Author Note: Yes, yet another Yamato x Terry fic! Can't help it, I love it so much~! ...and it's been a long while since I wrote anything xD I guess this is for Valentine's Day since it's well, today!

On the other hand I really need to continue that long fic I'm working on, too!

Anyway, enjoy reading ;D


It was a normal peaceful day in Mie's Cat Cafe... until one moment when Terry and Yamato started arguing about which one's better, since it's been a long while.

"Face it, Terry, I am the B-DaChampion, so what makes you think you can do better than the best?" Yamato yelled out to his friend.

"Well EXCUSE ME, lad, but you were only crowned B-DaChampion of this year's Winners' Tournament! So that means next year, who knows, I get to claim that title!" Terry replied.

"Oh yeah?"


Yamato ran down the hallway for no reason, while Terry goes after him. As Yamato stopped and so did Terry, they continue blabbering at each other.

Little did the boys know, there's Enjyu leaning against the hallway wall, now the bystander of their annoying conversation. Shortly, he got to the point of not taking it anymore and stomps up to them. He finally yelled out:

"WILL YOU TWO SHUT UP AND SETTLE THIS ALREADY?" The two young boys stopped.

Enjyu continued, "Look, you'll BOTH see which one of you is better next year, so why argue about this now? Damn, all this nonsense is making me sick!"

They refused to listen and continued insulting each other. Enjyu also continued to convince.

"Just make up already!" No changing result.

He then smirked. "Just kiss and make up OR I'll take away both of your B-Daman!"

At the drop of a hat, in response to what the red-head just blurted, they immediately stopped. Then suddenly, Yamato lightly grabs Terry's face and pressed his lips against his. Terry was really shocked but already started kissing back.

After around 7 seconds, Yamato broke the kiss and panted very lightly, then glared at Enjyu. "There, happy now, Enjyu?"

Enjyu was surprised, because he didn't expect the boys to ACTUALLY kiss, but he's happy enough that the bickering ended so simply. He nodded and walks away. "My work here is done."

Yamato turns back to Terry, who's wearing a surprised and blushing look on his face. "Sorry for being a pushover, and that I did that, Terry..."

Terry said or did absolutely nothing, just standing there. "Terry?"

Then he finally snapped out. "W-What?"

"I'm sorry for starting this annoying argument, it was pointless."

"I-I'm sorry too, laddie. I think I started it first-"

"Let's forgive each other now that this is settled." Yamato said as he is about to walk away.

"By the way, Yamato..." Terry informed.

Yamato turned around, "Hm?"


"Oh, Okay then." Yamato smiled and walked outside to practice with Gray and Bull, like usual.

Seeing Yamato leave, Terry begins thinking of what just happened in his mind. He never felt something this wonderful before. He didn't know what the heck it is, but it's probably coming from the way Yamato touched his lips with Terry's.

Thinking this through, Terry found that he really liked it when Yamato kissed him.

"Yamato... he may be a crazy, immature guy, even though he's loyal, caring, and also lovable, but... he's such an amazing kisser!" He whispered to himself, while at the moment, his heart skipped a beat. He couldn't help but feel the want to make Yamato kiss him again, if possible.


When night arrived that day, everyone's going to bed, with Gray, Bull, Tommi, Yamato, and Terry sharing a room with a bed and 2 sleeping bags. The rest in the other room, and Mie in her own room. Gray and Bull sleep in their sleeping bags while Yamato and Terry share the same bed.

The only person still awake is Terry, who's looking at Yamato and trying to figure out how to convince him. To his eyes, Yamato's lips seemed soft. Out of curiousity, Terry gently grabs Yamato's face and leans over to him to give him a gentle kiss, without waking him up. He slowly broke the slight liplock, feeling the heated blush on his cheeks.

I don't think that's enough! He thought to himself. He drifts away to dreamland along with the others, hoping for what he planned to do for tomorrow.