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Perfect Partners in Crime

'Why does it always happen in Belfast?' Chris asked. Who is Chris? Well he is one of my best friends, partners in crime and the one guy that I can never win a fight with. He has chocolate brown hair, and forest green eyes. He is also very muscular but we won't go into that. He is 6, 4ft and could be a basketball player if he so wished. But me? My name's Claire. I have golden blonde hair, and sapphire blue eyes. I'm 5, 11ft and Chris calls me smurf must of the time, but we can't all be as big as him. Chris and I are the best detectives in Belfast. Heck, we're the best detectives in Northern Ireland, but Chris wouldn't admit to that because he's too modest for his own good. Right now, were working on the biggest case so far, which is located in the Falls Road. It's one of the most stressful cases, and you want to know why? Because it involved for of our best friends, Nick, Dylan, Stephanie and Valerie, those four with Chris and me have been friends since nursery and they were involved in a bank robbery. So now you know why I'm a bit stressed out over this case, don't you.

'How do I know? Do you want me to just tell the criminals to rob a bank in England?' I replied.

'Well at least we wouldn't have to be trying to put our friends in prison' Chris mumbled, but luckily I still heard.

'What's that suppose to mean?' I exclaimed!

'You know, you're not the only one who is stressed out about this. Their my friends too. And firstly, I have no idea why they would even consider robbing a bank. It's not like there poor or something. Secondly, I don't want to bring the to prison. Imagine the amount of guilt we will have by putting out four friends in prison for nearly 10 years and Nick having that illness and not having any money to get the oper-' and then it clicked. Nick needed the money for an operation because he was diagnosed with cancer and because he's unemployed means he couldn't get the money from anywhere else and the best thing he thought to do was steal it.

Well this is going to be an interesting investigation.

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