Teddy was sauntering home with his hands in his pockets thinking about how his schooling was going to be changing next year as he begins his Wizarding education. He would have liked to have seen where his family went school for generations but he didn't want to go back to a place that would cause his dad pain. Well he was always up for a new adventure.

As he rounded the corner towards his home, Teddy pulled up short at the sight of a great hulking teenager moping on his steps. For a moment Teddy was reminded of a sulking puppy that had been left behind by his master.

Walking up the drive way, Teddy greeted the puppy, "You know we have a door bell."

Startled the puppy looked up, "Oh, hi. Umm Teddy was it?"

"Yes and you're Jacob," Teddy greeted cautious of why the shifter was here. He wasn't at the harassing session but it doesn't mean he is friendly. Teddy was learning to read auras as it is part of his metamorphous abilities he inherited as well as trained by his dad and so far he couldn't detect anything mean or evil from him.

"Yeah, um is Seth here?" Jacob asked standing up and dusting off his pants.

"Yeah, did you ring the door bell?" Teddy asked questioningly while reaching in his pocket for his key to unlock the door.

"Yeah, multiple times. There was no answer so I decided to hang till he came home," Jacob admitted shifting his stance, a nervous tick if Teddy ever saw one.

"Must be in our room," Teddy muttered opening the door, "C'mon in I'll go get him."

Jacob nodded and smiled slightly following Seth's imprint inside. Jacob whistled as he saw the inside of the house. No wonder his friend was always over here. He heard Teddy say something and left Jacob in the living room.

As Teddy jogged up the stairs, he chuckled thinking about his mate napping in their room. Entering their room, Teddy noticed the music was on softly and his mate was napping curled up on the bed. Snickering slightly, Teddy took a running leap onto the bed, pouncing on Seth, startling him awake.

"Aaaggh, Teddy!" Seth yelped as Teddy landed on him.

"Is this all you did?" Teddy questioned sitting on Seth adopting one of his dad's famous disappointment stares.

"Um, no I did the dishes like Dad asked," Seth countered blushing slightly.

Teddy laughed knowing with Seth first free day all he did was sleep.

"So Jacob is downstairs waiting for you," Teddy said sliding off of Seth's chest to the bed sitting Indian style.

Seth yawned as Teddy's statement sunk in before surprise ran across his features, "How long?"

"For a while I guess," Teddy replied shrugging, he wanted his mate to have friends because when he goes to school next year it's going to be rough on him, granted he would probably get to come home on the weekends and still have his winter and summer breaks but it's going to be a rough next couple of years.

Seth groaned and rolled onto his stomach, "I don't wanna go and see what he wants."

"He seemed honest," Teddy offered knowing that his mate was still hurt from yesterday, "Why don't you go see what he wants at least. You know we will support you no matter what."

Seth heaved a sigh and sat up, "Fine. Can you text Dad and see if we could do Chinese?"

"No problem."

Seth slumped to his feet and trudge his way downstairs stopping at the bottom and coughed letting Jacob know he was here.

Seth watched as Jacob startled, as he could see Jacob was looking at all of the family photos, laughter and happy times.

"Seth," Jacob keened and seemed to visibly hold himself back as laid his eyes on Seth.

"Jacob, what are you doing here?" Seth asked wearily. He was tired of how his former pack has treated him.

"Seth, I'm sorry. I didn't know what was going on. I swear. You know I would never treat you that way! I don't know what I did to make you afraid of me, but I thought we were friends," Jacob rushed out stepping closer but hesitating.

"I…I Jacob…I feel acceptance here. I found a family and my imprint. I'm the youngest and the smallest in the old pack. Sam never respected me and always yelled at me. He recently has gone a step too far," Seth tried to explain as he thought of past memories but when he thought of his current family/pack he stood a straighter with more confidence, "I'm not going back. Harry is my dad and alpha now."

Jacob whimpered, "Couldn't we still be friends though?"

Seth swallowed and looked at his feet. Jacob had always befriended and been nice him. He did miss hanging with people his own age.

"Yeah, Jacob we can still be friends."

Jacob whooped and grabbed Seth into a hug.

Teddy snickered and snuck back into their room grinning that his mate has his friend back. Now Uncle Jasper is up next; he needs to find his happiness.

With Harry and Jasper…

"Well Son of a Merlin, you're actually alive and Potter is actually in pretty good health," Williams stared in disbelief.

"Told you," Harry smirked sharing a laugh with Jasper.

Williams rolled his eyes, "Take him to the training chamber and I authorize the use of a time turner so he can start tomorrow officially. I can't afford him not too."

"Thanks Williams," Harry grinned ushering a grateful Jasper out the door.

Williams waved his hand and went back to his reports as Harry shut the door.

"I got it," Jasper whispered in awe. He was going to have purpose again! There was meaning to his dull existence; all thanks to this man, his brother.

"Damn right!" Harry crowed, "Now I have a partner I can trust. Now hurry go do the training, while I finish up the paperwork."

Jasper couldn't keep the grin off his face as Harry pushed him into different door.

"You! New recruit!" a voice yelled at him, "Hurry up! Run the obstacle course!"

Jasper looked around to see a grumpy looking wizard looking like a former soldier, who was missing his glory days of being in the chase and on the hunt.


Jasper grin grew as raced for the course, exhilaration and freedom racing through his body. He felt as if on top of the world, that nothing could knock him down!

Harry had just finished his reports and leaned back in his chair, popping his back in the process when Jasper staggered over to Harry's desk looking worn out but happy.

"Brutal?" Harry asked leaning back and resting his hands over his stomach.

Jasper smirked for a second before turning solemn, "Yeah but for the first time I feel like I have a future. That I'm moving forward. Not stuck on repeat."

Harry smiled softly as understanding shone in his eyes, "Feels good to move forward."


"Should we go home and celebrate?"


"Is that all you can say?"


Harry laughed, "Sue you ready?"


Harry laughed and threw up his hands smiling. His phone beeped and Harry checked his messages. He snorted and looked up at Jasper's inquiring look, "They want Chinese."

"Since I'm in such a good mood, I'll buy," Jasper smirked as he stood.

Harry opened his mouth to reply when his mouth opened when his phone went off again.

"With extra egg rolls," Harry deadpanned causing Jasper to laugh.

When the trio finally made it home carrying bags and boxes of Chinese food, Harry and Jasper paused as they appeared in the hallway. A new scent was circling the area as well as intense awkwardness and unease making Jasper feel apprehensive. Tilting his head, Jasper nodded to the living room as he set his load of take-out on the ground with Harry copying. Sue was confused but knew enough to stay calm and be still. Harry and Jasper quietly approached the living room, as they reached the doorway, Harry signed 3, 2, 1. When his fingers reached one, they rounded the door way to see Rose and Emmett staring frostily at Seth, Leah and Jacob? A quick glance around the room showed Charlie and Teddy standing in the corner looking at everyone like they are being idiotic.

"What in Merlin's name is going?" Harry asked striding into the room, relieved that no one was hurt.

"Jacob came to mend the fence with Seth but Rose and Em don't trust Jacob because he at one point crushed hard on Bella and tried to lure her way even though she always chose Cullen and he is part of the Tribe," Teddy explained looking bored.

Harry quirked an eyebrow at the shamed faced shifter, "Do you still feel the same way?"

Jacob looked up startled before answering, "No. She…well…She played with my heart and abandoned her family. That doesn't sit well with me."

Harry stared at Jacob and Jacob felt as if he was being weighed and measured. Harry glanced at his son, Seth, and Leah. He knew that there would be fine a huge fight, if this wasn't handled properly. Glancing at his fiancé, Charlie shrugged as he just wanted his family to be happy and honestly he felt a guilty for Bella's actions towards Jacob. He had introduced the two and encouraged friendship and maybe a little more, back before the supernatural became a reality and his daughter was still a good girl in his eyes.

Harry looked beside him and met Jasper's nod of trust and turned back towards Jacob.

"Jacob can stay," Harry began and held a hand indicating to stay quiet, "however it will be probationary as there are still some hurt feelings and past pack actions that are too fresh to quietly ignore. I understand that you were not specifically part of the group that targeted my family. However I have done my research and you Jacob were supposed to be the pack leader, some of it falls to your shoulders for responsibility. We'll consider it a test run for future alliances, shall we?

Jacob had begun to feel lower than dirt with no hope of ever recovering his friendship, because as much as Seth liked him as a friend, his new alpha's approval was everything. Seth adored and loved his new alpha that if he said Jacob was a no-go then Seth would follow through even if he would be sad at losing a friend. But the last line spoken gave Jacob hope. He knew he should have taken over as alpha but he was scared and nervous of the responsibility that came with it.

"Now who wants Chinese?" Harry asked as Jasper and Sue came through carrying bags and boxes of amazing smelling food.

Seth cheered, Leah grinned, Rose and Em rolled their eyes but relaxed and Charlie clapped his hands in glee as he and Teddy rushed over to help spread the deliciousness.

Harry stood back and watched his family, he knew that Rose and Emmett, while not entirely happy with the outcome, were placated enough that instant trust wasn't given while Seth was happy to have a friend back even if said friend wasn't entirely welcomed as of yet.

Jasper stood next to Harry and placed a supportive hand on Harry's shoulder before going to his siblings.

Sue stood by Harry for a moment watching by-plays and quietly spoke, "Its tough being the peacemaker but you're doing a great job."

Harry grinned half ways, "Yeah, but it was so much easier when it was just Teddy and me."

Sue snorted, "Yeah but now you have a great big family that loves you."

Harry looked and smiled, "You better go get the crab egg rolls before Leah eats them all."

Sue winked before going to reclaim her order from her daughter.

'Hopefully we get a few moments of peace,' Harry thought before joining the crowd of Chinese food devouring people, 'There better be lo mein!'

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