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The Price of Peace: Intro

"We'll be arriving shortly, Fireball. I've just received clearance to land," Saber says, glancing over at his companion.

Fireball nods in acknowledgment, "Okay. I'll go and make sure Colt and April are strapped down in the sick bay." He says as he gets up and leaves the control area.

Saber casts a glance towards him as he leaves and shakes his head to clear it. Watching the screens for any signs of pursuit, he debates whether to call ahead and give Commander Eagle a warning of his daughter's condition. He hesitantly presses the com-link and a moment later Commander Eagle's face appears on the screen.

"Saber, I saw that you have clearance to land and have requested medics to meet you upon arrival," the commander begins, getting a grim nod in reply. "What is the status of your team?" he asks.

"Colt has broken ribs, and is currently on oxygen. I think he will be all right if he hasn't punctured a lung, aside from a few abrasions. April is the main concern, sir," Saber replies. "She took a hard hit and has a rather large laceration on her head. I believe her skull is exposed, but I'm not sure. We have her strapped down to try and minimize her movements. She is hooked up to oxygen and her vitals are erratic, I am worried that the outcome won't be good."

Commander Eagle's face hardens briefly as he fights back anger, his gaze then softens into worry, "The medics are already waiting. I'll meet you in a few minutes. Once everyone has been tended to, I want you to meet me in my office."

"Yes, sir," he replies and closes the connection, just as Fireball returns. "Well?" Saber asks giving him a concerned look.

Fireball shrugs, "They are both breathing, albeit with help. No sign of consciousness from either of them."

Saber gives him a brief nod, then focuses on landing, "We are landing now. You are to be checked out upon arrival." Fireball starts to protest. "Then you may go see about her." Saber adds, cutting off the protest.

"I will, Saber," Fireball replies quietly. "You should be checked too. I know that some of the blood on your suit is actually yours. Your head is bleeding too."

"I'm fine. You three are my priority." Saber says trying to sound as confident as he can. He lands the ship and opens the ramp. Almost immediately medics are rushing in and into the sickbay. Colt and April are taken out by a group of medics, Fireball following silently behind them. Saber watches them leave and is grabbing his helmet when he senses a presence behind him.

"You should be checked too, Saber. That head wound looks pretty bad," Commander Eagle says sternly.

"I'm fine, sir. Head wounds always look worse than they are," he replies curtly. "Once I know the status of the others, I'll be sure to get checked." He gets up slowly, trying not to allow the extent of his injuries to show. "You should be with April, not here talking to me," he adds quietly.

"She is being tended to by our best people. There is nothing I can do for her right now. I will get someone to come here and examine you if you'd prefer, but you will be getting checked out," Commander Eagle says forcefully, his eyes meeting Saber's gaze.

Saber sighs in defeat and immediately flinches in pain, "Yes, sir. Could we have someone come to your office? I don't think I'm all that serious," he replies sounding a bit weaker than he intends.

Commander Eagle nods slightly and turns towards the ramp, "I'll meet you in my office. I will find someone who can come and examine you." With that he rushes down the ramp towards the medical facility.

Saber lags behind a moment forcing himself to become more steady on his feet before heading down the ramp towards the commander's office. After several minutes, he makes his way through the familiar halls, finally reaching his destination. He enters and is immediately greeted by a nurse, who glances at him and quickly grabs a chair, indicating for him to sit. He goes to comply just as everything goes black.

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