Here it is, friends. The cliffhanger you've all been waiting for. Enjoy and don't forget to review please.

Over The Hedge 2: Journey To New York City

Chapter 20: The Cliffhanger

We cut to somewhere, far away from El Rancho, Camelot, we see a familiar looking animal with a tail similiar to RJ's and as we turn around to see that animal, it happens to be another raccoon whose face looks like RJ's and his name happens to be Cody. He happens to sit on the edge of a big rock until suddenly, he sees a newspaper in the trees before he comes down there. He jumps onto the branch of the tree and grabs the newspaper before he starts to read the topic, "RJ and his friends survived attack from an enraged bear and two humans". "My cousin's alive", said Cody and we fade to black.

Sorry for making this cliffhanger short. I wanted to kill some time.