Cure for a Broken Heart ~ SoapyMayhem

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After a bad breakup, Bella takes a trip back to her hometown to spend Valentine's Day alone. Who is the beautiful broken boy she finds sitting in the rain outside her neighbor's house? Can two broken hearts heal each other?

This little Valentine's Day drabble fic is dedicated to my favorite ladies who have helped with my stories over the last year – Nyddi, Twimarti,TexasBella, and CaraNo.

Firstly, it's unbeta'd, so please excuse my errors. Secondly, this is pre-written and will post in it's entirety today - provided ff doesn't fuck up again today.

~Cure for a Broken Heart~

Chapter 1

Valentine's day – a day for lovers, overpriced candy, dinner reservations, kisses, and flowers, but when you're single and nursing a broken heart, the day takes on a completely different meaning.

Lifetime movies, Ben and Jerry's, alone time with my vibrating rabbit – that was going to be my Valentine's Day if I didn't do something about it.

First and foremost, I knew I had to get out of Seattle – Riley, my ex, would be there doing the wine and dine thing with my roommate, Vicki who he'd been sleeping with for at least a month before we broke up, and since there was no way I could get a housing transfer a month into the semester, I was stuck living with the conniving bitch till the end of the term.

How fucking pathetic would it look if I was sitting on the couch in my sweats pigging out on ice cream when they came in from their wonderful little date to fuck around in Vicki's room?

Odds were they'd get a hotel or something, but they weren't above fooling around in front of me, they'd done it before.

The only reason their little tryst was exposed was because Riley decided he wanted Vicki after she gave him an ultimatum – to choose between us. Once they admitted to what they'd been doing behind my back, they were all too happy to flaunt their relationship in front of me, rubbing it in my fucking face all the time.

As if knowing wasn't bad enough, I had to be a witness to it.

How the hell am I supposed to get over the guy if he's in my fucking space all the time?

After two weeks of seeing Riley walk out of Vicki's room in the morning sporting the bedhead and lazy grin I always loved, I was fed up.

I packed a small overnight bag and got in my car, so I could make the three hour trip back to Forks – my hometown.

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