A/N: One shot of what could happen if the pawn shop in ep 1x12 had a security camera… I got the idea when the school hall had a security camera.

"You told me you didn't pawn your ring," Andrew said, as soon as she walked in, his tone angry and accusing – bitter.

"I didn't! Andrew?"

"The pawn shop had a video tape for security. Watch," Andrew said, pressing play on the DVD.

Bridgette watched as Siobhan came on camera and made the transaction. "Shiv…" Her knees buckled, and she collapsed to the floor. Andrew acted on instinct, and was at her side, lifting her to the coach.

"What is going on, Siobhan?"

"She's… Siobhan's alive…"

"What are you taking about?"

Bridgette closed her eyes, and took a deep breathe. "I'm not Siobhan. I'm Bridgette. You know my story. Well, I did run to Siobhan. You were on your business trip. We went up to the Hamptons, and went boating. I took a nap. When I woke up, I was alone on the boat. I looked for Siobhan. Looked for… a long time. I thought she drowned herself. I thought she was dead! I was desperate. Scared. I took over her life. It was just going to be for a few days. No one was supposed to know. No one was supposed to get hurt. Then… I couldn't leave. She was dead…" Her eyes went to the picture of her twin, frozen on the screen. "I thought she was dead… Why would she let me think that?"

"How do I know any of this is true?" Andrew demanded.

She focused on him. "You came home from that trip. I kissed you. You were shocked. All the little things that I said changed because I was pregnant. I never lost the baby because I wasn't pregnant – Siobhan was – is."

"How do I know you didn't plan this together?"

Bridgette sighed. "I didn't know she was alive. I don't know what she's doing."

"You don't know anything about what your own twin is up to? I'm supposed to believe that?" Though, in all honesty, her near collapse at seeing her sister alive inclined him to believe her; but he was furious – and hurt.

Bridgette took a deep breath, and tried to focus. Maybe she did know something after all… "Maybe I do…" She quickly filled him in on Hotel Pivione, and her calls to Paris. "Maybe she's been in Paris…"

"I'll find out," Andrew said, going to his computer. He pulled up the company accounts. "Cora Ferral?"

"Yes," she said, coming to stand beside him.

As the information came up, Andrew shook his head. "She stayed in Paris, and had my company pay for it… And from that phone call… she's sleeping with one of my top employees."

"I'm sorry, Andrew."

"Not as sorry as Siobhan will be," he muttered.

"I'll leave." She turned and went to the bedroom. Andrew was all too aware of Siob- Bridgette, he corrected himself, leaving. And he didn't like the feeling. It left him feeling empty inside. Siobhan had pretended to kill herself rather than stay with him. But Bridgette… she'd stayed. She'd had more than a few chances to take some of the Martin money and run… but she'd stayed. She'd tried to make things right. Tried to help Juliet. Tried to be a good wife to him.

Images flashed through his mind. Her smiling at him on her birthday. Punching Carpenter at the party, to defend Juliet. Holding back Juliet's hair that night in the bathroom. Apologizing for what her twin had done, in sleeping with a married man. Telling him about 'her sister' – herself. Her promising to never take the ring off again.

Bridgette quickly began packing some of Siobhan's plainer outfits, careful not to take any of the jewelry. But she did open the jewelry box. She took off the necklace and ear rings and put them back in the box. Then she looked at the wedding ring she wore. The ring she'd promised she'd never take off again. Siobhan's ring. She wiped the tears from her cheeks, then took the ring off and placed it in the box before closing the lid.

Knowing that, given his kindness, Andrew wouldn't begrudge it her, she took the cash from the wallet in the purse she'd been using, but left the credit cards. She no longer felt she had a right to them - not that she ever really had. Andrew was still sitting frozen as she'd left him moments before.

"I'm sorry, Andrew. Take care of yourself," she said softly. Unable to resist, she placed a hand on his shoulder, then began to walk away.

Just as her hand would have slipped off his shoulder, his hand came up and wrapped around her wrist. "Don't leave me. Don't leave us. Please… Bridgette."

Bridgette's breath caught at hearing him use her real name. She stepped back and both turned so they were facing each other, with him still holding her wrist.

"You… want me to stay? But, I'm not Siobhan…" She'd always known this would end the moment he found out she wasn't Siobhan. It was the one thing she'd been absolutely sure of.

"I want you to stay, Bridgette. Juliet needs you to stay. You - not Siobhan. You're the one helping her. I thought I'd fallen in love with Siobhan again these last weeks, but I've fallen in love with you." He knew it was a risk to admit his feelings when she wasn't sharing hers, but he had to do something to convince her to stay. And he'd seen the motion in her eyes when they'd made love – a term that applied more to his intimacy with Bridgette than Siobhan. The same emotion that had been in her eyes when she'd promised never to take the ring off again.

"Are you sure?"

The look in her eyes was one he'd never, even in their earliest days, seen in Siobhan's. An uncertainty and longing. She wanted to stay, but was afraid she wouldn't be allowed to. Rather than answering aloud, he stood up and gently pulled her against him, leaning down to capture her lips. The kiss was deep and passionate.

When the need for oxygen ended the kiss, Bridgette rested her head on his chest. "I love you," she whispered. She wanted to say it now, as Bridgette. When he knew who was really saying it to him.

They'd been so caught up in the kiss that they hadn't heard Juliet enter.

"What's going on?"

"Juliet, let's go sit down. This is a long story."

Once everything was explained, Juliet spoke. "So what are we going to do about that bitch Siobhan?"

"Stop this game of hers. We don't have the details yet. But for now, we continue as we have been - Bridgette will continue to be Siobhan in public. Yes?" He looked to Bridgette, who nodded.

"There is one thing to do first," Andrew said.

Bridgette gave him a curious look. He led her to the entrance hall, with Juliet, close behind. He took the oversized close-up of Siobhan's face off the wall.


"It's a picture of her, not you."

"We look the same," Bridgette pointed out, a half amused smile on her face.

"But you are very different," he said, placing a hand on her cheek. "Redecorate this place the way you want it, not the way she had it. And next time we're in the Hamptons think about how you want to redecorate it."

"Andrew, I was never huge on redecorating…" She'd never had money or a nice enough place.

"But you know what colors you like. What fabrics you like. And after playing Shiv for weeks you have to have some idea of decorating – being around Gemma…" He paused and took her hands in his, looking in her yes. "You don't have to do anything. I didn't mean it that way. I just want you to make this your home, not feel like you're living in her home."

"Our home," she softly corrected, leaning up to kiss his cheek.

"Our home," he agreed. Both looked over an smiled at Juliet, including her.

"I like it better," Juliet said, moving over to join them.

"So do I," Bridgette admitted. "You'll help me, right?" she asked Juliet.

"You want me to help?" Juliet asked, shocked.

"This is your home too; and you know what your Dad likes. Of course I want you to help," Bridgette replied.

"I'll help," Juliet agreed, smiling shyly. She'd hated Siobhan, but thought she and Bridgette might be able to be friends.