Author Note: This is basically the introductory chapter. You can pick any of the given options as the name you picked from the hat, and then find your result, and the guy you got using the chapter navigator. Hope you enjoy!

Plus, assume that all the people lived through the war.

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Kisuke's Party

You guys were all enjoying one of the rare holidays at Soul Society, and all 13 Protection Squads were on a day off. You were all in the Human world, and Kisuke Urahara had called all of you over for an awesome party. Of course, at Urahara Shop. You, Rukia Kuchiki and Rangiku Matsumoto were on your way to a party. You guys arrived at the party to find everyone sitting in a circle. When Rangiku asks what's going on, Toushirou says: We re playing "7 minutes in Heaven." Rangiku and Rukia get you guys spots to sit down, and you all join the circle. You notice that even a few Arrancar were there, along with some Soul Reaper Captains, and Lieutenants. You noticed the guy you had a crush on, and blushed.

All the guys had put in pieces of paper after having written the names of their zanpakutos on it, Kisuke Urahara's hat was passed around. So, eventually, the hat came to you. You picked, nervous and shaking with excitement:

Katen Kyokotsu
Fuji Kujaku
The hat!
Santa Teresa
Sogyo no Kotowari
I don't like zanpakutos.
(blank paper)
I don't give a shit about my zanpakuto's name!
Kyoka Suigetsu

And you picked who you picked: (move over to the navigator)

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