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Danny pushed open the locker room doors and gripped his bag strap as he hefted it higher on his shoulder while walking further in but frowned when he heard a noise….a groan "Hello." He turned the corner before stopping. He took in the half naked form of Derek who had Stiles on his lap as their hips rocked and the man pushed Stiles black t-shirt up while one hand was kneading the younger man's ass "Whoa."

Stiles jumped at the site of Danny stood there and nearly fell of Derek's lap "What…what are you doing here." He looked at the taller man who scratched the back of his head while looking everywhere but them.

Danny coughed "Left my wallet in my locker after practice and I wanted to grab it before last lesson" he glanced at the couple "Hey Derek" He lifted his hand before pointing "just going to my locker, ignore me."

Stiles narrowed his eyes at Derek who just glared at him; he nudged the older man with his knee and tilted his head towards Danny while raising his eyebrows. Derek sighed before dropping his hands to the bench as he leaned back "Hey Danny." He watched the other man shoot him a surprised glance "Thanks for not saying anything about the other night."

Danny just nodded "No problem." He held his wallet before starting for the door "Cya later." he slide his wallet into his pocket as he opened the door to exit, good god he really needed to stop meeting them like that.

Derek glared at Stiles "I was nice are you happy." He was going to pay Danny a visit because the man always seemed to bump into them at the wrong times and he didn't like it, nobody saw his mate doing private things but him. Stiles flashed a quick grin "Yeah, he's an alright guy actual kind of surprised him and Jackson are best friends." He watched Derek let out a bored sigh while raising one eyebrow at him "You don't care do you." He watched Derek shake his head. He smirked when Stiles muttered ass as he slid his hand over his shoulders pulling him forward, Derek grinned as he captured Stiles lips' moving his hands up the younger man's back pulling his t-shirt up in the process.

Stiles rocked his hips and arched his back when nails danced over his skin; he slid one hand into brown hair to fist it as sucked on the man's tongue knowing this should stop because they could be caught at any moment. Derek growled as Stiles groaned into his mouth and rocked his hips up as he moved one hand to unbutton his mates' jeans when the door opened again, he broke the kiss to growl as he smelt who it was.

Danny glanced at the doors "Stiles the Headmasters on his way here, someone heard shouting and banging from inside the locker room and told him when they saw him in the corridor." He looked at the pair feeling his cheeks heat when Derek stood to his feet.

Stiles glanced at Derek and pulled his jeans up "Would you were underwear." He zipped the man's jeans a little too harshly as Derek sucked in a breath but he wasn't sorry he did it, he watched Derek curl his lip as he pulled on his t-shirt. Derek glanced at Danny who was looking at the door then them but frowned as he looked about making him look about, damn this wasn't good.

Some lockers where dented so much they would have to be pried off and replaced while others where just dented and the bench was spilt in half from where he kicked it, Derek understood what Stiles meant when he said to stop destroying things.

Stiles closed his locker and rubbed a hand over his head "We should leave." He started for the door only to back track as he heard voices "No, nope I'm dead." He turned looking at the man whose fault this was. Derek waved a hand "Don't start and it's not my fault, you started the fight." He pointed to the shower gel bottle then his eyes while Stiles snorted.

"You did with the library then sneaking up on me." Stiles moved the neckline of his shirt showing Derek a bruise but glanced at Danny who clapped.

"Stop bitch fighting, we have to hide." Danny glanced at the door before looking back at the two men "You aren't supposed to be on school grounds."

Stiles sighed "Great my dad is going to know about this."

Derek shrugged his jacket on "Danny" he watched the older man look at him "Your friend's with Stiles right." He watched the other man lift one shoulder while glancing at Stiles.

Danny watched Stiles shrug before answering "I guess so." He turned his head in time to see a fist coming towards his face; he stumbled backwards from the surprising blow "What was that for." He lifted his hand seeing a blood on his fingers when he pulled it away from his lip.

Stiles stood beside Danny "Are you ok" when the taller man nodded wiping the blood away he glanced at Derek "What's wrong with you." He watched his mate glared at him before waving his hand to the room. Derek sighed before moving closer and ripping the sleeve of Danny's school jersey "Some dude started fighting with Danny and you stopped it." He watched Stiles mouth open and close but he didn't have time to wait around.

Danny watched Derek disappear before looking at Stiles who stared after the man with a confused look but when they door opened they booth looked at the head master who raised an eyebrow.

"What happened here?"

Stiles continued to stare as Danny ran his tongue over his split lip "Some guy jumped me and Stiles ran him off." He watched the head master frown before looking at Stiles who continued to stare "Stiles." He widened his eyes "Tell him."

Stiles glanced at Danny before nodding his head quickly "Yep what he said."

Jackson glared at Stiles who was fidgeting with his bag strap "I find it hard to believe he run someone off and you got jumped." He turned to his best friend knowing it was hard to get the drop on Danny; he was taller than most and a little more muscled than most as well, whereas Stiles was…well Stiles.

Stiles shrugged one shoulder "I just came in after Danny beat him off really." He looked at Jackson who had been glaring at him since he found them in the hallway as the school was abuzz with gossip; he started having a go blaming him for the attack. Yet when Danny told him to lay off he did, who knew Jackson would be protective over Danny and not in the best friend ways like he was with Scott but in another way.

Danny smiled as he saw Allison then winced "Ow." He pressed his finger to the cut that started bleeding again; he glanced at Jackson who moved a little closer while glaring at Stiles.

Scott slapped Stiles on the shoulder "Heard about your little adventure, you fought the bad guy way to go." He glanced at Danny who was shrugging Allison's concern off saying he was fine. Allison glanced at Stiles "Where ever there's trouble your there" she smiled when he shook his head muttering under his breath. Scott draped his arm over his girlfriend's shoulders "Super Stiles." He grinned when Stiles snorted before pulling his phone out; he turned his attention to Danny "You going to be ok."

Danny nodded "Just a spilt lip I'll live." He nudged Jackson shoulder distracting the man from glaring at Stiles "We should get to class." He nodded towards the others before starting to walk with Jackson.

Scott glanced at his watch "We got English lit." He watched Stiles nod before muttering science "Cool catch you after school."

Stiles nodded as he walked along the corridor feeling a little tired, today seemed to be dragging out into one big kafuffle after the other, Derek didn't need to smack Danny but at least they had cleared up a few things between them. He slid his phone into his pocket and hitched his bag higher as he turned down the corridor hoping the next hour went by quickly so he could go home and put this day behind him.

Derek watched Stiles through the classroom door having followed his mates scent and found him mixing things in the tubes, he didn't know what he was doing but the room was empty so he pushed open the door "Stiles."

He lifted his head when he heard his name and saw Derek shutting the door and pulling the window blind down before flicking the lock "Why are you still here." Stiles glanced back to what he was doing and then lifted his head "Did you even leave."

Derek raised one eyebrow as he leant against the table so he was facing Stiles "No, what are you doing." He glanced at the various stuff on the table with equipment about then back to his mate who was holding up a sheet. Stiles let Derek take the sheet "Found something on the internet about masking scents thought I would try it" he smiled at the growl "Not to hide my scent but to see if it really works." Yet his smile faltered when Derek spoke.


Damn, he hadn't thought that far ahead "I don't know but Scott's my test subject so I'll think of something." Stiles lifted a test tube pouring in the concentrated mix into the beaker which was slowly burning on the Bunsen burner. He made a noise when a hard body pressed up against him making him pour a little too much in "Shit, Derek." Stiles glanced over his shoulder giving the older man a look then resumed what he was doing only using a different tube. Derek nuzzled his mate's neck as he placed the paper on the table top before moving his hands to slender hips and placed open mouth kisses on the skin moving his lips up to an ear.

"Play with me."

Stiles shivered as air tickled his ear finding his concentration waning when an erection pressed into his ass as hands slid up his t-shirt "Stop I can't concentrate." He placed the test tube back and picked up another container. Derek grinned as he nipped the shell of Stiles ear before sucking on it hearing the soft intake of breath, he spanned his fingers wide inching them up Stiles chest to rub his fingertips around harden nubs. Stiles hand shook as he poured some liquid into the mixture and pushed his hips back as Derek pushed against him, he swallowed before licking his lips and placed the container back down as a nail flicked over his nipple.

Derek sucked on an ear lobe as he pinched a harden nub hearing Stiles gasp and nipped on the lobe between his lips before releasing it "Turn it off." He whispered the words as he scrapped his teeth down Stiles neck. He blinked his eyes open at the words not realizing when he shut them "No." Stiles coughed to clear his throat and carried on with his concoction as fingers pinched his nipples before roll them as hips pressed hard into him. Derek sucked on the rapid pulse point feeling Stiles heart beat even faster as hips pushed back into him, he grinned and nipped the flesh before pushing his hips forward into Stiles as he moved his hand down a taunt stomach.

Stiles placed the breaker down a little too hard feeling some liquid splash over the side and moved his hand to lay it flat against the table top as he tilted his head exposing more skin for Derek "I need to focus." His tone was soft as he drew in air. Derek pushed Stiles jeans further apart before running his finger down the cloth covered cock "So focus then or turn it off." He slid his hand into Stiles jeans pushing the heel of his palm against the head. Stiles felt his hips rolled "I can't." he whined the words when Derek rocked against him continuing to rub the heel of his palm hard against the head of his cock, he couldn't think beyond what that hand was doing.

Derek scrapped his nail over Stiles nipple before digging the tips in loving the moan he received as hips rocked back into his "Then turn it off." He grinned before sucking on the shoulder before him even though the material. Stiles shivered as warm air caressed his skin through the damp cloth, he sank his teeth into his bottom lip as those finger slid beneath the band of his boxers to ghost over his hard length. Derek moved his mouth to lick a line up to Stiles ear "I want to hear you." He moved his hand up through the neckline of the shirt to grasp Stiles chin tugging his lip free but groaned when Stiles dipped his chin to bite his fingers.

He sucked on Derek's fingers as he pushed his hips back wanting his mate but the man was going slow driving him mad…wait no he wanted to do his experiment but Stiles groaned losing his thoughts as hips slapped against his. Derek pushed his fingers deeper into Stiles mouth "Suck." He rasped the word in his mate ear as he rocked his hips forward a little harder and curled his fingers around Stiles cock giving it a squeeze. Stiles swirled his tongue around the two fingers before sliding it between them and pulled his mouth back to nip at the pads, his thighs kept tensing uncontrollably as his hips fell into rhythm with Derek's hand.

A growl sounded from his throat at Stiles and his tongue tricks they really did drive Derek mad, he tightened his hand twisting on the stroke up "Stiles guna fuck you" he nipped at heated skin "Right here." He moved his hand. Stiles moaned when Derek's fingers disappeared leaving his lips slightly wet making him ran his tongue over them and groaned as his jeans where shoved lower "God yes." he closed his eyes as fingers started to push in. Derek watched Stiles hang his head and moved his other hand from Stiles cock wanting this to last because he was already too excited at the thought of no more interruptions and the fact he could finally have his mate.

Stiles leant on his elbows and rest his head on his forearms as he pushed his hips back "Hard." He groaned when Derek growled as his finger pushed deeper, he bit the cloth of his sleeve as he rocked his hips back wanting more. Derek shoved the black material up exposing skin and bent slightly so he could run his tongue up Stiles spine enjoying the way his mate arched, he kept his finger still when they were all the way in and simple started stretching Stiles. His breathing caught in his chest as he groaned while shaking his head, Derek was going to slow "Derek." Stiles groaned the man's name with need but it didn't help his cause.

Derek pulled his fingers out and pushed them back in even slower "What." He dropped kisses to the exposed skin of the younger man's back feeling Stiles groan, he smirked as he crooked his fingers trying to find Stiles prostate. Stiles bit down hard on the material in his mouth as he arched his back "Stop teasing." He spoke around his sleeve wishing his mate would do something other than go slow because he was losing his mind. He extended his arm out straight on the table but found nothing to grasp except papers and other stuff so he curled his arm back to rest his fore head on it as he pushed his hips back "Please we can do this at home." Stiles briefly smiled when Derek growled at his words and moaned.

He pulled his fingers back before looking around "Stiles we don't have any lube" Derek gripped Stiles hips when he went to turn around keeping his mate still, his grin was feral at his mates words and reached for his bag. Stiles pressed his cheek flush with the cold desk that soon heated from his skin "Bag" he released his sleeve from his teeth "Shower gel." He picked it up after Derek disappeared from the locker room. Derek tipped the bottle upside down squirting a generous amount on his fingers and tossed the bottle before stroking his cock but swallowed hard when Stiles hands came behind his back to wrap around his cock. He moved his hand slowly at first but found himself stroking faster as hips rocked forward pushing Derek's cock between his slickened palms "Now." Stiles didn't want to wait anymore.

Derek gripped firm cheeks and pulled them apart as he started to push in, he couldn't lift his eyes from the sight of Stiles taking his cock inch by inch "Damn." He moved his hands to grip Stiles slender hips as he rocked them back. He groaned when Derek was all the way in and gripped the edge of the desk as he pulled his hips forward then rocked them back not feeling Derek move his hips at all "Derek move." Stiles felt his cheeks heat at his mates' words. Derek groaned "You're fucking yourself on my cock." He squeezed hips hard enough to bruise skin as he pulled back and thrust forward when Stiles rocked his hips back. Stiles moved until his back was flush with Derek's chest and tipped his head back on the taller man's shoulder feeling his lips part as he tried to take in air but couldn't as Derek thrust into him a little faster.

Derek grasped Stiles chin turning his head until he looked in brown eyes and grinned before brushing their lips making sure the tips of his fangs nicked Stiles bottom lip, he slid his other hand around to grasp Stiles weeping member. Stiles parted his lips further wanting a kiss and flicked his tongue over the tip of one fang and raised his arm to thread his fingers into brown hair pulling Derek's head closer and grinned as Derek groaned. Damn he loved when Stiles had moments where he took what he wanted or played with him, Derek slanted his mouth over Stiles as he twisted his wrist on the stroke up and swallowed the moan. He curled his other arm around them pushing Derek's jeans lower to curl his fingers in such a firm ass cheek letting his nails dig in loving the way Derek's hips snapped forward, Stiles broke the kiss on a soft moan as he tried to take in air.

A growl rumbled up from deep in his chest as he moved his hand faster feeling Stiles muscles tense as he arched his back and knew his mate was close, he sucked on the younger man's jaw before moving his lips lower down. Stiles pulled hard on Derek's hair as he rocked his hips back and groaned when teeth sank into his neck as Derek's strokes quickened in pace, he tugged on Derek's hair until the man lifted his head and fastened their lips together. Derek growled as he felt muscles clamp down tightly on his cock and spanned his fingers wide on Stiles throat loving the sensation of his groan against his palm as the younger man arched his back.

Stiles rocked his hips back and bit down on Derek's bottom lip as he came but felt his eyes go wide as a sound blared through the room yet didn't pay it much attention as he focused on Derek who growled into his mouth. Derek bared his teeth as Stiles pulled hard on his hair and teeth nipped his chin before lips fastened back against his, he thrust his hips forward but shivered as water cascaded over his skin and groaned as his body tensed. Stiles felt his breath catch when water came over them yet he moaned when Derek's arms tightened around him as the older man came inside him, he blinked watching blue fade until green preceded over it.

Derek brushed their lips back and forth for a few seconds before lifting his head.


Stiles snapped his head up off Derek's shoulder and looked at the table top seeing his concoction froffing but his shirt was on fire "How." He moved forward groaning as Derek slid free and quickly pulled his pants up as he panicked. Derek grabbed the shirt and opened the door tossing it to the floor as Stiles shouted no but he just raised his booted foot intending to put it out when the sprinkler went off in the hallway. Stiles groaned "You'll set the school off" he ran his hand over his head as he stepped into the hallway seeing pupils running out of classrooms while girls screamed trying to cover their heads, he turned to look at Derek who just shrugged one shoulder.

Derek moved back in the classroom following Stiles "Didn't know." He watched Stiles tipping the concoction down the sink "Just say you shirt caught on fire while you were wearing it." He looked at the floor seeing water starting to pool. Stiles grabbed his bag and slung it over his soaked shoulder before walking up to Derek "Thanks." He clamped a hand over the man's mouth trying not to smile as he kissed the back of his hand before dropping it. Derek glared watching Stiles moving through the door way expecting him to make do with a kiss that consisted of his hand between their lips; he exited the classroom following his mate.

Stiles groaned when he was pushed to the side as the last of the people moved towards the doors and looked at Derek who grinned uncaring he got Stiles into trouble or set his shirt on fire, or even the fact the school sprinklers came on. Derek grinned backing Stiles up against the wall as he pressed close "Kiss." He hovered his lips over the younger man's waiting for his kiss and growled playfully when Stiles closed the distance kissing him.

Scott looked at Allison who was wiping her face while laughing as Jackson who spit water out his mouth "Dude no." he felt his bag hit the floor as his shoulders dropped while shaking his head as he looked at his girlfriend.

Allison frowned at her boyfriend "What's wrong." She wrapped her arm around his waist while moving one hand to his jaw making him look at her.

Scott shook his head "No it's wrong he's my best friend and Derek couldn't do that with him" he looked at Allison disheartened "Not my Stiles."

Danny wiped his phone as he came to a stop beside the group and grinned having overheard Scott "At it again where they." He felt his pocket testing how wet it was while Scott croaked "Again." And kept hold of his phone as his pocket was a little too damp.

Allison felt her mouth drop open "Stiles and Derek" then she bit her lip before smirking "Again." Her eyes met Danny's

Danny smiled still looking at his phone "I caught them earlier in the locker room and then the other week when I was at Stiles we were kissing and Derek came in and kicked me out." He found his phone snatched from his hand and lifted his head. He took in a pissed off Jackson who had hold off his phone and raised his eyebrows when it clicked what he said "Ah fuck I was doing so well at hiding it." Danny leaned back when Jackson glared leaning forward coming into his personal space.

"What do you mean you where kissing Stiles and why where you at his house." Jackson moved his hand with Danny's phone when the older man tried to take it back.

Scott shook his head rapidly while hugging his girlfriend tight "Please no" he pulled back to grab her shoulders "Tell me he's joking." But when she shook her laughing he groaned "Not my best friend, noo."

Allison patted her boyfriend's back "Its ok baby, I got you." She noticed Scott's lips twitch knowing he wasn't as upset as she first thought and looked at Danny who was struggling to get a word in with an angry Jackson.

Danny groaned "I'm not with you so why would I tell you; I don't ask what you did with Lydia." He slid his hand into his pocket feeling his shoulders drop as he looked at Jackson.

Jackson slammed Danny's phone against his chest "But I'm your best friend and you always tell me stuff so why would it be any different." He narrowed his eyes on the taller man "You like him don't you?" he felt his lips tighten.

Danny shook his head "No it was just a kiss" he watched his best friend narrow his eyes on him "Loo—"

Jackson felt this fingers tightening on his books "But you would have done more if Derek didn't come." He watched Danny shake his head before rolling his eyes.

Danny looked at Jackson "Don't go there, you won't like it." He stared at his best friend knowing that he may have shut him up for now but he wasn't going to hear the last of it but then that would be rich coming from Jackson.

Stiles glanced about as he looked for Scott but when he heard someone yell "Super Stiles." He turned knowing they found him; he smiled and waved but raised an eyebrow when Jackson stormed off after snapping at Danny. He opened his mouth upon reaching the group but found his words cut off as Allison smirked at him before placing her hand over Scott's mouth "Hi where's Derek."

Stiles felt his eyes go wide as he looked at his best friend who was muttering under Allison's hand while shaking his head and holding his hands up "Ah shit, you know." He looked at Danny who held his hands up pointing to Scott.

"He saw with his own eyes."

Stiles felt his cheeks heating as he looked at his best friend "I was going to tell you and how much did you see." He knew it can't off been much when Scott's eyes went wide before narrowing as he took a step forward. Damn he should have kept his mouth closed "Scott calm down." He stepped back when hands reached for him before Allison jumped on his back pressing her hands over his mouth as he rambled.

Allison laughed as she kept her hands over Scott's mouth even when he tried to pull them off making Stiles smile as Scott glared at him but he didn't miss the way Scott's cheek bunched as if he smiled, no matter how brief it was. He felt his shoulder drop as tension eased out of him making him sighed wishing this day would end so he could put it behind him, from the library and books nearly killing him to the locker room fight where he found things out, good things. And finally the lab where they had sex but set off the fire system over Derek being careless in his quest to find the shower gel bottle.

The Sheriff frowned as he sat facing his son "So let me get this straight, after the phone call about the library shelves you helped Danny fight off a strange guy who in the locker room that shouldn't have been on campus." He watched his son before smiling at him.

"Then you were doing an experiment in the science lab for part of your grade but your shirt caught fire and you panicked running from the lab to the hallway and this set off the sprinkler system as the fire alarms went off."

Stiles nodded hoping his dad would believe everything he had been told yet when the older man just nodded while looking at him the certain way he did when he knew Stiles was lying made him panic "That's why Scott calls me Super Stiles." He tried for a smile.

The Sheriff raised one eyebrow "Ok then I believe you." He stood up grabbing his keys "But we will talk about this later so I know I have all the facts before I might have to pay for damages." He watched Stiles nod and smiled "Ok I'm going out for a while be back in about an hour."

Stiles nodded watching his dad leave and exhaled the breath he'd been holding, for a minute there he thought his dad was onto him "Damn." He sagged back into the dinning chair letting his head loll back. He remained there for a moment before gathering his stuff and moving up the stairs to his room, Stiles closed the door dropping his bag and jacket to the floor as he pulled his t-shirt over his head while kicking off his shoes than dropped the t-shirt as he unbuttoned his jeans before kicking them off.

Derek watched Stiles shed his boxer before pulling on clean sweats and smirked as he lifted the covers "Good day at school." He watched Stiles crawl up the bed before dropping against it with his head on his pillow. God his bed felt like heaven after today's events making him groan before lifting his eyes to Derek's "Don't ever do that again or I'll divorce you." He allowed Derek to roll him until he was tucked against the taller man's side. Derek growled as he squeezed Stiles butt cheek "We don't do divorces and you know it." He pulled the covers over them and pulled Stiles tighter against him enjoying lying in bed together.

Stiles snorted as he rested his head on Derek's shoulder "Than I'll be a widow, you do die don't you." He half smirked when Derek growled at him but didn't react to the slap on his ass other than close his eyes and drop a kiss to Derek's chest. Derek soothed his hand up and down Stiles naked back and closed his eyes while a smile graced his lips at the thought in his head.

As backwards and sometimes disastrous day it had been, it also had been a huge step forward in their relationship, Scott knew about them, and Stiles didn't want to hide the mating. Derek turned his face pressing his lips against his mates' forehead feeling happy and decided next time there was another problem he would visit school and ask Super Stiles to solve them.

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