Jasper was nervous as he made his way over to Harry's home for this trial run. If this works out than Harry would have given him something that no one else could possibly understand plus it would give his sister and brother some time alone without feeling self-conscious about asking for it. Entering through the front door, Jasper heard voices from the kitchen and proceeded to walk there.

"Good Lord Teddy, you've eaten more than Seth!" Jasper heard Sue exclaim.

Entering the kitchen Jasper came upon a scene of Teddy wolfing down eggs, toast, bacon, and juice like no tomorrow; dressed and ready for school while Seth grinning chewing on some bacon in his gym shorts and shirt. Sue was eating some toast with jam drinking her coffee dressed for work; Charlie was smiling into his own coffee cup in his Sheriff's uniform while Harry was in jeans and shirt standing and eating his own breakfast in a rapid pace matching son; his own mound of food disappearing quickly.

"Morning Jasper, we'll be a moment," Harry greeted between bites as Jasper nodded with a smirk.

"Mornin'" Charlie called out raising his coffee mug before taking a sip only to choke when Seth reached over to Teddy wiped some juice of Teddy's face.

Sue snickered and looked out the window when Charlie glared at her.

Harry rolled his eyes and placed his plate down the counter, "Alright you two knock it off," Harry smirked at the pair as he walked over to his sons, "and you two, quit giving your Pa heart attacks."

Jasper watched as Harry pressed kisses to Seth and Teddy's foreheads, "Be good Teddy and Seth can you do the breakfast dishes?"

"I know Dad," Teddy rolled his eyes.

"Sure Dad," Seth answered quietly snickering at his imprint.

Harry smirked and rolled his own eyes while ruffling their hair ignoring the indignant cry as he made his way over to Charlie placing a chaste on Charlie's lips making him relax and stop glaring to focus on Harry.

Sue snickered as she stood and gave her two boys their own goodbyes and kisses making sure to leave her lipstick on their cheeks causing the boys to whine in distress.

Jasper snickered and followed Sue and Harry out of the kitchen after calling out his own short goodbyes.

Harry was grabbing his messenger bag while Sue was slipping on her low heel shoes.

"Ready Jasper?" Harry asked mischievously as he placed a hand on Sue's shoulder.

Jasper was about ready to ask if Sue was going with them when Sue answered for him.

"I'm Harry's secretary. Poor guy can't organize his files to save himself. I also help some of the other agents as well," Sue stated smirking at a now slightly pink Harry.

"Anywho, this might feel a tad uncomfortable," Harry said placing a hand on Jasper's shoulder as well and with a CRACK! The trio was gone.

When Jasper's feet hit the ground again he felt slight dizzy and took a moment to orient himself when he saw twenty or so men and women milling about dressed in what looked like long trench coats. Some wore multiple weapons while some only had a pouch.

"Come on Jasper," Harry said tilting his indicating that Jasper should follow as Harry and Sue quickly made their way through the zigzagged hallways before an area with multiple desks stacked with paperwork.

As they made their way to 'Harry's' desk which was actually more like Sue's desk various people spoke to Harry and Sue.

"Hey Sue when you're done with Harry's mess could you come help me?" a middle-age wizard with graying brown hair asked looking hapless surrounded in paperwork.

Sue smiled, "Sure Grayson, I should be an hour or two."

"Thank you Sue!" Grayson said gratefulness shining in his eyes as gazed adoringly at Sue as if some form of goddess brought to life.

Harry snickered and whispered to Jasper, "He has a crush on her and I'm pretty sure Sue likes him too."

Jasper smiled happy for Sue.

"We'll be back Sue gotta go talk to Williams than we'll check in with you," Harry told Sue who just waved them setting her purse down starting to check messages leaving Harry to snigger and Jasper to chuckle a little.

The duo walked a little farther into the room where a single glass door stood. Harry gently rapped on the door.

"What is it Black?" a voice called out causing Jasper to frown.

"How did you know it was me Williams?" Harry asked opening the door and sauntering through with Jasper following.

"You are the only that does that, most either barge in or pound on my glass door. Thank Merlin that it has reinforcement spells on it," a man about Harry's height with a beard reaching his chest spoke as he looked at some papers.

"What can I say I'm polite," Harry quipped causing the man to snort and look up.

"Black what the hell? Another one?" the man asked exasperated. Black was his best agent but he can't keep bringing in these muggles, even if they are better than some of the others on his payroll.

"Hopefully my final partner if a test run works out today," Harry replied tilting his head.

The man eyed Jasper up and down noticing the amber eyes and crescent shape scars, "Vamp?"

Jasper's eyes widen before nodding leaving the man thoughtful. Maybe he would make one last exception if this vamp could handle being Harry's partner than he wouldn't have to go through the gauntlet to find somebody to pair up with Harry. A win-win.

"Black you have permission for a test run, if it works than he will need to go through the training course before he can be your partner officially."

"Yes sir."

"The names Richard Williams, maybe you will be the answer to our needs with this agent," Williams said holding out his hand.

"Jasper Whitlock and oh?" Jasper responded shaking the man's hand.

"Black is one of our best; he knows he's stuff but is known for plunging head first into danger; doesn't matter what we do to reprimand him he still does what is right. Maybe with you being a vamp you can stomach it and survive," Williams explained sitting back down.

"I'm not that bad Williams," Harry whined.

"Yeah, yeah sure, now scram, I've got work to do," Williams dismissed them

Jasper followed Harry arching his brow curious to see what Williams meant.

With Charlie…

Charlie stepped out of his sheriff's truck in front of Billy Black's home and walked up to the door, knocking twice before stepping back and waiting. He heard Billy yell out, "Just a sec!"

Charlie waited keeping his temper in check. While this morning he was feeling calmer but just even thinking about yesterday where he couldn't do anything made him angry. It seems that every few months or so the shifters do something to his family. He was getting real tired of it and not being able to properly do something as he was just a man mixed in with the supernatural.

Last night though, it dawn on Charlie that he was the Sheriff and as far as he knew the shifters still fell under the law like any citizen. So while his fiancé took care of the supernatural, he could protect them through the law side of it.

When Billy answered the door, a look of surprise crossed Billy's face before welcoming him in, "Come on in Charlie. It's been a while since you visited."

"I'm here on business Billy," Charlie stated his expression hardening.

"Well come on in and we can settle it in the living room," Billy acquiesced rolling to the room as Charlie followed.

"Now what can I do for you?" Billy asked looking up at Charlie's stony face.

"I've come to give you a warning to tell the rest of your pack. Start minding your manners and stay away from my family or else the Sheriff's department will come down hard on the reservation," Charlie warned eyes narrowing.

Billy stiffened, wary of what happened to his friend, "Could you explain please?"

"Sam Uley and his pack attacked my family at graduation. Now Harry give them a pretty good lesson, but if they, for any reason, come near my family again, I will bring the full force of the law down upon anyone associated with them," Charlie said letting the weight of his words settle into Billy's mind.

"What made you so set against them?" Billy asked cautiously.

"First Sam assaulted my son-in-law, Second he implied that he would take Seth by force and sexually assault him. Third he threatened to do the same to my son, who is a minor," Charlie stressed as he informed Billy with his eye twitching as he thought about it.

"The boys are well-liked here," Billy hinted hoping to gain some leverage.

"Here in La Push only partially, whereas Harry and Teddy are beloved by all in Forks. Where they help old biddies cross the road and carry the grocery sacks, even Seth is becoming beloved as well. Most people in Forks think of the La Push boys as trouble since they are always out roaming around."

Billy swallowed before something clicked in his mind, "You said they threatened Seth then your son who is Seth's imprint?"


"Goddamn idiots!" Billy exclaimed looking away. As he turned back to look at the Sheriff Billy said, "I will call the council of Elders and have the proper punishment placed on those involved. Thank you for alerting us to this fact."

"It is because we were once great friends that I'm telling you. Good day," Charlie turned to leave when Billy stopped him.

"Charlie, we'll take care of this."

Charlie nodded and continued to his truck as Billy watched his once friend walk away with a different confidence. A confidence of a man who has found his life and willing to do all it takes to keep it.

"Sam did what?" Jacob asked slightly shaken from seeing Charlie, a man he thought of as an uncle leave.

"He threatened Seth and his imprint," Billy breathed out heavily. This was going to change everything.

"He did what?!" Jacob keened. He had been trying to talk to his best friend for awhile now but Seth seemed to always have a skittish attitude when he was with the pack and seeing his friend so nervous of him had made Jacob sad and taken to leaving his friend alone not knowing what else he could do to help.

"We need to call a council," Billy stated trying to organize his mind but he might have been talking to nobody since Jacob raced out the door intent on finding his friend.

Back with Harry and Jasper…

"Jasper," Harry's voiced sounded in his ear. When they received a mission of an enraged wizard that partially shape-shifted running rampant in downtown L.A. Harry suited Jasper up in a dragon hide trench coat to protect against spells and curses as well as some weapons of Jaspers choice which he chose a pair of daggers and an ear piece that allowed Harry and Jasper to talk to each as they chased down the destructive wizard.

"Yes?" Jasper responded running to catch up with the wizard. He was starting to see what Williams meant as he felt if his heart was still beating that that it would have stopped multiple times by now as he watched Harry take daring leaps as well as attacking the raging wizard in attempts to land spells to subdue the wizard only to rebuffed and thrown into building only to have Jasper catch him before crashing through the walls.

"I'll be cutting him off, I need you to try to talk to him and calm him down, right now most of my spells are bouncing off of him," Harry informed him calmly as if he had been forming a plan the whole time he had been attacking the rogue.


Jasper slowed down waiting as Harry appeared in front of the howling wizard and rushed him causing the wizard stumble and try to retrace his steps only to be cornered by Jasper. They weren't worried about the wizard apparating since being in this hybrid from the wizard could only access partial of his magic since the animal part of his mind was in full force.

Standing in front of the clearly furious part animal part wizard Jasper sent out calming waves hitting him fully as calmly spoke to the wizard, "Hey, its alright. We just want to help you. There's no need to run from us."

As Jasper talked, the wizard kept trying to snarl and growl but with the soothing waves descending on him it was hard to hold on to the anger.

"We want to help but we need to know what's wrong first," Jasper stated sending some reassurance along with the calming waves and slowly the wizard began to calm and change back to his human self.

"Tell us what's wrong?" Jasper gently commanded stepping closer keeping his eye on Harry who seemed to be waiting for the opportune moment to strike with complete faith in Jasper to do his part.

"My…my…wife," the wizard began as his teeth shrank.

"What about your wife?" Jasper coaxed his gut sinking that the wizard being enraged had to do with a cheating spouse rather than a loss of one.

"She…with…another," the man howled and the teeth began to grow once more before he was petrified and fell stiff as a board to the ground.

Jasper knew that in the split moment when the wizards magic wasn't blocking, Harry was able to cast the spell and hit true.

Jasper felt for the man. He knew the feeling of one's spouse cheating on him. He could understand the pain and humiliation. He must have really cared for his wife to have caused this type of reaction.

Harry added more binding spells as well as knocking the wizard out before stepping up to Jasper.

Jasper felt a hand on shoulder and turned to look at his partner, "Are you okay?"


"You did great Partner. Now we can take him back to base and into a cell where we can help him," Harry spoke quietly as he had inkling that he was sympathizing with the captured wizard and felt for him. He knew the feeling as well. If it hadn't been Charlie and just knowing almost instinctively that he was a good man with pure and honest heart, Harry doubted that he would even be in a relationship.

Jasper smiled at that maybe he had found himself a niche. That maybe with having a family that cared for him and friend/leader that understood him, maybe he could grow and become a better man. Having support and love from everybody around him, Jasper noticed that he had no problem controlling his thirst and his self-control wasn't stretched thin.

Across the States in a magnificent house…

A pixie like vampire sat frozen in front of her easel, paint brush falling from her hand as visions of Bella's father meeting a black haired male and his son. Of seeing Charlie dating the man and finding happiness in being called father once more then vanishing from sight till Jasper appeared on the steps of the black haired male's house before disappearing once more. In the final scene, she saw Jasper with a small content smile as he helped the same black-haired male catch someone who had been through emotional turmoil and shifted part ways.

"Alice?" Alice heard her name called as she came out of the vision looking at a confused Edward and worried Bella.

"Edward?" Alice asked looking at the topaz vampire in hopes of understanding, as she was confused as well. When had Jasper left?

"I do not know," Edward quietly said thinking about the happiness he saw in Charlie's eye at being a father once more. He knew Bella had hated it in Forks and being stuck with her father and was happy to have found him and Alice.

"What are you guys talking about?" Bella demanded. She hated be out of the loop and to see her two vamps in such confusion was frustrating.

"Your dad is seeing someone with a son they seemed very happy, very domesticated," Alice started nervously looking at Bella.

"Then his future went black like yours did when you hung out with the shifters," Edward finished slightly pained thinking back when Bella had been rebellious and hung out with the shifters.

"What? Who?" Bella asked feeling anger even thoughshe also felt some guilt at how she treated Charlie. Why couldn't he understand that she didn't need a dad to guide her life but rather a dad to make her wishes come true. Like Edward and Alice did.

"A male who is also helping Jasper," Alice answered feeling her own type of guilt at how she treated Jasper but a woman has needs and being with these two how listened to her and didn't find her hyper-ness tiresome was a blessing.

"Maybe we should go see them?" Edward spoke he had seen the way the black-haired male's eye glowed green, "Maybe the black-haired man is manipulating them."

The two girls nodded in agreement and began to plan for their trip, not realizing it would have been better to have stayed away.

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