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Chapter 1: Through the Whiskey Glass

Sakura's throat burned in satisfaction as she sipped her bourbon. The amber liquid warmed her insides and numbed her mind. She wasn't in the mood for any of those light and fruity drinks that did nothing but hurt her waist-line. She wanted it hard and strong; exactly like how she wanted it in the bedroom. Too bad that wasn't going to happen anytime soon. It had only been a month since she and 'he who shall not be named' broke-up. Or more like he told her that he had fallen in love with someone else: the rat-bastard. She always pegged him as the reliable, faithful type. It sucked to be wrong, especially when it came to matters of the heart.

At least she still had friends who cared. Ino pushed an empty glass towards the bartender and motioned for another drink. "Nothing like getting plastered to end the week, right?"

"I'll drink to that," Sakura said as she took a long, hard sip from the snifter.

"You've got some balls going for something so strong. Isn't that your first? I'm up to number three here. You better pick-up the pace if you want to catch up to me."

"I'm going for quality, not quantity tonight."

Ino shrugged as she took the new drink the bartender gave to her. "Whatever floats your boat. Speaking of quality, check out that guy over there."

Sakura looked at the man Ino was pointing to and frowned. "What is he wearing?"

"I don't know, but look at those abs."

"He's probably gay."

Ino pouted. "Stop being Miss Gloom-and-Doom. Even if he's gay, at least he's easy on the eyes."

"Not mine," Sakura shot back bitterly.

"Hm, I guess he does bear a striking resemblance to Sasuke. Guess that means you're not going to talk to him," Ino mused.


Ino looked back over at the man. "Oh, too late. Looks like his boyfriend is back. You were right, he's gay."

"Told ya."

"So are you going to try and look at any of the eye-candy this club has to offer or am I all by my lonesome?"

"Ino, I'm not interested in trying to hook-up with any guy tonight," Sakura sighed.

"What if you were completely drunk off your ass?"


"Or the character from that novel you love so much popped into the club and swept you off your feet?"

Sakura tapped her finger on her chin. "Tempting, but highly unlikely. There's only one man in the world who looks mildly like that character and he's both married and too old for me."

"Oh yes, Naruko's Dad," Ino sighed dreamily. "If only he were thirty years younger."

Sakura's face soured. "I think I need another drink."

"Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to bring her name up. Here, this one's on me."

"It's okay," Sakura sighed. Her lips curled up into a smile shortly afterwards. "Though Mr. Namikaze was quite a catch when he was younger."

The two women laughed over their girlish fantasies of the older man. As promised, Ino paid for Sakura's second drink. This time, Sakura opted for a real ass-kicker, a whiskey that had been aged for ten years. The night was young and the girls were only getting warmed-up.

By the end of the evening, Sakura had consumed three ass-kicking drinks and Ino drank more than a fish underwater. The club had closed and Ino had left with two guys escorting her home. Sakura didn't remember their names, but Ino had referred to them as the Hunky-Wolf-Guy and the Creepy-But-Cute-Bug-Dude. She wasn't interested in a one-night stand tonight, but that didn't mean she was going to do nothing. A smutty romance novel and her trusty vibrator were waiting back at home.

Sakura stumbled on the sidewalk in a drunken stupor. Her three-inch heels weren't helping either. Out of the corner of her eye, she thought she saw an animal creeping up alongside the bushes. Sakura had always liked animals. She had dreams of adopting a cat, but her busy schedule with school and work prevented her from following through. Crouching down, Sakura peered into the bushes to try and see the animal that was hiding. She held her hand out and swayed a bit unsteadily on her feet.

If she were sober, she would have realized that by crouching down the way she was, anyone passing by would get a glimpse of her panties. Currently, her inhibitions were long gone and flashing people on the streets was the least of her worries. Needless to say, when the furry head of an animal popped out of the bushes and stuck its nose between her legs, Sakura didn't even bat an eyelash.

"Oh, a cute little animal! What are you doing out here?"

Sakura picked up the animal without any concern for her safety. The action made her lose her balance as she plopped down onto the sidewalk unceremoniously with the animal in her hands. She laughed as she fell backwards and raised her arms up to see what furry creature she found. An orange-red furred fox stared back at her curiously. Its tail swished back and forth, tickling Sakura as it brushed over her legs.

"You are such a cutie-pie!" Sakura giggled as she nuzzled the fox to her bosom.

The fox snuggled deeper between Sakura's breasts, amusing the woman.

"Aren't you a little pervert," Sakura joked. The fox opened its mouth almost like it was agreeing with her as its tongue lolled back and forth.

Sakura carefully stood up with the fox still in her arms. "Oh, you feel so snuggly and warm. I just want to take you home with me."

At those words, the fox yipped in excitement and wagged its tail.

"You want to come home with me too?"

The fox yipped and licked her face, eliciting squeals of delight. That sealed the deal as Sakura carried the fox in her arms while she staggered towards her apartment. The drunken woman managed to open the door without dropping the fox. After getting the door open, she promptly raised her hands up, tossing the fox into her apartment.

"Welcome to my humble abode! Make yourself at home. Bathroom's down the hall on the right and kitchen is to your left. Oh wait, you probably won't use those."

The fox tilted its head and looked at her as she continued to give it the tour of her apartment. She stumbled through the halls discarding her purse and various articles of clothing along the way. The fox had to dodge one of her shoes that was tossed haphazardly in its direction. Sakura opened a door and tossed her bra on the floor while she pranced around in nothing but her underwear.

"And here we have it. The master bedroom. It's got an attached bathroom and everything."

The fox scampered around the room sniffing and exploring every inch of the bedroom. A pile of books were stacked in one corner alongside some textbooks and a cardboard box. A white lab coat hung on the back of the bedroom door. There was only one window in the bedroom and it had a clear view of the nearby mountain range. Sakura fumbled with trying to take off her panties while she watched the fox jump on top of her desk to look out the window.

"What do you see?"

The fox looked back at her and let its eyes wander up and down her body. Sakura didn't seem to notice this. She came up and pat its head as she looked out the window.

"I bet you came from the mountains, didn't you?"

The fox nodded its head as if it understood her.

"At least you're not too far from home. I should give you a name. I wonder if you're a girl or a boy."

The fox leered at her breasts and gazed hungrily down at her panties half-on and half-off her body.

Sakura noticed its gaze this time around. "Definitely boy. I wonder what I should name you?" Sakura looked out the window again and then smiled as she turned to the fox. "How about I call you Kyuubi? You came from the mountains, right? So that should be perfect."

The fox yipped in approval.

"Kyuubi it is then. Come on Kyuubi, it's time for beddy-bye," Sakura said picking him up. As inebriated as she was, she couldn't help but fall onto the bed with him in her arms. She hadn't even completely pulled her panties off or pulled the sheets over her body before falling into a blissful, drunken sleep.

The fox struggled briefly in Sakura's arms as he tried to free himself. After pulling his head out, he shook his body and then stretched. Pacing on the bed, he used his teeth to finish removing Sakura's panties. He watched with approving eyes as Sakura turned onto her back, moving her legs wider apart. She was laid bare in front of him. The fox smirked as his eyes flashed red.

In her mind's eye, she could see him licking her leg, gently nipping her here and there. A shock of blond hair grazed her skin while a pair of sultry blue-eyes stared back at her. He looked familiar, like one of those men from her fantasies. When his face nudged her legs wider apart, she noticed the three whisker marks adorning each cheek. Sakura smiled as the name of that character on the cover of her favorite novel came to mind: Naruto. She didn't hesitate to open up to him and watched with half-lidded eyes as he took a finger and to her. The sight of him hungrily sucking on the digit drove her crazy. But nothing could compare to the feel of his tongue. She would try to grab his hair to get him to finish her off with his mouth, but Naruto would grab her wrists and pin them above her head while he teased her in the most satisfyingly cruel way.

Just before she would beg him, he would move and the words would choke on the back of her throat in a breathy moan. He filled her to the brim and then some. Her fingers pressed against the muscles of his back. His lips caught hers in a torturous battle for dominance as she moaned deep into his kisses. It felt all too real to be a dream, but far too heavenly to be actually happening. In her drunken state of euphoria, she felt herself almost lifted off the bed as Naruto pulled her up so that she was sitting on top of him. He did it so skillfully; pushing her senses to the edge of all reason.

She could see the definition of his muscles and the smoldering look he was giving her. It was usually around this time that his face would transform into her old high school English teacher or Sasuke's brother, but she didn't complain when his face remained in focus. The actions and feel of him made Sakura reconsider ever switching guys mid-fantasy ever again.

Turning her around so that she was on her back again, Naruto pulled her legs over his shoulder. Any rationale thought left in Sakura's body vanished. The sheer volume of pleasure she experienced was surreal. She briefly looked up and touched her fantasy man's face, trying to see if he was a dream because everything felt so intense. Her fingers barely skimmed his face before he grabbed her hand and kissed the tips of each of her fingers. It was such a sweet gesture; she never got a chance to confirm whether or not he was real before she slipped off to sleep.

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