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You picked: SOGYO NO KOTOWARI...The Truth of Pisces!

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You picked up a piece of paper enthusiastically and showed it to Rukia. You read out 'Sogyo no Kotowari' out together. Captain Ukitake got up from the circle and held out a palm to you, making you blush beet-red as you took it. People respected this guy a bit too much to actually say something (or make any awkward noises, for that matter). You didn't know what you would do if they had started cat-calling or whistling. When you were inside the closet, Kiyone and Sentarou looked at their Captain, both about to say something when Ukitake shook his head plainly. Rukia proceeded to lock the door, looking slightly flustered.

Once you were locked inside, you felt yourself turn red. You were locked inside a closet with none other than your long-term (slightly-older-than-self) crush. Heck, you had each and every photobook publication the Shinigami Women's Association had ever made of him. "Uh…hello," you were startled when you heard his soft voice call out to you, be it a hello. "Ye-Yes, Captain?" you answered. You heard his footsteps, and suddenly, a hand came to rest on your shoulder. "So, do you wish to play this game? Or would you rather sit and talk? We could do whichever you are comfortable with," In the darkness, you were sure he was giving you that comforting close-eyed smile. "Umm…" you were at a loss, and you could still feel his warmth. He was so very close. You lost it then. You grabbed his face in your hands and pressed your lips against his lips. You could feel him gasp into the kiss, but you were frankly too scared of trying to take it another step forward. You just continued with the chaste kiss, going way beyond your limits of keeping your breath, but when you felt his arms wrap around your waist, you slowly broke off, unable to look him in the eyes. You heard him chuckle softly as you shuffled your feet nervously. You felt a single arm draw you even closer to his body, your cheeks burning up. The other arm came up, and using two fingers, he lifted your chin up, chocolate brown eyes gazed into yours before he leaned in for his initiated kiss. His lips were so soft against yours, and you were shocked when you felt his tongue run along your bottom lip. Your jaw slackened involuntarily and as his tongue dove in to explore the cavern that had opened up, you snaked your fingers into his hair. Oh, how much you had longed to do this some day! And now, you couldn't believe this was actually happening! You felt elated to the point of wanting to fly away from the world as you ran your fingers through those long, silky tresses. So they really are silkier than you thought. Your chest was shoved up against his, and you felt embarrassed; he could probably feel your heart running a marathon at the speed of a Ducati bike. Nevertheless, you returned the kiss with passion, fingers not leaving that hair alone even for a moment.

"Time's up!" You were rudely interrupted from your ecstasy, when Rangiku's voice sounded from outside, causing Ukitake to draw away. "I guess we should step out before they start wrestling with the door in an unsightly manner…" he said. You nodded quickly, and took the hand he offered you. He knocked on the door, and it was opened hastily by Rukia. The entire crowd, especially people like Nnoitra, Grimmjow, and (you noted with horror) Shunsui Kyouraku looked severely disappointed. "I thought you would have set an example for myself and my kawaii-kawaii Nanao-chan~!" Kyouraku said, causing me to wince and Ukitake to shake his head in a not-again sort-of-way, as Nanao proceeded to slam a heavy book on the Eighth Division Captain.

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