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The group were gathered in a cafe about 200 metres from the entrance of the basin. They had chosen this location as they had clear view on the walkway that lead to the harbour. They could watch any tourists or targets walking in and out of the harbour area without being in plain sight and raising suspicions.

The blinds had been dropped around the cafe, and the sign on the main door indicated that the owners had closed the shop for the morning. This prevented any unwanted visitors.

Steve was leaning his shoulder against the big glass window; his fingers prying open the blinds and looking out towards the basin entrance. Every now and then his head would shift as he followed the path of someone walking by, but otherwise he remained silent.

The people who were present at yesterday's meeting were gathered in their groups, seemingly discussing and adding final preparations. Every now and then Steve would catch a few words of the conversations as they drifted through the cafe.

A group of tables had been pushed together, and the blue prints from the conference room were now across these tables. Several markers had been placed on key locations; a reminder of who would be doing what.

Leki was leaning against the counter at the back of the room speaking with an officer who was not present at the meeting yesterday. He had been introduced to Steve as Mark Addy. He was a team leader with SWAT and Leki wanted to pull in his support after the departure of Clarke. Leki was leaning over his own set of blue prints, and speaking on a radio. Every now and then the radio crackled to life and Steve knew that he was arranging for the arrival of the main SWAT team. They were not present yet as they did not want to draw unnecessary attention to their position.

The shop bell rang as the door opened which caused several people to jump and look towards the entrance of the cafe. Walker stepped into the room and made his way towards Steve. He pulled his eyes away from the outside world, and looked at Walker, "Where the hell have you been? You were meant to be here 15 minutes ago."

Walker nodded and sighed, "Steve, I am so sorry. I got stuck in traffic coming in from Diamond Head." Steve briefly looked the man up and down before nodding and turning his attention back to the window. He didn't know where the Lieutenant had travelled from, but he had heard reports of an accident on the bypass. Stop worrying Steve - I know your eager to bring this group down, but keep your head on straight.

Walker looked around the room, "Is everything in place? Do I need to do anything?"

Steve shook his head no, "HPD are on standby, Leki is finalising details with SWAT. We will be good to move as soon as we are given the sign."

"Who's moving in to sound the alarm?"

"James. He is down there at the moment."

Walker nodded, but didn't comment any further. Steve turned his head again and watched as he moved towards a coffee machine in the corner. The older man passed by Danny and patted him on the back to say hello. The two men faced each other a few words exchanged, a smile on both of their faces. Danny muttered a few words before putting his head back down to the blue prints.

Turning his attention back to outside, Steve shifted when he spotted Elliot on the corner of the street with two other men. Danny recognising the change in Steve's stance was by his side peeking through the window to try and see what Steve was looking at.

Elliot was leaning casually against a wall and the two men were facing her. One of the men, a lanky tall black haired kid of about 19 seemed a little nervous, and every now and then he would stop and stare 360 degrees around his vicinity before returning to pacing. Steve guessed that they were looking out for anyone suspicious.
Elliot and the second seemed to be laughing at something. He was a shorter man who seemed closer in age to Elliot. He had defined muscles in his arms, but a slightly heavier stomach. Clearly a mainlander, but his tanned skin suggested that he had been on the island for a while.

Still laughing, he lit up a cigarette and moved to lean against the wall next to her. He seemed more relaxed than the younger boy, and Steve assumed it was because he was settled within the group and knew how to carry himself.
Steve could see that a conversation was taking place between her and the man next to her, and every now and then they would laugh hard and look at the younger boy. The boy pacing in stopped suddenly and turn towards Elliot, his body language changing. In response to this the man seemed to laugh harder, while Elliot pushed herself up off the wall and squared up to the younger man.

He felt Danny tense next to him, but he didn't turn to look at the shorter detective as he was drawn to the exchange taking place on the sidewalk. Moments later, Elliot launched herself at the younger boy swinging a right hook to his face. He attempted to hit back and he fell into another punch to the stomach that knocked him to the floor. Elliot stood above him and was held back by the man she was smoking with. Her body language suggested a few harsh words being thrown, but within a minute the trio were laughing with each other and resumed their original positions.

He heard Danny snigger and mumble, "There's her show."

Elliot had no idea that the police were meeting in the cafe before the raid, so the show was not for them, but he did guess that Elliot was attempting to distract the other two from anything that caught her eye. Although she didn't look like she was watching, she would be taking in everything in her surroundings.

He looked at Danny and put his hand on his shoulder. He leaned in a whispered with a grin, "You certainly gave her good advice."

Feeling a presence behind them, Steve turned just as Walker approached them. He was also looking out the window through the slot in the blind Steve had made, curious at what the two men had just witnessed. "What's happening?"

Steve shrugged and pointed, "Those three are having a small argument by the looks of things! We are just waiting for a movement from James."

As if on cue, Elliot and the two boys pushed themselves upright and turned to look towards the basin. Each of them tensed and glanced around before running down towards the harbour where 'Happy Sailing' was located.

"Looks like that might be our sign." Steve could hear the faint sound of an alarm in the background, and knew that James has just given the signal. A flow of tourists started to come out of the basin entrance, and strategically placed police offers who had time there walk by for this time helped with the flow or pedestrians. They were directed down the street and out of the way.

A few minutes later James came across the street and entered the small cafe, a small grin on his face. "Sorted." he said confidently.

The occupants of the cafe were already on their feet in response to James' entrance to the building. Steve released the blinds and stood upright nodding in his direction. "Good job. Did you manage to make anything of the surroundings?"

James shook his head, "Because I was in the museum, I didn't get to see much. I could see the two charter companies. The gates where closed to each. Only one boat was in dock, and that was at the Sealife Viewer dock. As we thought would happen, Happy Sailing has 'closed for lunch' as well." He put the last in quotation marks.

In the background he could hear Fire Engines approaching. It was expected and they had to keep up the show. However these engines would hold back-up police officers as well as fire fighters to do the seep of the basin.
Steve moved towards the counter at the back as Leki turned around. The two men nodded at each other a silent indication that everything was in place. Steve looked at the team. "Has anyone any questions?" He glanced at his watch. 10:44am. They were expecting the shipment to arrive around 12, so they would be getting in their positions shortly. "We will be moving into position at 11:15. Then it is a waiting game. We will be positioning by team to avoid attracting unneeded attention. Team 1 and 2 we'll be nearest to the main raid zone, we won't make that move until we have SWAT covering us."

The group nodded. "I am waiting to hear from HPD to say that the basin has been cleared of tourists. They should be calling this through in the next 15 minutes."

Steve glanced at his watch again. He knew that this was a risky strategy, but he already had eyes in the basin posing as tourists to ensure that as many people could be cleared as possible. They would radio through with any suspicious movement that they saw and stay in touch until zero hour.

The cafe stayed in relative silence for the next 15 minutes, small groups gathered having small chats, but everyone was focused on the next couple of hours. Steve moved to his position at the window, again opening the blinds to look out. He could see a steady flow of people coming through the entrance to the basin, a HPD officer directing them to the left.

Danny moved to stand next to him. "You ok?" he asked looking up at his partner.

"Yeah, yeah I am fine. Always am." he smiled as he said the last bit. "Its..." he paused

"It's what?" Danny asked

"I just want to make sure that everyone knows what they are doing. This is a tactical move that not a lot of prep has been done for."

"Steve, look at the people in this room." His hand moved around in front of him, "They are brilliant at what they do, and they are trained to handle last minute situations. The positioning is fine. We have been over it so many times this morning. It will be ok." Steve nodded as Danny continued, "I think that we need to be careful of bystanders as we won't get all of them out. And it will be hard for us to know every face of the Alioni. But, we expected that. You assigned the teams; we all know who we are working with... You're even following protocol, like you promised".

"Yeah..." Steve looked back at Danny. He let out a small chuckle at his last comment. He was a shoot now think later kinda guy. Never one to really question what had to be done until he was faced with that immediate decision. Having this whole operation planned gave him an unusual sense of comfort and confidence for what would unfold. And he knew Danny was right. The planning was sound, their positioning perfect. They just had to get out there and bring the Alioni down as a team.


The morning sun was already hot, and the tensions were also high. Although Danny was only stood against a shipping container, looking at Walker James and Oshau, he could feel the nerves rolling off the two newest officers as they played with their headsets.

"Hey... relax!" he called across to them. The two officers looked up and let a smile appear on their faces as they nodded slightly, "You wouldn't be here if you weren't capable."

Again they both nodded and muttered a "Thanks sir" in response.

Danny had meant that statement. Although they were young, they were not inexperienced. He had seen their files, and their ability to keep a cool head was what caught the attention of him and Steve. Notes commented their nerves appear before an operation, but as soon as they are in action they dissipate. This could be seen as a negative and a positive. Danny personally saw this as a good thing.

Danny patted himself down, and ensured that his vest was on properly, he pulled at the Velcro straps to secure it in place. His gun was holstered for the moment, but it was within easy reach when they started moving in. He played with his ear piece pushing it further into his ear, and flicked a switch on the device hub that was clipped to his belt. The hubs they were using today allowed communication between all members in the field, and also allowed HPD to hear the activity that was taking place. It took a steady mind to pull out the bits of information that you needed. It could be very busy on the line with different teams pushing different directions at any one time.

"Steve, can you hear me?"

"Got you Danny, loud and clear. Confirm the same?"

"Yeah. I hear you too." he dropped his hand from his ear piece and placed it on his hip.

A few other mutters of confirmation came across the wire. Each team checked in one by one, confirming that they were in position.

Danny looked across to Walker who was standing about 10 metres away. He was striding slowly across the front of a container. When he reached the square edge he would peer around, and then turn back and repeat the process to the other end. Danny quirked an eyebrow, "Everything ok there Walker?" He didn't raise his voice as he knew he could be heard across the speaker.

Walker stopped striding and turned to look at Danny. He offered a simple nod and said nothing else, resuming his pacing.

Danny didn't press the matter further, but the pacing was starting to unsettle him slightly. However he understood the motions that police officers went through to prepare. A lot of people had a routine before a raid which helped keep them grounded. Start it like you would any other raid, and it will end the same as the last; successfully. He leaned his head back against the container taking a few steadying breaths himself.

The shipping containers where lined up to create isles. Looking at it from a Birdseye view you would have seen about 30 isles of shipping container, horizontal and vertical across the grounds. The containers were about 20 metres long. Lengthways where the containers met, there was a space of about 2 metres between each, so that you could manoeuvre around them. Each vertical row was about 20 metres apart, so there was open space between each and hiding places down the sides Danny thought.

It was always dangerous being on ground like this, as there were a lot of places that a suspect could run and hide if it came to that.

Danny himself peered around the corner of one of the containers, and could see people on the docks. The majority of tourists had left now, and all who were present where those with businesses around. At this time it was only members of the Alioni, as SeaLife Viewer as the other Charter was closed. From a distance, he could see Elliot with the same two men she had been with earlier. He wondered how she could stay so calm knowing that something was about to happen. Time to shine, Maggie.

His team were located to the right of the harbour. They were currently hidden amongst the shipping containers. 100 metres to the other side and they would be in the tourist area. The dock nearest to them belonged to SeaLife Viewer. Steve's team were nearest to the dock for Happy Sailing and the suspected land sight for the Alioni. Team 2's job was to cover a possible escape route off the pier. Team 1's was to pick them up after landing at the docks. Letting out a sigh, he turned again to face the three members he was teamed with. Walker had stopped pacing and was now stood back straight looking up to the sky shifting from foot to foot hands shaking loosely at his side. Danny sniggered at the sight. He couldn't understand why he was so nervous about all of this.

He moved to lean back against the shipping container, but as his shoulder blades hit the metal, Steve's voice came down the ear piece. "The boats coming in. Eyes open!"

He was upright waving Walker, James and Oshau into position.

Steve, Chin and Kono were amongst the shipping containers to the left of the docks. They had moved slowly from the cafe to their location, watching people as they walked out of the bay entrance. Ashcroft had a back pack on with the vests and cable ties in. He was able to act like a confused tourist if anyone from the harbour attempted to push him away. They did not don their vests until they found their cover behind the containers.

Steve looked across the harbour. At a sprint he would be on the dock within 15 seconds, so he knew their position was sound. He clipped his ear piece in place just in time to hear Danny's question, "Got you Danny, loud and clear. Confirm the same?"

Hearing Danny respond positive he contacted Leki, "Teams Three and Four in position?"

Leki's voice came down the line, "Roger Commander. Team 4 are on the opposite dock." Steve walked to the end of a second container, and looked across the bay. While he could not see Leki's team, he could see the dock. It was a clear position for cover, and would prevent anyone getting away. "Team 3 are at the end of the dock. We are prepared. HPD are also on scene."

Steve didn't respond but nodded silently. He unconsciously glanced at where he knew Team 3 where located, but he knew he wouldn't be able to see them. Kono approached him and passed him his vest which he pulled over his head, fastening the Velcro securely. "You ok?" he asked with a smile, his eyes squinting in the sun.

"Sure am boss."

"Good." he smiled at her. He saw Chin moving towards them over her shoulder. He pointed past him, "Boss!"

Steve turned and saw a boat pulling into the harbour, "The boats coming in. Eyes open!"

Steve didn't get a verbal response, but he knew that his command had been received as the radio went silent. He crouched down so that he could see the boat and remain low out of sight. Although he was confident that they could not be seen he wanted to keep their position hidden.

The boat pulled into the dock, which now had at least a dozen people stood there. He saw Elliot with the two men she was with walk towards the boat as people disembarked. She jumped into the arms of one of them, and it looked like she kissed him hard before pulling back and leaving her hands behind his neck. He assumed that was Wynn, and he relayed it to the others through the radio. He saw a group behind the pair throwing bags of the boat. He counted 7. He knew straight away what they could expect to find in the bags.

Elliot let go of her hold on Wynn and bent down to pick up a bag, slinging it over her shoulders. Linking hands with her boyfriend the pair walked towards the office of Happy Sailing. Steve assumed that this is where they would place the bags.

He watched at four other men got off the boats, each picking up a bag as they passed. Another girl approached the group, and he watched as Davies, their undercover high fived a member of the Alioni before pulling him into a half hug.

Each member made their way to the office. the door closed, and while it was only for a few minutes, the tension was building. Steve didn't want to order the movement until he knew the timing was right. Eventually a few members re-emerged. Some headed in Danny's direction while others scattered themselves around teh dock. It didn't go unnoticed to Steve that they all had guns. Taking in his surroundings, Steve huffed when he saw Clarke jogging towards the building. He was shouting something that he couldn't hear.

"Danny, some of them are headed in your direction. Is your cover sound? There's Clarke, can you make out what he's saying?"

"Covers good Steve. And no, not really." He kept his voice low, "He said something about support and keeping watch... or being watched. Hopefully not the latter."

The opportunity for Danny to hear anything else was lost as Clark moved into the office. Steve glanced around again weighing up all the options. Not knowing fully how many were inside made it difficult to set a plan, but he was confident that they could bring down the people scattered across the basin, and Danny and his team could take care of the 3 heading in his direction.

"Team 4, have you got eyes? Can you see how many are inside?"

"Eyes on the outside Steve. We can't see into the office, but we have clear view of the four walking around the building. What do you want us to do?"

Recognising that Elliot was one four walking about the perimeter, he told Team 4 to stay put for the moment. "I'll pass further instructions depending on what happens. We have to get to that firing though needs to be to disarm. I might use you to take one shot and distract the others." He paused and looked across to Chin, who nodded at him.

"They're circling Steve. Not looking in our direction. They keep facing over to Dannys location. Do you think they suspect something?"

Steve looked towards Team 2's position. "I expect they have a container somewhere in there with a stash. Thy'll be watching the three that just headed in there. Danny, Walker do you hear that? Stay alert OK?"

"Got it."

It was at that point that Steve realised that Walker hadn't said a word. Fearing about a radio malfunction he tried to raise him. "Walker, do you copy?" He was met with silence. "Walker?" He spat it down the mouthpiece in a low shout. "Danny what's going on?"

"He's across the... damm."


Danny didn't respond to Steve, but he heard the words down the radio. "Walker. WALKER! What the hell are you doing? Hey... get back. Shit. James, stay low, can you get over there?" There was a pause, and Steve could hear Danny's breathing, "Steve, Walkers moving out, no cover. "

Danny was facing the docks, sporting a similar position to Steve, crouched low to the floor. James was above him keeping high cover and watching the movements of the group outside. He could see the office and the people walking around it. A group of three was headed in their direction and Danny indicated to keep their cover. The way the containers were lined up, they would go right past their location, and Danny wanted to use that to his advantage.

He looked over to Oshau and Walker who had taken cover in the gap that was between containers. They were directly opposite, but it gave a good advantage if they needed to storm the walkway area.

Looking back towards the basin as he heard Steve's command to be alert, he shifted his weight to stay more comfortable. He had heard Chin down the radio to say they were looking in his direction.

He heard Steve calling down the radio for Walker and heard no response.

"Danny what the hell is going on?"

Danny looked over again to where Walker and Oshau were and realised that they weren't in position. In fact he couldn't see them at all. "Damm..."


Danny watched as Walker move from the safety cover of the container and walk towards the docs. Another 15 metres and he would be in sight on the gang walking around the tourist office. He quickly looked at James and pushed him back against the container indicating that he should remain still. Looking back at Walker, he whispered harshly down the mouthpiece. "Walker. WALKER! What the hell are you doing? Hey... get back."

Shifting himself to get a better view he saw something he hadn't seen before; Oshau was on the floor. "Shit. James, stay low, can you get over there?" he pointed to Oshau and James nodded. James raised his gun and pointed it in Walkers direction as he moved across the open space to the container. Danny also raised his gun ito cover him from behind. With the turn in events he has lost his eyes on the other three. Watching as James made it over safely, Danny turned his attention back to Walker.

"Steve, Walkers moving out, he's got no cover. Oshau is down." He heard Steve huffed out a breath, but nothing else was said. He sensed that Steve was thinking something. Something wasn't right here. "Steve? Shall I follow?".

"No No, Danny stay put. Their eyes are everywhere in your direction. They might be on him. If you move you will be in their line of sight."

Danny let out a breath he didn't realise he was holding. What the hell was happening here?

Then, all of the teams heard something they didn't expect. They heard Walker call out, "I'm here, like I promised! They're here too... watching!"

The whole team heard the words that Walker said and no one knew what to make of this. Before anyone really had time to process the words Walker sopke up again. "I've got my radio, I can hear them. They'll be moving soon".

Steve and Danny from their respective positions watched as Clarke came out of the office. He looked towards Walker, and then at his surroundings. He shouted something, and everyone started moving. There was a sense of panic on the dock as the Alioni raised their guns. Clarke started walking towards where Walker stood with a grin on his face.

Danny, knowing that the situation just changed dramatically tried to look towards Steve. He didn't want to talk over the radio unless necessary. He also risked a glance at James who was helping Oshau sit up. At least he had some back up here. He signed to James to stay back and ready his weapon and provide cover.

Looking back at the docks, he saw some people were heading back towards the boats - a major flaw in what they had hoped for. He heard "GO GO GO" down the radio knowing that they had to move quickly to stop any of the gang escaping.

Taking a deep breath Danny steadied his weapon in front of him, biding his time for when Clarke and Walker would come past him. He had no choice but to listen to everyone else storming the docks.