Rachel stood looking in the mirror, her hands shaking as she smoothed her long cathedral length veil. The day had finally arrived, the day that she would marry Finn. Looking in the mirror, she hardly recognized herself. The classic lace dress clung to her body, gliding softly against her gently curves. She swallowed hard taking one last look in the mirror. She was all grown up. There was a soft knock at the door, "Come in" she called. Shelby Corcoran appeared beside her in the mirror, dressed in a pale blue dress. She wrapped one of her arms around Rachel and smiled. "Simply Beautiful".

Rachel smiled. She turned to face her. "I. . . I didn't think you'd come."

Shelby rubbed her daughter's back. "I couldn't stay away if I tried."

Rachel turned back into the mirror, adjusting her long brunette locks. Shelby jumped up, and rifled through her purse. "I almost forgot." She took out a small blue box. "I know I've not been there for you. I know I've never been a mother to you and now look at you. It's too late to be a mother to you, you're not a child, you're a grown woman." She opened the box to reveal a small silver comb, studded with bright sapphires cut to form a star.

Rachel gasped at the comb. "It's beautiful."

Shelby smiled. "It was my mother's and before that my grandmothers. It was passed down on to me, in hopes that I would wear it when I got married. Then I would pass it to my daughter."

"Don . . . don't you want to give it to Beth?"

"You are my first daughter. You should wear it. You look so much like my grandma Corcoran, She would be honored for you to wear it." Shelby slipped the comb into Rachel's hair, smoothing her veil around it.

A solemn tear slid down Rachel's face, and she hugged Shelby tight.

Shelby stood her up, straightening her gown. ""Can we at least be friends?"

Rachel's face scrunched up, the emotions over taking her. Shelby whipped out a small lace hanky and dabbed at Rachel's face. "None of that, you have an adorable man out there who loves you with all his heart. You should be happy."

Rachel wiped away a small tear. "I am."

Shelby smiled. She hugged Rachel one last time. "I better go take my seat. I. . . I love you Rachel."

Rachel smiled meekly at her. "I. . . . I love you too."