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Digimon Fusion Kai


Chapter 1: Betwixt Worlds & Time! Tournament!

After the downfall of the D-Reaper at the hands of Omega X and Gallantmon, an age of peace was well earned, leaving several long months to pile atop each other before the Black Digi-Cores drove the Digidestined to their ultimate test.

The ultimate test that they could remember, that is.

For before the appearance of the Black Digi-Cores, there was a tournament that they competed in, betwixt time and between space.

The truth is, before the realms and universes became separate, they all followed a single, daunted fate until an event long since lost in the vastness of time separated their fates. Some universes learned to master magic, some discovered 'shade worlds' that shadowed their own, such as in the Digidestined Universe, with the Digital World and some discovered secrets that set them on the path of conflict. But there remains a single, conjoined fabric that binds them together.

The Garden of Intertwining, a planet that ties the threads of fate within all worlds, and only accessible every 1234 colloquially flowing years in all universes and realms, during a synchronised eclipse that lasts for several days at a time.

Although knowledge is restricted, a tournament to show everlasting good faith is held between Universes and their greatest warriors, regardless of paradigms (The different flow of time) in each, with the winner gaining gratification as 'Honoured Warrior' and a prize of their choice, although restrictions were inflicted, as may be seen, with the tournament raging on once more, although memory was lost after the tournament ended...


(Digimon – Run Around)

A pair of opponent Ascendant fists collided in the zenith of a great battle, ongoing at a strange tournament located in a spherical arena on a scarlet skied world betwixt realms and dimensions. The fists blew away smoke smudging audience views of the two battered, heaving warriors; Kaiser X2 and Alpha Xcel.

Tai, here in his late 20's, was gaping in awe of the exchange, "Incredible!"

Strangely enough, on the other side of the arena in a cubical was Matt, graced by his Imperial Invader Armour, at a far younger age with a gallant cloak, "S-such power!" he said.

Strewn around the contenders cubicles in the arena were various copies of villains the Digidestined had defeated, in conjunction with different realms heroes, such as 'Straw Hat' Luffy, Natsu Dragneel and Negi Springfield.

Falling back into the air, Alpha Xcel charged his green ki blast, Kaiser X2 tensing with a jovial smile and readying his blast behind his back with a metallic blue shade.

Bane of the Kings!

Ice Barrier Terra Beam!

Discharging the two blasts at each other, the two leading shoe ins to become 'Honoured Warrior' remained undaunted as a huge explosion of blinding light and unrelenting ferocity, the audience stand shields refracting against the light, and giving signs of struggle with the containment.

The competitors were very varied in their expressions, villains from various universes of all types giving chides against their possible future opponents powers, while the level headed heroes and the silent dark horses all remained undaunted and continued to scan the battle despite the bright light and wind blowing against them.

"D-damn it!" Bebimon cried from his cubical, feeling just a little inferior before the powers he was sensing; even despite his ineptitude at sensory.

As the dust rose and encased like a rising tsunami upon the competitors and quite spectacularly against the crowd shield, which eventually fell through and allowed a light cascade of the energy into the stands, scattering audience members into the air and covering them in dirt before the blast zone resettled.

Standing unblemished due to her energy shield, the D-Reaper gaped and stammered ostensibly, "Gigantic..." she then gained a sniggering expression for some reason.

(End BGM)

Now, how did the Digidestined get involved in an inter-universal tournament?

Lets turn back time and see...


Real Realm/ Space Quadrant #183 / Relative Time Unknown

Empty vastness of space; desolate, untamed and unrelentingly maddening. In this quadrant was the blood red planet known as Titania, surrounded by an asteroid belt and a gorgeously thriving star.

Beside it, there shone a bright twinkle, fading into recesses as a strange, three pronged ship bleeding into existence and flying on a straight path to Earth, several light years away. Compensating for this, the ship entered light speed, ceasing seconds later before Earth, initiating a stealth sequence as they entered the hemisphere.

Inside the ship deck, looking out onto the planet through a large, tinted window before the pilots were two Spirants from the Digital Universe and a strange, bird like alien creature wearing a gallant cloak and royal robe to suit his size.

One of the Spirants, an Apollomon, said, "Look at it, Vargas. The Digidestined are on that planet; the greatest humanoid warriors of their kind. In addition with the revived warriors of this universe, our teams will be a force to be reckoned with!"

The one known as Vargas quickly replied, "You forget the paradigm warriors from streamed timelines. They are stronger than their counterparts due to slight changes in their histories. But yes; this year in the Garden of the Intertwining, we shall hold the honours."

The other Spirant, Dianamon, added, "Vargas, your genius is one of a kind in our universe, enabling us to even compete!" she bowed respectfully, "You have Digimon thanks. Our 'shade' world will enhance the humans chances against the other universes that utilize mages!"

A pilot perked up at a signal appearing on his monitor, "My lord, they are all accumulated in this Earth's 'shade' plane. We will have to manually enter the data stream of this world."

Vargas gave a mundane sigh, "Most contestants already accumulated are from the Earth... it must have a special hereditary trait or something for battle and magic power... like that magic Earth universe and it's 'shade' called 'Edolas'..."

The pilot from before announced, "Now entering data stream... higher plane realm detected harbouring the Digidestined warriors."

"Just initiate warp to the realm as soon as possible. Last entrants have around 25 hours before the tournament preliminaries will begin."


Digi-Verse /Azulongmon's Realm /14:34pm

The Digidestined were enjoying peace filled days in both of their worlds, picnicking on the grassy knolls of Azulongmon's holy sanctuary grounds, X and the celestial deity himself remaining rather silent as the jovial and elated group celebrated the downfall of the D-Reaper again, and remember those who were lost in delicate reminiscence.

Tai and Agumon, as the great heroes of the universe (their universe) were celebrating naturally with an overstuffed pair of faces full of sandwiches, the former's wife giggling uncontrollably and their 5 year old son, Max, staring on mesmerised.

Takato Matsuki, the newest Digidestined leader and also hero of the universe was a lot less audacious in his eating, as his girlfriend, Rika, stared on darkly from beside him with a threatening vibe.

Joe, Izzy and their sons played a small scale tag game with Gomamon and Tentomon, both complaining about their ages every time they became 'it'.

BanchoLeomon acted reclusively, just sitting close by in a focused trance state.

Mimi and Matt were secretively discussing Keke and Dimitri's manners as they were always dropping hints at a food fight. The rest f the Digidestined were gather in the circle on the grassy plains, staring up at the sky and talking empathetically about how they miss the 'old days'.

Azulongmon was watching over them from above with a benevolent smirk beneath his ghoulish mask, and X sat close by in meditation.

But both tinged at a sudden feeling nearby, like a telepathic signal only obtainable by the higher beings, with Azulongmon giving a telepathic acceptance for their safe passage into the sanctuary.

"My friends," the dragon echoed, "we have foreign visitors heading on up to this sanctuary to speak to you."

X cut in sharply, "How could they? Very few should merit your approval..."

"However, this transcends my authority, X. It is about the Fighting Tournament at the Garden of the Intertwining... you, of course, were not around at the last one all those years ago..."

X nodded, "You have told me of it, however... I understand." Just as he said this, a light flickered and the three pronged ship phased in on the grassy plains, a hefty clunk giving credence to the opening of the foundation door, Apollomon, Dianamon and Vargas walking out and up to the accumulated group.

"Greetings," Vargas began spryly, "I am Vargas, a scientist. I trust you recognize these two as former residents of planet Spira in this shadow universe. We have come with an offer for you."

"Who are you?" Joe intercepted.

Apollomon stood forward, his arms behind him, "We are Spirant's from another paradigm world (he gestures off questioning the term) and we came to your world with Vargas's technology, with a special mission for the millennia occurrence."

Dianamon took on the mighty task of explaining, "You see, there are different universes that deviate from a singular point in time, due to a long lost event that led to the separation of time and space, practically cloning the universe into several children. However, we are still loosely connected by a single tether of land that conjoins the universes between time and space, The Garden of Intertwining, a lush land that spans for endless miles. It is only reachable during a unified solar eclipse that occurs in all universes and their paradigms every 1234 years for several days. That time has come once more... and the tournament of good faith is coming."

Izzy and Talley the only ones following, nodded as Dianamon continued.

"The tournament is a fighting tournament used to promote good faith and brotherly support to our distant friends, and is held in ancient and advanced arenas constructed during the very first tournament. Only the finest warriors from our universe, picked from our paradigms carefully to increase our chance of victory are chosen. Along with the intense gratification of top level battle with the finest warriors, the winner is credited as the greatest fighter of the millennia, and is awarded in a way that will be explained later. To quench any questions about why such an event doesn't shatter the fabric of reality is as an allowance from the Gods of multiple universes."

Takato, finally catching on, stood up among the group, "You want us to enter this tournament, don't you?"

"Yes; but no need for concern is necessary, as the dead are revived after the tournament is concluded. It is a unique chance indeed, with a one in a millennia chance to truly test your skills before an audience of accumulated people. It is an offer, remember; it is your choice."

Matt smirked insidiously, having switched into his Yamato personality, "Tai~, you must enter; I sure as hell will be, right Gabumon?"

"Yeah!" his partner shot up excitedly.

Tai was also elated, "What a great chance! Guys, we have to-!" looking back at his friends, they were all nodding with wide smiles.

"Tai, Matt," Sora begun, "How about we al go and take the kids to watch. Anyone who wants to fight can say so when we are there. Sound fair?" She asked softly, receiving a unanimous nod, "Let's get on the ship, shall we?"


Next day...

Betwixt Worlds / Garden of Intertwining Arena #1/ 12:34pm

(Saliva – Ladies and Gentleman)

A day since this had past, with the Digidestined sleeping in the vast, grandiose sleeping chambers of the gathering tournament grounds. The arena, were they currently resided, was like a large bowl with large protruding spikes that curved around the glorious architecture of the arena, two more further in the background, and high above on a floating sky island patch of land was a gargantuan arena, even in comparison to the large arena they were in already.

Each universe had their own cubical, shared by all paradigm world members. For example, in their cubical was the Digidestined we are following, other strewn about members of the group that have aged or are different in some way. Most prominent in the cubical was a permanently fused Kaiser X and his family and friends, surprisingly joined by a very young Keke (still the same age as our Keke), who was in battle gear and seemed... aggressive.

Standing alone, a desolate silence around him, a short, light green and pale bird type Digimon sporting a tuxedo stood in the centre of an illuminated fighting ring, the same as used in the War Games, apart from a surprise that loomed above, a spherical, gravitationally active arena that was also illuminated. The dark surrounding were even so quiet, only the beacon of light that beamed upon the small, green Digimon, who proceeded to place a microphone to his lengthy beak.

"Ladies, Gentlemen and otherwise; welcome, to the Dimensional Martial Arts Championships!"

A thunderous roar echoed from around him in the darkness as he continued.

"Here, we strive to answer the greatest mystery left remaining in every universe; who is truly the strongest of all? Over a lengthy, days long festival of battle, the truly strong will collide in an epic battle of unfathomable measures!"

Another rapt roar of approval from the dark.

"I am your host throughout, from Universe #13, in the Digital Realm 'shade world', Arsionmon! My kind from the Digi-Verse in Universe #13 have declared all out war, as has every single one of your own! Using advanced physics and making a conglomerate of rules to promote the friendly relationships between our universes. As many more universe representatives are scheduled to arrive, we felt that you viewers present deserved to meet some of our combatants, who shall tear at each others throats for a prize specified to their universe's needs!"

Many boos echoed like ricocheting bullets at the lengthy speech, as Arsionmon showed his sportsman magnetism by shaggily lifting his free arm and pointing to his right in a boisterous display, silencing the fans.

"As many are yet to arrive, but many have already arrived, we have decided that Round 1 should begin in its preliminary stages. Many of the same universes will find alternate dimensional versions of themselves to fight, meaning teams have been formed! The teams that have assumed name tags for the entirety of their stay in the ultimate tournament are -!"

The usual Digidestined crew were gathered in their entirety in a large, cubical space that was alight, all of them apart from Yamato garnering attention to themselves.

"The team from Universe #13, the 'Digidestined'! The team is composed of captain Taichi Kamiya, Hikari Kamiya, Yamato Ishida, Takeru Takaishi, Ken Ichijouji, Cody Hida, Yolei Inoue, Davis Motomiya, Max Kamiya and many more!"

Tai frivolously groaned, "Why haven't we had a fight yet, it's been at least a day since we came to this stupid place!"

Kari quickly and decisively rebutted, "Why did you and Matt say we'd all be doing this?" she pouted as her elder brother sank his head in same. The peace time experienced after the D-Reaper's defeat had lasted many years, and the Digidestined had aged, some even bringing their kids for the fun of the fighting event.

Scanning through the thick blackness, Yamato pondered, 'They said their were challenging opponents at this strange event... what kind of freaks are they?"

It didn't take long for Arsionmon to move along, pointing at another cubical.

Directly parallel to where the bird rings man was pointing, a light flicked on and revealed a team of four, leaned lazily against a railing beside them. One was a rotund man with many jewels adorning his fingers, a large captain's coat that blotted out his bright red, opened shirt and green, polka dotted shorts. His facial hair was composed of a mighty black beard that extended into his captain's hat and fell with his messy, straw like black hair.

"The team known as 'One Piece'! They are composed of the blackest warrior in Universe #21, Marshall D. Teach, or 'Blackbeard',"

The next introduction was a large, almost towering man who also wore a captain's coat over his broad shoulders like a cape, a skull and crossbones insignia marked on its back with a crescent passing across it. He carried a large Bisento that towered over his already 10 foot frame, and carried many scars across his heavily aged yet muscular body. His face was wrinkled above a strange, crescent moustache and below a black bandana. His jaw was elongated and almost protruded off of his face, exemplifying his heavy grin beneath the moustache.

"A man formerly revered as one of the mighty Yonkou in his Universe, and the strongest for many years; the great pirate, Edward Newgate, or 'Whitebeard',"

Whitebeard leaned back into standing off of the rail, and converged his golden eyes down at a boy beside him, "Oi, brat... are you sure of that name? You have no idea what the 'One Piece' is, so at least give it some thought..."

Looking back up at him was the final member of team 'One Piece', a short, possibly teenage boy with a straw hat that concealed most of his face from view, hiding his aggravated brows from the giant. He wore a simple red, unbuttoned shirt, revealing an X shaped scar and jet black shorts with fur hemmed endings at the leggings, revealing his skimpy little legs that ran down into some sandals.

"A great pirate in his own right, and captain of team 'One Piece' by default, the man with the straw hat, Monkey D. Luffy!"

A thunderous applause bloomed, Blackbeard playing to the fans while Luffy stomped in agitation at Whitebeard, "Old man, I thought you died back then... although I don't get what's going on exactly, why you want to fight me, even though you allowed me to lead this team?"

Whitebeard gave a rasp gargling noise, before diverting his view over to Teach, "And as for you, bastard..." he clenched tightly around the Bisento, irradiating deathly vibes.

Not even looking back, the rotund pirate spat with disrespect, "Not now, Pops. Maybe this is hell, and we're being punished... but with the offer of a clue to the One Piece, why wouldn't I and the brat want to fight in this? You want to help Ace's brother, right?" he laughed a little, Whitebeard's giant posture trembling in fury, before choking it back and falling silent as the announcer moved on and pointed elsewhere.

"Team #2 comes from Universe #14, and specialises in magic and such. They are a group of 4 warriors, and are revered throughout the kingdom they live in!"

The flickered over them and illuminated them.

"Team 'Fairy Tail'! And they are composed of..."

The first introduction was a short teenage boy with dark blue hair, a strange purple tattoo or marking formulated beneath his left eye, a cold snide face almost constant. Not much of him could be seen due to a tattered black cloak, apart from his black, unblemished boots.

"A man of many mysterious abilities, even in his world, Jellal, or, as he asked me to refer to him, Mystogan!"

The second to be introduced for team 'Fairy Tail' was a very dwarven man, with a receding hair line, white hair remaining and a white moustache gracing his wrinkled, framed face. He wore an overall cloak that looked gallant, even at that size, with an insignia to demonstrate his strength in Universe #14 as a 'Saint Mage'.

"An old, wizened veteran in his universe. But don't be fooled by his gentile appearance, he is a master to the other two fighters with him! Master Makarov!"

Lifting his fist in the air with a cutesy, gentle old man's face, Makarov played to the rapturous roar of the crowd.

Third was a teenage boy with flamboyant pink locks, two enlarged canine teeth in his smile and a tribal designed white muffler, covering over the top half of his black vest and muscular frame. He wore loosed white pants that ended at his calves and extended into his black sandals.

"From the tales his master was telling the crew earlier, this one's quite the airhead! He is the 'Salamander', Natsu Dragneel!"

Natsu cut off his smile and darted a piercing glare at his stern master, "Airhead? B-b-b-backstabber!"

Finally was the elected captain of team 'Fairy Tail', a large man with a tattered cloak encased around his body stood, fiery red locks falling down his shoulders and his gruff face looking relaxed with a large smirk on his face, he looked at the announcer and listened in anticipation.

"The captain of team 'Fairy Tail', a monstrously powerful man in his universe; the aloof hermit, Gildarts Clive!"

A thunderous cheer, repeating Gildarts' name began, Natsu glancing at him and beginning a joking shoving contest, obviously jealous with his team captain.

"This next fighter is alone, but a witness that came with him specified his tag as 'Heat Guy J', artificial warrior of Universe #21!"

The light shone down, but hardly increased visibility of J, as he was a large, mysterious grey haired man with a pony tail beneath his jet black hat and a completely black suit over his large extremities. Beside him was a dear friend of his called Daisuke Aurora; a young and skimpy teenager with a pure face and bleach blonde locks, marred by his black shades that differentiated greatly from his white suit get up and jacket.

"Finally, before I announce the preliminary's in this arena while other warriors arrive. The other three preliminaries shall be spread across three similar arenas like this, with the quarter finals taking place within the grand stadium, where it shall be a multiple day elimination tournament until the strongest is revealed at the top!"

"Now, as for the three main rules;

#1: You are eliminated by direct knockout, judge intervention or death; draws are judged by a voting system invoked by the fans to determine a winner. A loss eliminates that team member from the tournament and will hinder but not cease their partners vying for the championship!

#2: Cheating shall affect your team in ways that may be demonstrated at a later date...

#3: When it comes time for the grand championships, remaining teams are dissolved, and a free for all tournament shall ensue.

Arsionmon was inclined to continue with pleasantries, however heard his ear piece muffle a voice for direction, leading him to retrace his steps.

"Forgive me, but two new teams have arrived and chosen to announce themselves! Team 'Naruto' and team 'Negima' have just arrived and await my announcement of match ups elsewhere. All other teams besides the aforementioned have remained anonymous..."

"Now, here are the match ups according to the handheld I have here!"

He rummaged through a pocket in his tuxedo, pulling out a small, PDA type device as he began reading instructions from it.

"Preliminary round, day 1!

Match #1: Natsu Dragneel vs Dunva of Universe #16!

Match #2: Edward Newgate vs Makarov!

Match #3: Taichi Kamiya vs Rytis of Universe #7!

Match #4: Bebimon of Universe #13 vs Yamato Ishida of Universe #13!

And Match #5 before the interim, during which more fights of the day shall be announced; Davis Motomiya vs Monkey D. Luffy!

(End BGM)

Betwixt Worlds /Sanctity Enclosure Food Hall /10:34am

Wolfing down their food veraciously, Sora and Mimi looked at each other in amazement at their husbands raised morale over the night in the rest chambers, all the children eating slowly, showing signs they were still groggy, but excited for the first match to begin.

Inbetween bites, Tai managed, "Hey, Davis! Matt! You better do your best in your matches! I wouldn't want to outperform you due to your lack of training!"

Yamato slammed his fist down, inspiring Keke and Dimitri, "I will win this entire thing! Who can possibly best me and Gabumon? Omega X against Metalla X; I shall make that quite the finale!"

Gabumon tugged at his partner, and pointed across the room.

Adding to Yamato and the others scan, BanchoLeomon added, "Seriously? You only just took note of that?"

Joe blurted, "W-why are Burizalor, Virus and the D-Reaper here?"

"We were informed of them being a separate team to us before we arrived, Joe." Sora added.

Attention, please! Attention, please!

Match #1: Natsu Dragneel against Dunva, is about to begin, kicking off the preliminaries of this arena!

Tai, finishing stuffing a meat sliver into his mouth, looked over at the others in intense elation, "Lets go watch that fight, right now!" before an arguement could ensue, the father had already began racing over to the competitor cubical beside the arena to watch the fight.

Betwixt Worlds /Garden of Intertwining Arena #1 /10:50am





The crowd was totally elated, almost rapturously roaring the names of the first two competitors in the #1 area preliminaries. Natsu of team 'Fairy Tail' entered the slate tile ring below the spherical ring, Dunva standing proudly across the ring.

Dunva wore a long, gallant rode robe atop a white based shirt and cargo pants; a red cravat gracing his youthful appearance and loose blonde hair further, and a black sash fluttering in the light, artificial breeze.

The regal opposition chortled, "So, your my foe, I see... well, I suppose easy foes will start any tournament; even this one."

Natsu shot back, "I'm sorry, you say something; hideous bastard?"

Now that hit the spot hard. Dunva twitched at this and cursed aloud, even among the rampant roars and cheers. He seemed to be a perfectionist, concerned about his social standing.

Arsionmon stood in the centre of the ring and gestured to both riled foes, "If you are both prepared... three,




(One Piece Best Soundtrack 14)

Taking immediate heed, the two assumed battle positions and braced; both charging forward in deft leaps and meeting almost instantaneously in the centre from their speed, both with a fist seemingly frozen against their opponent's cheek before they repelled one another, somersaulting backwards, Natsu extending his arm to the side.

Dragon's Claw!

Natsu's arm suddenly erupted in a magma like flame, his eyes piercing over toward Dunva and his smile agitating him further, while the competitors all looked on in amazement.

Max and Dimitri peered over the wall in their cubical, gaping, "That guy's so cool! Look, magic!"

Sora quickly reprimanded them, "Max! Dimitri! There is no such thing as-!"

"Actually, Sora," BanchoLeomon calmly corrected, "Dianamon said that these different universes were separated by an event, and that while we don't usually see magic as a viable possibility, magic is very real in other worlds. It's like a lost art in our universe."

Tai cut in, "Who cares! Magic boy looks like an interesting foe! A human that has the strength of an Ascendant... this tournament is heaven!" he said droopily.

Back in the ring, Natsu began a charge assault, waving wild, flurried fist imbued with fire at Dunva, who nervously dodged for a moment before parrying one of the blows at the unlit forearm and throwing his balance off, cupping his hands together behind him and slamming it like a martial art move into Natsu's chin, repelling the mage back into the air, his cheeks inflated by the time he had fully rotated.

Breath of the Dragon!

He cried from above, breathing a heavy density of flames into a single ball at Dunva, setting off a vengeful blast upon the centre of the ring, his foe sidestepping out of the smoke cloud and extending his arm outward; the hand beginning to glow a glittery blue.

In an instant, the light had reconvened into a Middle Eastern curved sword, Dunva taking it and adjusting his stance, readying for Natsu's descent.

BanchoLeomon silently mumbled, "Materialisation techniques, eh?"

Natsu fell down through the air, muffler fluttering through the air and arms trailing fire behind him. Assuming a position akin to Flamedramon's Fire Rocket technique, he began soaring down like a missile at Dunva.

Feeling a stringant fear, Dunva sidestepped out of the way of the explosive aftermath, thrown off balance as the Salamander jumped out of the dust and smoke at him, fist readied against his unprepared foe...

One so the aristocratic snob made it seem, skilfully belaying the charge by tromping his foot in the vested warrior's shoulder and rotating it's angle toward his right, leaving him open to a stabbing strike. It's alright if they die in matches, of course.

Natsu caught wing of the rising sensation of danger, curling over the sword uppercut and assuming a battle stance inside Dunva's guard, forcing a gasp as he shot up into his opponent's jaw with his de-flamed fist, sending him careening into the air with brute force.

After landing with a thud (and imprinted with a purple fist welt on his bloodied face), Dunva failed to respond to a 30 count, Natsu winning in his match with ease.

(End BGM)

Match #1: Natsu Dragneel vs Dunva of Universe #16!

Winner: Natsu Dragneel by TKO

Izzy and Talley, two scientists at Hypnos, were baffled by the magical warrior they had just watched; an alternate human, "This... this just cannot be!" Talley began, her boyfriend continuing, "Magic is just inconceivable!"

BanchoLeomon, not in the mood to explain again, gave a decisive grunt, silencing the pair as match #2 contestants were re-announced by Arsionmon, "Edward Newgate and Makarov; please enter the arena!"

Although the two elderly opponents didn't strike much excitement as they entered (not to mention the size difference), they were both recognized as incredibly powerful in their worlds; Newgate as a 'Yonkou' and Makarov as the grandfather like member of the 'Ten Mystical Wizards'.

Now standing at opposite sides of the ring, Newgate elected keeping his captain's coat draped over his shoulders while Makarov removed his gallant robe of the 'Ten Mystical Wizards', revealing a tightly toned body on the dwarven man, and a new, completely focused look upon him as the crowd fell silent, unbeknownst to the great match they were about to witness.

"My friend," Makarov began softly, "I sense a great power emanating from you... you are the same as me, are you not?" while other combatants pondered on the deeper meaning in his words, only Blackbeard and Whitebeard himself understood; they both shared fatherly bonds to their comrades.

Suddenly becoming serious, the dust at Makarov's feet trembled, and the pebbles from Natsu's performance raising all over the ring, Whitebeard giving an interested grunt and cocking his head back, tightening his grip around his Bisento as golden bio electricity sparked between the cracks of the ring floor, Makarov's veins popping all over his body.

Now shrouded like the Ascendants, Yamato seemed deeply focused on Makarov's power up, "That old dwarf is stronger than most of the Ascendants here already! How far can he go... beyond me and Gabumon."

Glancing over to Tai, the pair gave a synchronised smirk as Makarov's cries of strain rang out; they had both been presented by a mighty foe, in the preliminary round. The kids around them all jumped in fright as the ghoulish shout reached sound barrier breaking heights, talking highly about the 'old monster man'.

Whitebeard took the challenge, and lifted his Bisento above his head like a sceptre as he began building up power, forming a small tornado of energy around him that began physically confronting Makarov's powerful bio electricity.

(Epic One Piece Drum Effect)

So began the mighty duel between true warrior veterans, one an elderly team captain of 'Fairy Tail's' team and the other a shoe in for victor, if his illness held out...


Next Episode : Mightiest Battle! The Preliminaries #1 Round 2!

Please Reveiw!

A/N: And there is Chapter 1 of Digimon Fusion Kai : Multiverse!

I know, not an exact adaption of the online manga, but it is the beginning of a bright story. Don't worry, the chapters shall be longer (hopefully) than this.

Although plot is straightforward, believe me, it shall be branched for the different 'universes' (animes and mangas) and 'paradigm worlds' (such as the Digital World or Edolas).

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Plot points present already...

Fairy Tail



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