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A/N: Presently advancing on to the semi-finals: Natsu Dragneel of Universe #14, 'Whitebeard' Edward Newgate of Universe #21, Taichi Kamiya (Omega X) of Universe #13 and Yamato Ishida (Metalla X) of Universe #13.

Layout of the Event:

Preliminaries (3 prelim arenas) spread across 3 days of battle.

Semi-finals (3 prelim arenas) spread across 2 days of battle.

Quarter-finals (Grand Bastion Sepulchre Arena) – Separated into free for all format from this point on.

Finals (Grand Bastion Sepulchre Arena)


Team 'One Piece' – Universe #21

Team 'Digidestined' and paradigm co. – Universe #13

Team 'Fairy Tail' – Universe #14

Team 'Heat Guy' – Universe #22

Team 'Rytis' – Universe #7 (Forfeit)

Team 'Avatar' – Universe #12

Team 'Naruto' – Universe # 9

Team Bleach – Universe #25

Team 'Negima' – Universe #5

And more on the way...



Digimon Fusion Kai


Chapter 3: Great Battle! Gear Second's Speed!

Betwixt Worlds /Garden of Intertwining Arena #1 / 12:31pm

(Bojack's Theme (American))

"A rubber man... what did he do inside his body to generate steam?" Ultima X pondered as he steeled his battle stance, clenching as Luffy moved beneath his smokescreen and outstretched his legs in a stance, placing his left hand foremost with his thumb stretched out like a sight-block, his other hand cocked back in a tightened fist.

Gomu Gomu No~...

Peering through the gap in his foremost hand, Luffy lined up his aim with the Ascendant, before a swift flit by Ultima X ceased it, leading to the sudden resurgence of the blade swipe at Luffy (who sidestepped) as they kept being generated from around the ring, the team captain dodging nimbly like an acrobat with extreme agility.

Phasing in before the midair foe, Ultima X swung his blade vertically, slashing through the X shaped scar, finding it to be an afterimage, the steam vanishing with the colour distortion as a familiar feeling surged through his back.

Jet Pistol!

Feeling a powerful jet of air bullet into his back, the Ascendant yelped in pain as he darted off into the audience barrier, kipping off of the air with his superior leg strength and hovering in midair as he gasped in desperation for air. He seemed to have a problem breathing...

Izzy yelled, "Davis! Your diaphragm! Hit your diaphragm!" concluding he may not be wary enough to make out words, he quickly displayed by interlocking his fingers behind his back and softly hitting the back off his back.

Ultima X shakily re-sheathed his sword before following suit, slamming the area beneath his shoulder blades and gagging as his saliva forced its way out of his oesophagus, "A-an air b-bullet... this kid's g-got a power up boost like we A-Ascendants." He spluttered meekly.

Staring down intently at his steam shrouded foe, he kipped off of the air again downward at blaring speed, phasing out as he readied a punch, Luffy's eyes whirling from side to side, although his posture relaxed and flaccid.

Yolei cheered, "Hahaha! That guy may have a strange power, but he can't use it if he can't see Davis and Veemon!" this yielded hopeful cheers from all of the others apart from the Ascendants, who knew better...

(End BGM)

Metalla X shook his head, "No, Yolei. He's following Davis perfectly; only the Ascendants with advanced sight should see his moves, but that kid is following. He's got sensory abilities as well."

BanchoLeomon gritted his teeth, "His power combined with these levels of sensory abilities make him formidable; Davis made a callous error." He peered over at the other Matt in the armour, "That Matt was right; only the very best are here."

The chattering was settled as they heard a thunderous crash, looking up to the sight of Ultima X vertically propelled in the air, his fist countered by a parrying palm from his now crouched opponent, who gave a roar as he delivered a boosted backhand into the Ascendant's gullet and repelled him back a few feet, somersaulting repeatedly and landing on the miraculously immaculate ring slats, standing up straight with a strange snigger.

"What's wrong with him?" Mimi questioned, concerned for her friend.

Sora jovially added, "Maybe he's been hit so hard that all the blood rushed to his head."

BanchoLeomon looked on in reverence with crossed arms, chewing at his leaf stalk, 'He's released a steady pulse of energy in the points of impact... what can he do with such a vapid tactic? All that will do is tighten his muscles and reduce damage; he needs offense.'

"Actually," Sonja began, unhanding David and walking closer to the ringside barrier, "he's done something that he's extremely proud of in the last 5 years of peace," she points at a stationary Ultima X, "he hasn't been training monstrously, but he has been doing power-up sessions and pushed himself to his limits."

"What does that mean?" Joe queried, adjusting his glasses to see if the match had developed; the thunderous boo's not enough for the presumptuous father.

But the Ascendants seemed to catch on, Celesta X voicing appraisal, "Seriously? That lunk-head Davis has done something that incredible?"

Her brother nodded, "Davis! Do it already, or else you might lose!"

Surprisingly, Ultima X relaxed and stood straight in the ring, exclaiming, "Not yet; I want to test myself first!" he peered over to a confused rabble amongst his friends, noticing BanchoLeomon's indifference.

Silently, though, the lion pondered, "For him to achieve such a state... we all thought it was reserved for Crest enhanced users. Since he hardly inherited any of Tai and Matt's Crest power, it must have been a strenuous tenure in his life. How long has he really been working on it?" back in the ring, action resumed as Luffy kicked off the ring floor with a bang, leaving indentations in the cracked slats.

Crossing both arms, Ultima X softened a straight punch from his opponent, skidding back a little before push outwardly and throwing Luffy off balance, proceeding to deliver a hefty punch into his gut, drawing a gagged cough.

He felt relief overcome him as the rubber man sailed back through the air and tromped back onto the floor; he had found the level of force he would need to use to harm the Gomu Gomu No Mi user.

To appropriate for the combat, he shrouded himself golden, grunting as he spiked his power off of the scale and ceasing abruptly, flitting before the team captain and distorting the steam with a high kick into the jaw, followed closely by a palm thrust that passed through the airborne body, Luffy having phased behind his opponent and preparing his bullet strike, being countered by a swift pair of backward kicks in a frontal somersault, the victim smiling as he twirled in the air, Ultima X's face temporarily undefended as the stretchy arms elongated behind him in the air.

Gomu Gomu No... Jet Bazooka!

Snapping his head hastily inward, Ultima X saved himself from a messy situation as the pulsated air pressure escaped. That didn't stop Luffy, as he sped in before the knelt Ascendant and delivered a flurry of lightning punches to the chest plate of his foe's Golden Digizoid armour, the victim expended his energy into a small pulse that repelled the steaming fist and opened Luffy up to his attack.

Magna Kick!

True to it's name, the kick was engulfed by light, adding weight to the increased, rampant speed of his leg in Luffy's crossing arms and sending him crashing along the ring in a doubled over heap of blood and steam.

Whelping at the great welt on his cheek before standing, Luffy removed his titular straw hat from where it dangled on his back and tossing it into his Universe's cubical, Blackbeard catching it tentatively.

Luffy lowly whispered as he wiped the blood away, "That kick was just like Kizaru's... hurt just as much too. Bastard..." his face contorted furiously as he assumed his Gear Second aiming stance, looking far more serious than before.

Taking heed, Ultima X leapt toward him and left an afterimage...


...but all for naught, as Luffy anticipated his movements and shifted his aim over to the far left, shooting a powerful and fast blow through the air with his fist into the Ascendant, repulsing him into the crowd shield and jetting up above his limp carcass, kicking him into the spherical ring with a crash.

Trying to stand, Ultima X found slight difficulty as his body adjusted to a sudden change, "Crap, intensified gravity-!"

Not able to finish, he looked up as Luffy phased in before his kneeling person, the steam giving each hefty breath a fiery tail as he stood up, feeling a stringent irk at the height difference evidenced by their standoff.


Digi-Verse (Universe #13) /Azulongmon's Realm / 15:23pm (Time Unsynchronised)

X stared down vastly at the crystal ball before him, acting as a way of watching the gamed unfold by trailing the Chosen's Crest energy. He looked upon blankly beneath his mask as Davis and Veemon commenced powering up in their unity form.

Azulongmon interjected, "Are they well in the proceedings?"

Nodding, X said, "It seems time streams faster in that sanctity of a place. From what I've managed to distinguish, Matt and Tai have advanced with their partners, and currently Davis and Veemon are locked in a fantastic battle with a rubber man."

"Well, all is well, then."

"Not entirely..." the masked man chided, "BanchoLeomon's mind is clouded by suspicion. An alternate Matt seems to have upset his mental state by challenging the ideals and goals of this millennia's tournament..." he ground his teeth and gripped his cloak nervously, 'Guys... something is seriously wrong... I just can't put my finger on it...'


Back in the arena, high above the spherical ring was a powerful display of punch parrying between the two speed demons, Luffy being unable to fly, but being repelled by the propelled fists that were blocked by Ultima X, keeping him up in the air.

In Universe #5's cubical, Negi looked up at the ensuing aerial battle with excitement on his face, turning to Jack Rakan, "Rakan-san, what do you rate their powers at?"

Rakan replied after a pause, "The steam kid I can't rate because he doesn't expel energy in attacks; but since he's fighting equally to that strange guy covered in gold armour, they're both around 10,000 on the Mageia Klimaka."

"Almost as strong as you? Negi replied in a confounded state.

"Yeah; but I get the feeling the golden one can go deeper, as can the rubber dude."




The precarious battle raged on in the air, but as Luffy had to split his focus between Ultima X's blaringly quickened blows and propelling himself by kipping off the golden armour of the warrior, he was at a disadvantage, realising this, he gave it one last flurry of punches enhanced by Gear Second before kipping upward using his opponent as a stepping stone, deactivating Gear Second as he ascended into the air, his opponent catching his breath.

Giving a broad smile, Luffy placed both thumbs into his mouth and winced as he bit into them, taking in a deft amount of air and heaving into his thumbs intently, increasing them in size as a result, resembling Makarov's arms in his giant form as he stopped rising into the air.


Folding at the elbows, the abnormally grown arms readied for deployment.

Narrowing his eyes and popping his veins upward his brows, Luffy's arm began transferring into a dark, shiny rubber substance that reflected the light of the arena brilliantly.

(One Piece Best Soundtrack 04)

Busoshoku Koka!

Ultima X could hardly move after such a violent flurry over several minutes, placing faith in his natural steely skin, enshrouding himself to maximise its effectiveness.

Gomu Gomu No~~~

Gigant Gatling!

They came so quickly and precisely, unsurprising for such giant fists. Ultima X fell back in the air toward the spherical ring below after the first shot; it felt like a torrent steel rushing into his frame, as the next one came, and the next one until he couldn't keep up counting, finding himself being bashed against the resistant stone arena sphere he was cascaded on in a heap as the iron like fist rained rapidly, enhanced by the gravity of the second ring as it began falling through, the debris rising as Ultima X was forcibly pushed through by the giant fists, finally going all the way through it and falling down with a crash into the ring below, leaving large debris hovering in the gravity field above as Luffy came down, arms shrinking as he puffed out the lot, blowing him into the ring.

The dust surrounding the crater was surrounded by a stunned silence as the crowd awaited confirmation on the valiant Ascendant's condition as the count rang out in Arsionmon's distraught voice.

At the count of 13, Omega X tried offering reassurance to his teammates, "Don't worry about it. He suffered greater against the small Virus's during the War Games."

(End BGM)

A paradigm Virus adjascent to him in a reclusive corner picked up on this, 'You mean I could reproduce? I needn't of killed you all myself, Taichi? I'm actually astounded you somehow beat me in your world...'

Buriza Emperor Matt scoffed, "How pathetic. An Ascendant this weak... he must be Tai's protégé as I was informed; that would explain it..."

"How does he know that?" BanchoLeomon silently quipped, "Where the hell did he learn of that? What does he know?"

From beneath the dust cloud, Ultima X let out an echoing snicker, "Well, well. So this is my limit right now, is it?" the cloud lifted, revealing the warrior knelt over with his armour chipped and dented horrifically, with excesses of blood trickling from his mouth from the repeated pounding strikes he had suffered, proven by the stagger as he stood straight.

Luffy stood also from where he had landed, and scanned the eyes of the proud Ascendant warrior, "You giving up yet? Repeating Gear shifts isn't easy, not to mention the Haki and damage I'm receiving."

"Sounds like you might want to quit yourself..."

"Nope," he swung his right arm outwards, followed by 3 lumps accumulating at his wrist and shooting back inward, reactivating Gear Second, "I'm just getting started."

"So... am I-!"


Ultima X screamed in effort as his shroud encompassed his half of the ring, beginning minor tremors within the arena akin to the second match, raising debris into the air as his shroud became spikier and more golden as his roar became more ominous, like it had an echo that trailed it.

"He's actually doing it!" Celesta X exclaimed.

Metalla X added as he swiped dust away from his eyes, "Seriously? Davis has managed to ascend further?"


"This power is incredible! It's like me when I go into my Adamantoise Magia Ereba form." Negi said as he shielded his eyes.

Across the arena, Aang and Zuko began redirecting bio electricity that stirred from Ultima X, firing it safely into the ground and wall of the abandoned Universe #7 cubical.

Ultima X began shining a brilliant golden colour, bursting the golden layer like a shell with a blinding torrent of light that beckoned a smoke storm, ripe with bio electricity. Some of the bio sparks discharged at Luffy, but had no affect on the rubber man as he smiled at the chill he felt, the shroud lifting.

The dust swiped away completely at the summonses of the golden warrior, revealing his glorious new form among rubble. The Vaccine type was completely like Magnamon, however possessed protruding implements atop his golden armour, emblazoned by a purest white metal, his loin guard emblazoned by a Yin Yang symbol, but in the respective colours of Matt and Tai's individual Crest's. He also possessed a currently retracted pair of jettison energy wings, separated also into the different Crest colours.

This was Ultima X2, Davis and Veemon's ultimate power.

Not wasting any time, the newly boosted warrior retracted his fist, setting it alight with a fiery blue energy.

Extreme Jihad!

Swiping through the air, the burning energy surged, yet stood still in time, Luffy cocking his head in confusing, before noticing what had been done, with a small cut slowly opening across his chest (although lightly) until he began to feel the blue energy pour out of the wound, giving off a small scale explosion as the angel reject Ascendant stared on, his hand his alight.

Luffy still stood, but looked a little worse for wear as his skin had been burned a little, giving him a scruffy look, the wound from before having vanished. The attack was a time bomb like slash.

Luffy grew agitated, slamming his fist into the ground and crouching as he expelled more steam from his pours, jetting in before the Second Stage Ascendant and giving a hard punch into the catching palm of his opponent, who subsequently gave a roundhouse kick to the rebounding rubber man.

Following through, Ultima X2 leapt high into the air, within the debris and opened his palm toward Luffy as he recovered, firing a powerful ki blast at the afterimage of Luffy.

The team captain seemed astounded, his steaming muscles momentarily flaccid as he gaped in amazement, "A-a beam~!"

The very same 'beam' fired at his afterimage several times following that, demolishing the ring before the blast engulfed the entire ring. If this wasn't the last match before the interim, that may have presented a problem.

Sensing danger behind him, he pivoted in the air to find Luffy stood atop a floating remnant of the sphere, his arms outstretched behind him.

Gomu Gomu No... Jet Bazooka!

Leaping forward and repelling the air like a cushion, shooting the attack forward, using both wind pressure and his actual arms into the sternum of Ultima X2, drawing a gasp, but nothing more as he was kicked into the crowd barrier, kicking off and landing once more among the rubble above.

Divinity Purge!

Firing a cupped blast at the rubble, he watched as Luffy leapt like a nimble monkey with an overconfident smirk, twirling his hand and dragging the beam trajectory downward, pulling the cupped hand formation apart and creating multiple blasts that rained down, purging Luffy from view.

"This is amazing!" Celesta X praised, clasping her hands in prayer for Luffy.

Nodding, Metalla X added, "He's just a little inferior to Kari when she defeated Virus..."

Paradigm Virus twigged, 'That brat seriously killed me in that timeline? How perfection can defy me... that girl needs to die again, and I'll do it once more if I'm driven.'

Back in the centre of the fighting, Ultima X2 began heaving heavily as he tromped onto the demolished ground of the ring, peering up to try and spot his opponent...

...only to have him face to face with him, wrapping his rubber arms around tightly on the limbs and torso of the warrior, the steam giving a strong searing sensation before he cocked his head back like elastic for some distance.

Gomu Gomu No~

Jet Bell!

It didn't even take a second for the deathly headbutt to connect with his foe, who stumbled backwards after Luffy had released him, but unexpectedly caught on to one of his rubbery legs, pulling him back into a choke hold, placing his shaky palm onto the team 'One Piece' captains unprotected stomach.

Ranseur Pulse!

The palm became hazy, almost like it was vibrating before releasing a powerful blast of air into Luffy's body, who gagged blood as he landed back on his feet, griping in pain as he doubled over, the Ascendant standing shakily, beginning to stagger and saunter toward Luffy before his eyes rolled back, and he fell onto his back, resultantly separating into Davis and Veemon, who began trickling blood from their separated damage.

"L-ladies and gentleman... Davis Motomiya's fusion has ceased... meaning that by both forfeit and a highly likely count out, the winner is Monkey D. Luffy... by the skin of his teeth."

As the healers swarmed in, the Digidestined were in a sombre and enthralled mood after the great battle they had just witnessed (apart from Sonja and Davis, who raced over to their family member and his partner).

Match #5: Monkey D. Luffy of Universe #21 vs Davis Motomiya of Universe #13

Winner: Monkey D. Luffy by Circumstantial Reasoning

Omega X deduced where he had made a mistake, "He wasn't fully capable of maintaining that form for lengthy periods... it was a gamble just to try it..."

Metalla X, surprisingly, offered praise, "It was a good effort. It entertained and riveted us all; no shame can be found in that defeat."

"So my other is a ridiculous fool," the paradigm Matt interjected massively, "he lost, and that's all there is to it. If he had managed the Second Level perfectly, he would have won if he happened to not be such a failure." He smirked as his entourage chortled darkly, the group giving sneers at the cocky boy (Metalla X simply fell silent).

Emperor Matt retracted his head as a beam of light passed by his chin, hitting the wall with a confined bang. Peering over to the source, he found a pissed off Sonja, keeled over her boyfriend with David.

"I dare you to say a word against Davis! Do it so I can kill you!"

He furrowed and raised a brow, "Really now... you must be this overemotional robot I've heard of... you want to die early?"

"You two! Stop at once," Arsionmon interjected, "Or else you'll miss the matches for post-interim and be disqualified entirely!"

A tense moment passed between the Artificial and the Emperor, before Davis was taken to the rear medical facility, forcing Sonja to back down and head off with them, calming her son in her caressing arms as she ran after Davis.

Advancing from Preliminaries Day #1, Round #1...

Natsu Dragneel

Edward Newgate

Taichi Kamiya (Omega X)

Yamato Ishida (Metalla X)

Monkey D. Luffy


Matches for Preliminaries Day #1, Round #2...

Match #1: Sora Takenouchi w/ Biyomon of Universe #13 vs Aang of Universe #12!

Match #2: Emperor Matt of Universe #13 vs Zion of Universe #6

Match #3: Negi Springfield of Universe #5 vs J of Universe #22

Match #4: Gildarts Clive of Universe #14 vs Phelesmon of Universe #13

Match #5: Super Spirant (Name Withheld) of Universe #13 vs Don Kanonji of Universe #25

"It seems Universe #13 is on an unlucky streak, with match after match to hinder their chances! In addition, we have received word of a few new teams, as well as a mystery warrior from the decedent paradigm DF-421 of Universe #13!"

Kaiser X silently mumbled, "It must be him..."

BanchoLeomon felt more and more extradited, 'You mean they also know more than us? What is going on?'

Arsionmon beckoned on the mic, "And with that, we shall begin our small interim window! Do feel free to go to the snacking area; however the games shall recommence in a mere 20 minutes!"

With the tournament on hiatus for a brief period, Celesta X, TK, Patamon and their family headed over to the medical wing of the arena, concerned for Davis and his partner, but also for Sonja, who nearly snapped and attacked outside of a match, which would be judged as an automatic disqualification.

With their group's numbers dwindling as more and more went off in separate directions for the break, only Omega X, Metalla X, Sora, Mimi alongside Joe, their partners and their family members as they scanned the arena in detail, rating their opponents on strength roughly.

Omega X crossed his arms and let out a hefty sigh, "Well... we got 2 out of the 3 so far in, so it's a hell of a good start."

Joe nodded, "It is a good way to begin the tournament, even if Davis was pounded into a pancake-"

"Joe!" Sora scolded, "If you say things like that, you'll scare the kids!"

She stopped abruptly as something caught her attention in the far off rim of her sight, turning to find the very man who had decimated Davis walking into their cubical from the adjacent one, walking briskly toward the group with his wounds healed and his hat reassuming its place on the crown of his head.

Naturally, they all tensed as he approached, and he ignored the prying eyes that trailed him from the cubical of digitally related beings, finally stopping before the group with a slackened jaw.

"Hey, is that guy gonna be all right? I didn't know he was a normal human... I wouldn't have gone that far if I knew..." he diverged toward the end, unable to bear the stares he was being given by Sora and Mimi.

"You best get out of here," the red haired mother spat venomously, "or I'll fight you myself. How dare you pretend like you care!"

But Omega X cut his wife off, "Sora, he seems genuine in his apology; even though one isn't needed, because he restrained himself and refrained from excessive attacking against Davis." He pivots and walks over to Luffy, extending his hand, "Besides, we will only know him for a few days in this tournament, so why make enemies? Let's be friends!"

Luffy scans for a moment before taking the hand and shaking it with his wide smile, Sora accepting it defeatedly, but rolling her eyes in distrust.

"Thanks, gold hair-san. I think I'll enjoy fighting you later on, because your team mate was formidable, meaning you should be the strongest as the captain."

A small guffaw, "Actually... my sister, the angel like one that just left, is way more powerful than me, and then there's Dorothy, Avengemon and the Tamer kids..." this made him realize something quickly, "Where the hell are the younger ones?"

"After your little hair-brained scheme in entering almost everyone without consent, they sounded relieved after they heard they didn't have a match earlier, and since the next matches were just broadcast across the arena, they're probably exploring this ancient land." Sora sounded almost spiteful in reply as she tended to Max and his warm up muscle pull, making Omega X flinch. As mighty as he was, Sora was just as mighty if pushed.

"A-alrighty then..." he replied meekly.

Their new friend also reacted rather fickly as the red head let out some steam, "S-she's too much like Nami to be any good..." backtracking slightly, he gave final good will words to be delivered onto Davis and Veemon, before using his Gomu Gomu No Mi powers to rocket back skilfully into his cubical, proceeding onto the lunch hall with a cry for 'meat'.


Over in the medical wing, Davis lay with hardly a whimper as he twitched and writhed slowly, his bones and blood haemorrhages being repaired by the healers, but the pain forcing him to sway upon his white bed, Sonja forcibly holding him down.

Celesta X, TK and co. entered the room at the behest of Davis's cry of anguish, Veemon resting as he volunteered to go first as a good friend to dissuade his old friend's fears.

Clasping her hand in prayer, Celesta X gently nudged in and helped restrain Davis as the healers finished up, caressing the injured man as he slowly lost consciousness, much to his friends relief.

Looking up at Sonja, TK asked, "Are you going to be all right? With that version of Matt and all..."

Patamon hovered over and perched on TK's shoulder, "It's just that he is a different version that didn't repent at Spira, so he grew into a jerk. You shouldn't confuse him with our Matt, is all..."

"I know who my friends are, air weasel." She chided in response, glaring daggers at Patamon.

Tike took offense, "Glad to see your not angry or anything, Mrs. Sonja..."

Taken aback by the fact that a mere child had to retort at her, the Artificial woman nervously giggled, patting Tike on the head and apologising for her blatant rudeness. Sauntering over to a bedlight stand, Sonja assumed a seated position where she and Davis could oversee their loved ones and watch the games as they happened.

"But what about your own matches?" TK inquired quizzically.

"It's fine. They call it over an intercom, not to mention they'll call for me over the screen." She gave a gorgeous smile, "Now you should really be getting back. But keep an eye out for the third member of that rubber guy's team... and for the other Matt in the armour; he said some unsettling things."

"If anything, we need to watch out for Kaiser X and this mystery guy they announced..." Celesta X lightly inferred before leaving the medical room with her family.


Back in the arena, halfway through break time, the group was beginning warm ups with whoever was still present (still the ones from before) meaning that Sora and Biyomon, as first up in the second round of the day, naturally needed it the most, so the small pink bird began parrying off ivy strike from Palmon whilst Gomamon tried to heighten her senses with claw attacks from behind.

Amidst all this, BanchoLeomon was in deep meditation whilst Omega X and Metalla X engaged in slow paced, open fist parrying contests. They ceased as they heard a hefty wheeling from the empty cubical in a far off corner of the arena, everyone stopping warm ups and peering over as a translucent green sphere of jagged diamond was wheeled into the cubical, a giant sealed within for all to see. But only Omega X, Metalla X, Joe, Sora and Kaiser X managed in fully interpreting the dangerous enemy as a familiar one.

"T-t-that's!" Sora spluttered, stepping back with knobbly knees that threatened failure.

"Well... it is the greatest warriors..." Metalla X viciously added.

Omega X spitefully recalled previous events, "They must know his potential for genocide... is that why he's being confined there in the empty cubical?"

Kaiser X was referenced by his paradigm's team for his fierce grin, "Alphamon, Mneod... hell, it doesn't matter what he's called, he'll be my opponent eventually."

Omega X overheard him and cut in, "Are you kidding? Don't you realise he will kill everyone; even children with a smile!"

"I will not allow him to get that far. If I fail, as unlikely as it seems, than Keke here will be sure to finish him."

"A little girl? Was I really this pompous when I fused with you, Matt?"

Kaiser X gave a stern chuckle, "Oh, how little you know."

"Ladies and gentleman! Intermission is just about finished, so will our competitors please assume their positions in the ring!"

"Good luck, Biyomon!" Sora yelled reassuringly as the bird soared into the ring. She felt a little worried, but her husband walked over and held her in a short embrace to reassure her, Metalla X looking away blankly.

Buriza Emperor Matt chortled beside his silent Mega level partner, peering over his shoulder at an alternate Taichi, who wore the same armour alongside Wargreymon, who had a strange scar across his left eye, cut through the metallic mask.

"Hey, Tai! It seems you married the human torch, tomboy wench in that timeline!" he said darkly with his former uppity laugh, "Shame you can no longer do the same, seeing as they hate you."

The paradigm Tai remained reclusively silent and turned away shamefully toward Wargreymon, who seemed almost soulless.

"Hehehe... don't tell me you still resent me? It was your decision to do that to Sora and the others on Spira... their pain and humiliation was like a fine cuisine." After saying this, the other Tai clenched his fist tightly enough to break the skin on his palm as he ground his teeth, playing resistant toward the goading of his 'ally'.

Omega X saw his other's anguish, and felt utter disgust, "That bastard... what has he done to you guys in the other timeline?"

"If you are ready!





Sora jolted at the rallying roar of the crowd, drawing out her Digivice and Crest, both glowing a reddish orange as the Chosen of Love enthralled her partner with energy.

Biyomon, Chou Shinka!

Now evolved into a giant, gallant hawk-woman, squaking proudly as her wings extended and released several phoenix feathers, her aura consumed by fired before bursting and revealing her Ultimate form.


Wasting no time before her monk opponent, Garudamon ascended into the heights, preparing her ultimate attack for Aang, who stood perfectly still, at peace as he looked up at the bird woman.

Wing Blaze!

Firing a fiery energy at Aang that formed into a bird like creature, she felt excessive shock as Aang redirected and stopped the fire in the air, pushing back toward Garudamon, repelling the bird at her, destroying it as she chopped through it.

"Firebending, Waterbending, Earthbending and Airbending. I have four elements on my side, whereas you possess one, graceful creature. Please could we resolve this peacefully?"

Thrusting his fist forward, Aang propelled an inordinate amount of fire from his fist, sending it toward Garudamon, before she repulsed it with her Wing Blaze technique, giving him a small stare off.

"Pathetic." Virus chided.

Burizalor chuckled in agreement with his mother and father, "You've got that right; no wonder it was so easy to kill them."

Omega X defended his friend, "I could say the same when you begged like a little bitch for me to let you live." This was met by a curse or two, before they looked back up at the ensuing battle, Garudamon flaring with a fiery shroud as she readied herself.

Phoenix Flare!

Releasing all her energy in one, she shot a powerful fire blast that condensed into a ball, exploding upon contact with the ground, searing the ring slats.

Aang emerged, however, without a single scratch on him, for he had upheld a wind shield and deflected the fire. His opponent looked at ease, however, and shouted out, "I give up! I only wanted to observe anyway! Is that alright, Sora?"

Hearing this, her partner softly accepted with a nod, ending the match as the bird happily chirped down and devolved, hugging her partner upon landing and waiting for the next match to happen as the entire group bled back into the cubical, also accepting of her forfeit.

Sora Takenouchi w/ Biyomon of Universe #13 vs Aang of Universe #12

Winner: Aang by Forfeit

"Next up, Matt and Zion, please enter the ring!"

Obeying the command, the two fighters entered the ring, surprisingly leaving MetalGarurumon out of the equation as Matt disembarked onto the slatted ring and stared across at Zion.

Zion was an overconfident chauvinist with a gorgeous set of jet black curls that framed his youthful face, accompanied by a power scouter of a purple shade. He wore body armour and a pair of trunks with it, making one wonder if he was a soldier.


"Him..." Sonja spat lowly in the medical wing, surprised with Matt's decision to fight by himself rather than as the 'different Ascendant form' Bebimon had bragged about before his defeat.


(Hells Bells)

Matt chortled insidiously, flinging off his gallant robe atop his armour off and crouching in a power up posture, howling in strenuous effort as he somehow mustered a dark red shroud, giving off a deathly aura.

"W-what in the-!" Yolei shrieked, shielding her eyes.

"He's got the abilities of a Digital Human?" Ken shielded his family, feeling sweat beads develop on his face.

"No, this goes far beyond Dimitri's original power when he first met us!" BanchoLeomon announced, young Dimitri slanting his brows in confusion as the roars got loader and loader.

The power slowly receding back toward its source, Matt phased in behind a very timid Zion, clutching at his head with vice like hands, tightening his grip, before a snide snigger was ousted by a loud 'snap', Zion keeling over, dead.

"Bastard doesn't even need to fuse with MetalGarurumon in order to easily outclass most of the rabble here!" the lion added, as he felt a cold, icy set of eyes fall diligently on him; Matt, the Buriza Emperor...

(End BGM)


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