy, Hustler… yeah, but on a real set of boobs… a real, real, set of boobs… never.

"You want me to take it off, or do you want to do that part?"

I tried to answer, but could only nod. I just wanted the thing off.

Right the fuck now.

She reached behind her and unsnapped the bra, releasing her luscious tits from the confines of the overly lacy contraption. The blood drained from my face… there were no words to describe her…

Plump… soft… round… fuck! I just didn't know what to do first.

That was until she reached up, rubbing and tweaking at them as she looked at me with this come hither look. That was it for me. I was a goner. I dove, face first into those bodacious globes, and went to town like a bloodhound in a butcher shop.

"I can't get enough," I moaned before pulling a sweet pink nipple into my mouth. I teased it with my tongue, flicking and rolling it as I sucked.

The grip she had on my hair was nearing painful, but I couldn't be bothered to ask her to stop. I liked it… it felt good.

I moved back and forth, giving each one the love they deserved. I was in heaven, but it still wasn't enough. I'd never get enough of her.

"I want to get you off."

I needed to give her an orgasm—like I needed to breathe, I needed to hear her scream my name. "Lay back for me, sweetheart."

She flopped back and quickly brought her legs up to remove her shorts, damn near taking my gonads out in the process.

"Slow down. We have plenty of time. I'm not leaving, remember?"

I watched as relief washed over her. "I know. I'm just so… I'm just anxious, I guess. I want you to touch me so bad… I'm about to pull my hair out!"

I laughed and kissed her nose. "You're so fucking cute, you know that? I love you."

I helped her remove her shorts, staring at her barely an eye-patch panties, before ripping them down her legs.

"Grrr," she growled, showing her teeth. "I like it when you get all feisty, my sexy man."

I pushed away for a moment, unfastening my watch and laying it on the bedside table. "God… where have you been all my life?"

Cheesiest fucking line ever, but seriously… where in the fuck had she been?

"On the rez," she said, scrunching her nose. "Come on, hurry it up. Just whip that thing out already!"

Her toes dug into my jeans as she tried desperately to shove them down my legs. "Why are you being so shy? I want it, dang it all!"

I chuckled darkly. "You know what, woman? That mouth of yours is going to get you in a lot of trouble."

I moved down so that I was between her thighs, kneeling on the floor in front of her. I looked up at her and smiled. "Don't move, and for the love of god, keep your mouth shut."

She scowled until I ran my tongue up the slit of her pussy—front to back I swept, tasting and teasing her.

"Sweet baby Jesus on a rocking chair! Don't you stop, Edward Cullen!"

I would've laughed, had my mouth not been full of muff—but shit… I'd never had anyone call out my full name during sex before.

Who does that?

I dove back in, lapping and flicking my tongue wildly. She tasted divine, and felt like velvet on my tongue. I could have stayed right there forever.

"Wait… wait…" she panted.

I sat up, wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and frowned. "You don't like it?"

I thought I had been doing a pretty good job by the way it sounded, but she obviously wasn't into it.

"I wanna sit on your face so I can watch. Come on up here so I can hop on top."

Dr. Seuss flashed through my mind, and I shook my head to expel it.

"Damn… you are a naughty girl," I said, smirking. "Come on, babe… climb on."

I lay on my back and watched attentively as she climbed on top of me, letting herself rub against my dick as she did. With her legs on either side of my head, she lowered her hips until all I could see was pink.

I spread her with my fingers and pulled her clit between my lips, suckling gently. Slowly, I let my finger slip inside, caressing the soft skin inside. "Such a pretty pussy," I mumbled against her.

She threw her head back and gripped the sheets next to my head tightly. It was a good thing she was hanging on because I was ready to take her for the ride of her life. She wiggled, moaned, and squirmed under my ministrations, and it took all my strength to hold her ass down so I could give her my best shot. I was hardly a master of the oral—it was something I tried to avoid at all costs—but I wanted it with her. I was enjoying it, even. It felt so intimate, and I felt so close to her. I never, ever, wanted to stop.

Then, she clutched my head between her thighs and slammed me down. I couldn't breathe, and suddenly, I wasn't having that much fun anymore.

I tried to get her to loosen the hold she had on me, but she was lost—riding my face like her life depended on it. I had stopped all my efforts to get her off and was just trying to get some air. She must have thought that was all part of my routine because she was murdering my face.

I finally did the only thing I could at that moment, anything to get her off me.

I pinched her ass… hard.

Her head connected with the headboard and she screamed before punching the shit out of me with closed fists.

"Why'd you do that for, asshole?"

I rubbed my forehead. "Baby, you were strangling me!"

She put her hand over her mouth and gasped. "I'm so sorry, baby love!" She giggled and moved her angry kitty from my face. "That just felt so good, and I guess I got a little carried away."

She smiled down to her lap, lowering her eyes before looking back at me again. That shy, innocent shit was a trigger for me.

She was so damn cute.

"Let's say we try that another time, okay?"

She looked disappointed. I didn't want her to get the wrong idea—I was definitely doing that later, but I was ready to come in my pants and I was tired of holding off.

Foreplay shmoreplay.

I'd waited too long to be inside of her—I wasn't going to wait anymore.

I just figured that if I got her nice and ready before we did the deed, it wouldn't be as painful for her. If she cried, I would seriously lose my shit.

"There's plenty of time for that, okay. We have all week, and then the rest of our lives. All of this is new. We just have to figure it out."

She nodded. "Are we still gonna have some sex, though? I really wanna."

Thank God because if she wanted to fold and bow out, I was going to spend the rest of the night in the bathroom fucking myself.

I had some serious pent up sexual frustration going on, and blue balls were going to be the cause of my death if I didn't get some.

"I want to, more than anything. Are you sure?"

She touched my cheek with her fingertips and smiled. "You're the one."

Smiling, I returned the gesture. "You know this is it for me, right, Bella? Forever. You're all I want."

"I know it."

I lifted her chin so we were eye to eye.

"Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I'll spend every day

Making all your dreams come true."

Yeah… I had turned into a sappy loser and I didn't give a shit.

I wrote her poems every day.

EVERY day.

She loved my corny poems. She liked it when I sang horrible love songs to her over the phone, and she loved my fucking poems.

She was my soul mate.

I was so soft and fluffy inside from the girl that I was surprised I didn't float. She made me happy, and all I wanted to do was make her happy.

"Then make love with me. I could get hit by a car and die a damn virgin by the time you finally give me some sex. Give it to me, damn it!"

I moved between her legs, settling myself on top of her.

"If it hurts can you tell me with your words and not your fists, please?"

I could just see her knocking my teeth out mid thrust.

Not pleasant.

"I will… I promise. My Mama said just to take a deep breath and it'd be over real quick. Just do it."

Of course Nay-Nay had advice for her. I'd learned quite a bit—if not too much—about Nay-Nay.

Nay-Nay was a ho-bag. And a stripper.

Bella had at least a dozen step-daddies, had moved more than 16 times, and had numerous "uncles" to add to the list. She had nothing negative to say about Nay-Nay, though. It was as if it was all very normal to her. I figured that where she came from, it was.

Slowly, I slid into her, inching my way gently so I wouldn't hurt her. I swear I saw stars, fireworks, explosions… all that cliché shit movies blabbed about. All those things that never really happened in real life were happening to me.

Either that, or I was having a seizure.

She didn't make a peep. She held on to my shoulders and gazed up at me like I was a God. So much love and trust that it made me want to weep.

I sure as fuck felt like a God at that moment in time. I held the most important thing in the world in my arms.

I felt powerful.

I began to move my hips, just a little to see how she was doing. She started meeting my rhythm, so I pushed a little further, pulling her hip up over mine.

So deep.

"Come on, Fancy! Harder! You ain't gonna break me!"

I was spurred on by the reappearance of the dirty mouth. I slammed my hips back down and groaned. "I'm not gonna last, Bella. It's too good."

Both of her legs wrapped around my hips as she rocked back and forth against me. "I never want you to stop! This is good, baby! Give me that sausage!"

My hips bucked wildly. "For the love of all that is holy! Never, ever, say sausage," I laughed. "God damn, you're a fucking nutcase!"

She looked so beautiful—sweaty, tits flopping around as I slammed in and out of her, wide eyes, and her bee-stung lips…

"This good, Bella? Do I fuck you good?"

She nodded quickly. "You're a good fucker, Edward. Such a good fucker."

I couldn't help it—I laughed again. "You're so lucky that I'm madly in love with you, otherwise, I'd throw your crazy ass out of her! Stop. Talking! Jesus!"

I was so close and I knew I was going to burst any minute. I moved my arms so that I could support her weight, and sat back on my knees, holding her on my lap by gripping her hips. The new angle let me hit her deeper, and I could grind against her clit with my pelvis at the same time.

"Thank you, God! Thank you! Thank you for this man, and his good lovin'," she screamed.

That was all I could take. I splayed my hands over as much ass as I could, and squeezed down, holding her still as I lost it, blasting her full of everything I had. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her shoulder as I came down.

"I'm so sorry," I apologized. "I love you so much, I just couldn't help it."

She giggled. "It tickles… let me up."

I realized that she was probably uncomfortable since I'd just pumped her full of four months worth of spludge. "Let's take a bath. Would that be nice?" I asked her, brushing her sweaty bangs out of her face.

"Okay. Thank you, Edward. It was just perfect and romantic."

I wasn't sure about romantic, but if she said so…

I led her into the bathroom and heard her gasp when she saw the Jacuzzi tub. "Y'all have to be kidding me! We got a swimmin' pool in here? I feel like we're in Beverly Hills or soemthin'. Are we gonna take a dip?"

I shook my head and blinked. She was standing in front of me, bouncing on the balls of her feet, causing her ass to do these amazing things… and I was hard again.

"Does it hurt?" I asked, wrapping my arms around her and pulling her back against me.

She shook her head. "No. I feel… good. I want you to do it again, kay?" She lifted her head and smiled over her shoulder at me. "Are we gonna do it again?"

I took a shuddered breath. I wondered if I'd even live through the night the way we were going. "How'd you like it if we… did it in there?" I pointed at the tub and pushed myself into her back.

Bella wet and naked on top of me was something I wanted… bad.


Always so enthusiastic.

Once we were dry and warm in bed, I decided it was time to talk. There was a lot we had to figure out. Where we were going to live, what we wanted to do with our future, how she was feeling… For a girl to hitch her ponies to a guy she'd only known a few days, I knew she really wanted me… us, but I wanted to makes sure that she knew what she was getting herself into.

Our worlds were very different. There was only about one hundred miles between our hometowns, but it may as well been a thousand. As crazy as her family and friends were, mine were crazy in their own way. It was the other spectrum of crazy, but crazy nonetheless.

Her family killed animals so they could eat.

And then they stuffed them and hung them like trophies.

My family paid twenty-five hundred bucks a plate to save baby seals.

Her family lived in homes you could hitch to cars.

My family owned cars you could live in.

They were Dixie plates, and we were Waterford.

Not that any of it mattered. I loved her. It made no sense, but I did.

I knew I'd never find anyone as compatible as Bella. She was the perfect woman for a guy like me. First of all, she was smoking hot. Definitely a bonus, but, the best parts of her weren't' her tits and ass… it was her heart and spirit that made me love her.

She'd take care of me, and let me take care of her in return.

I was a spoiled rich kid. I was used to being babies and given my way. Bella liked being there for me and I was sure that one day, she'd make a great wife and mother.

She was also spunky. Mean, sometimes, but it was so sexy. She kept me on my toes—something I needed. It made me feel alive.

Other girls just went along with whatever I said, so I never really knew them at all. Not like I cared. I'd been a selfish prick, interested in only one thing. Even Kate, who I thought was different, was the same as the others. Games… they all played games and I was sick of it.

I wanted pussy and they wanted my cash.

It was all a joke.

With Bella, it was different. She paid attention to me. She wanted to know if I liked it when it rained, or if I preferred my coffee sweet or black. She also ordered me around, said asinine things constantly and dressed like she was a low rent porn star, but she also had a heart of gold and a body like Venus.

I'd found myself a very unique woman.

Like a fucking Unicorn.

How my parents would react was in the back of my head, but I didn't want to dwell on it. She wasn't going anywhere, and neither was I.

End Note: