A/N: OK so, this is my first H/M fic, written for a friend, in an effort to 'cure' my lack of inspiration... Hope you enjoy it ^^

First day at the new office.

Looking around, I took in the busy atmosphere of the precinct.

Ah, that looks like Chief's office. I should go and see him.

While I was making my way towards Chief's office, someone ran into me, knocking both of us down. I had the misfortune to land on my back, with the klutz on top of me.

"What the hell? Watch where you are going, will you?" I can't believe this. SHE knocked me down, and SHE is yelling at me, telling me to watch where I'm going? What the fuck?

I raised myself into the sitting position, pushing her up as well, and with our faces only centimeters apart, I growled at her "Watch your tone missy. If you weren't such a klutz, you wouldn't have bumped into me." My tone was low, so only she could hear me, but the look I gave her must have made her uneasy, since she sharply turned her head away, so she wouldn't look at me, hitting me with her hair in process.

With an undignified "Humph!" she used my shoulder as leverage to get herself out of my lap.

As she scurried away, I heard her murmur something that sounded much like "Dick."

I rolled my eyes and murmured "Bitch." in turn, before I got up and continued my trek to the Chief's office.

As I entered his office, I saw him talking with a tall, green haired woman.

"Ah! Tenoh! Come in, come in! We were just talking about you."

I stood at attention next to the other woman, not paying much attention to her "Chief." I gave him a sharp salute.

"Haruka, I want you to meet Setsuna Meioh, she will be your partner from now on. Setsuna, this is Haruka Tenoh, the newly appointed Junior Detective I told you about."

We both turned to eye each other for a few moments, before nodding our heads in unison "Pleasure to meet you. Now if you will excuse me, I have some work to do." At that she turned to the Chief.

"Of course. I do have some things to discuss with Haruka, anyway."

When my new partner, Setsuna, closed the door behind her, Chief's face was split almost in half by a big grin.

"What? Oh stop grinning like an idiot Mamoru." I rolled my eyes at his antics, but my comment just made him laugh.

"How can I? I've been waiting for this day since I found out you enlisted in the Police Academy. Now finally, I'm gonna get some respect from you."

"Tch. Dream on, old man." I smirked, as he pointed a finger at me.

"Hey, I am only a few years older, so if I'm old, than you are too!"

"Ha! Keep telling yourself that, if it makes you feel better, but we both know that I'm right when I say; you are old, and I'm not."

At this, he had his nose in the air, looking away from me, with his hands crossed in front of his chest "Humph! I'll have you know, I'm in the best years of my life." After a little pause, he looked at me with a glint in his blue eyes "And you will be too, soon enough."

We kept bantering like this for at least half an hour, before his expression grew serious.

"Listen Haru, I know you are fearless and all, but please, if not for yourself, or even for me, then please, for the memory of your parents, don't do anything reckless..." He waited a moment, gauging my reaction, before continuing, when he didn't get any "And listen to Setsuna." Here I scoffed, but he continued like nothing happened "She is one of my best detectives, you can learn a lot from her..."

"Are you finished? I'd like to start my work as soon as possible." I glared at him. He knew I hated speeches of any kind, most of all those about keeping safe, like I couldn't take care of myself.

He gave me a hesitant nod. "Then I guess I'll see you around." With that, I got up from the chair I have been sitting in for the last half an hour or so, and turned to leave.

But as I opened the door, he spoke "Talk to your partner, then. I gave her a case few days ago, and I'm sure she wants to discuss it with you as soon as possible."

Not even acknowledging I heard him, I walked out of his office, closing the door behind me.


"So, what do we have?" I asked my partner as I plopped down on the closest chair that was free.

Setsuna eyed me, with a slight disapproving look, before she answered "Caucasian female, in early twenties. We identified her as Erin Asakawa. She disappeared six years ago, when she was nineteen."

As she talked, she gave me some photos. On some, there was a girl, in her late teens, with blonde hair and blue eyes. And on the others was an almost completely decayed corpse.

"Cause of death?" I asked, looking through the pictures.

"She appears to have been strangled. Her windpipes crushed."

"Any leads?"

"Only this note, found in her bedroom." She handed me the note. "There were no fingerprints, and it was printed from her computer, so there was no reason to suspect foul play."

I can't live like this anymore.

I need to get away from here.

Please don't look for me.

"We already questioned family and friends. The reports are here along with the old forensic reports." I took the folder she gave me, leaving it on what I assumed was my desk, since it was right opposite of hers, for a later reviewing.

"And forensics just dropped their analysis. I was about to go through them."

I nodded "OK, you start on those, and I'm gonna read through these interviews, to catch up."

Setsuna gave me a small smile "Just what I was about to suggest."

Few hours later, I was sipping coffee that Setsuna brought me, while reading forensics report, when the phone on her desk rang. I kept reading the report in my hand, as she picked it up.

"Detective Meioh... Yes... Where? Alright, we will be right there."

At this, I raised my head to look at her "What happened?"

"Missing Persons called. They've found the exact same note like the one we found in Erin's bedroom."

"It's the same person who killed our victim?" I asked, as I got up and took my jacket.

"Probably. But let's not get ahead of ourselves." She said as she started towards the exit. I followed her towards her car.


When we got to the crime scene, Setsuna introduced us to the detective from the Missing Persons division. I heard his name, but immediately forgot it. Something on S... Sava, Seva... Eh, I don't really care, I'll let Setsuna deal with him.

I went inside the house to snoop around a bit, when a flash of aquamarine caught my eyes.

Can it be...? No way.

I went into the next room, and sure enough, there she was. The klutz from this morning, that crashed into me and then blamed me for everything. It seemed like she was looking for prints on the doorknob across the room.

This is gonna be interesting.

"Missy? Is that you?" I asked from the doorway, a smirk plastered on my face. She may be a bitch, but she is one good looking bitch.

She froze at the sound of my voice, and then a moment later she slowly turned around, her blue eyes going wide at the sight of me "You!"

I leaned on the doorway "Fancy meeting you here. Don't tell me you are a forensic? I didn't know they lowered their standards so much, that they accept just about anyone in, even the clumsy persons." I mocked her.

She approached me with the fire in her eyes "It's Lead Crime Scene Investigator for you!" She hissed poking me with a finger "And what are you doing here? This is a crime scene if you haven't noticed, civilians not allowed."

"I happen to be the detective who got assigned to this case." I said smugly, showing her my ID and a badge. "So I guess this means we are gonna be working together, at least for a while." I added cheerfully.

She just rolled her eyes "Lucky me. Now, are you just gonna stand there and annoy me, or are you gonna do your job and let me do mine?"

"Well, I might do just that... Stay and annoy you, I mean. Unless..." I started, as I pretended to be thinking.

"Unless?" She asked annoyed.

"Unless you tell me your name and give me your number." I finished huskily, with a smirk on my face.

"What?" was her immediate answer "You are crazy. No way." She turned to leave, but stopped after a few meters, when I spoke again.

"Oh come on! You know I'm gonna find out sooner or later, I'm a detective for crying out loud! It's a win-win situation. I get what I want and you get me off your back for the day. Otherwise, I'm just gonna annoy the crap out of you today, and I will still get your name and number through other means." I said smugly, knowing that I already won, I only needed to wait a few moments until she saw that there was no third option.

"Fine." Yes! I was doing a winners dance in my head, but in reality, I just allowed a small smirk to come out.

She raised her hand expectantly, and I gave her my cell. She just typed in her number and returned it to me. "And may I have a name that goes with this number?" I asked, looking at her with a raised eyebrow.

"Michiru. Kaioh Michiru." Was all she said, before she turned away from me and went back to her work.

After I saved her number on my phone, I stood leaning at the doorway, watching her for a few more minutes, before I turned around and went back to look for my partner.

"Wipe that grin off of your face Tenoh, we need to talk with the family members." Setsuna scolded me, and I sobered up, remembering why we are here in the first place.

"Right. Sorry, won't happen again." I blushed a little as she eyed me up.

"Where have you been, anyway?" She asked as we made our way towards the front yard, where the girl's parents stood, worried out of their mind.

"Oh, you know, checking up the house, looking for evidence..."

"That's why we have the CSI. Wait..." Now I tried to avoid looking at her "... Don't tell me... You met Michiru?" I could tell she was barely containing her laughter.

I glared at my partner "Yeah, well, it's kind of hard missing someone when they literary knock you to the ground in the first five minutes on your new job. Now can we please focus?" I tried to change the subject, but the merry glint in Setsuna's eyes told me that this discussion is far from over.