After moon rising…


Allen P.O.V

I run.I ran widought to stop.I was in danger. A scared mind of a young boy,16 years old to be exact. He ran out of danger. Two or three people where chasing him. But why? He didin't done anything bad. Or yet he done not then he heard a voice:

''Ne,Shouen~,it's useless if you run we will cough you'' Holy shit! I'm gonna …for Mana I need to live.I saw a village not too far from here,if I keep runing they won't cacth me.A moment later they entered in woods.Good now they won't cacth me I am good at seeing in dark.They entered in woods,for a moment I tough I lost them so I take a brake—wrong move-.An unfamiliar sound covered my ears…A shotgun? It was just a test they didin't shot me but I started to ran in the way they surprised me and they were right in the front of me.I saw theyr faces vry well a men around twenties with black hair and golden eyes. And there was two other boys very close to my age maybe 2 or 3 years older than me. One of them was a red-head with an eye pach somehow he remember me of a bunny. His face was somehow funny and it were another men,for me it looks like an angel.Wow! what an beautiful dose he stays with that douchebag?(I am talking about the tall black-haired guy.)My angel was tall and long raven-haired with dark blue eyes.Somehow he lokks just like a cat. I needed to come to my place they tried to kill before I run..

''You should calm down buddy.'' The read-head sayd,and give me a big smile.

''We'll not gonna kill you''

''…..'' it was sillance.

''Look my name's Lavi,and these over there are Tykki(the douchebag) and this is Yuu-chan ''

''It's Kanda,Baka-Usagi''

''I'm Allen Walker'' I fell like trusting the stupid of my.''What do you want? I didn't done anything bad''

''It's not like you did anything,we have to warn you.'' ''About what?'' ''Short story your in danger and it would be better if you come with us''

''Why should I trus you? You tried to kill me'' ''Actually,Tykki wanted to kill you,hes a douchebag you can't help it'' Kanda said in a treakki manier.

''Your majesty,you ordoned to do anything just to cach him right?''

''Yes I did but I need him alive'' Whait! Your majesty? Is he a price or a king? This the worse day ever.

''Anyways,Allen we can help you,well me and Kanda you need to come with us'' ''And Tykki will be out of the picture'' Kanda said whit a evil grin.

''Fine il'll come but just if he stays away from me''

''Deal'' And then we ran into the city,and the alleys till we stopt into the most righ and beautiful alley in the world.''Allen,we need to go in the bar for a whille we will be out soon''

''O-Okay'' I was lefted alone in the dark but in any look it's light from lighter. I walker into a alley til an dead and I just started to fell strange like a knife in my stomach.I could not see anythig to find out what happended I fainted.

Kanda P.O.V.

We finatlly walked out of that bar,what a relif. But when we get out I smell something different. I followed the smel till a dark surprise! The little Allen-Kitten was down fainted and unconcious good my luck! I somehow fell sorry for him and I take him to apartament whit Lavi and the douchebag in my back.

~Time Skip~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

''Lavi how can we make him fell better? I mean hell bleed to death in this rhytm''

''Well you can lave him die'' ''That's not an option''

''Fine! Then try giving him some of you blood,that would help''

''No way in this fukin' hell,why don't you do it?'' ''Becouse I'm not the one who is in love with him'' That stupid rabit has right,but it could be bad if I do so…

''Fine,just get the hell out of here'' ''All right Yuu-chan ''

''Call me like that again and you won't see tomorrow day'' Ane then he finatlly left the room leaving the two of us alone.I bited my hand that he can drink my blood. It wasan't taken to long to open his mounth and suck my blood out of my vens.''Good kid''

He drank more and more tilol he regard his counciusThank God!

''K-Kanda! What were you doing?'' His blushing face is just so cute!

''Saving your ass,so before you freek you need to put me some cuestions?''



''Youre a Vampire?''

''Yes,I'm the King''

''Lavi is a vampire?''

''Yes,and Tykki is a Werewolf.''

''You will kill me?''


''How old are you guys?''

''Tykki's 104,Lavi is 9.000 and I'm not gonna tell mine's''


''15.892 years old''

''God! And in our years?''

''I'm 19,Tykki's 24 and Lavi's two months and two days younger than me,any othe cuestions?''

''Sun affect you?''

''I'm a very highest rank in vampire society,we do not burn in sun,and to answer your question: no he dosen't''

''Holy wather?''

''Good to drink''



''Wooden stakes?''

''Not hurting me''


''I love wearing it''

''In other words,you can be killed or getting hurt?''

''No probablly not''

''How can you become a vampire?''

''You must die with vampire blood in organism''

''You will make me a vampire?''

''I'm not sure,just if you are badlly hurt or I fell like it''

''Why did you rescure me?''

''Becouse I love you'' he blushed like a baby!

''I was not loved by anyone for a log time,since Mana died'' Mana why dose that name sounds so familiar?

''Mana was your….?''

''Adoptive father''

''You were adopted?''

''Yes but I don't really talk about this can we change the subject?'' I agreeded but I still wanted to talk more.

Allen's P.O.V.

He aggred to change the subject,but I still didin't understand why those he loves me? We just meet,but to be honest he was preety seductiva and charming and hansome and beautiful.''Allen,if I do something promise you'll don't hate me?''

''Yes Kanda,I promise''

''Close your eyes'' I closed them carefully and didin't know what I am doing till I fell something on my lips.No,Imposibille,he just, k.k...kissed me? How can this be?

''Kanda what are yo-mhp'' He gave me a rough kiss that I response at,it felt so good.''mnn'' ''Owwwww? So you liked it? Do you want us to continue?''


No one P.O.V.

''I'll make you feel really good Allen'' Kanda kissed him very passionate and seductive and then he started to unbottom Allen skirt and slowly started to lick and suck Allen's nipple like a baby sucked for milk.

''mnn,ahhhhhh'' Allen gave a loud moan and his face started to look like a tomato.

''Allen, are you a virgin?'' '' Isin't that oubiouslly?'' ''Well then I'm glad that I take you virginity away'' Kanda unzipped Allen 's member was very hard.

'' don't..don't look at it''

''Your just so cute'' He liket Allen's cock slowly.

''Ahhhhhhh,ahhh'' He started to suck faster and harder like there will be no tomorrow for naither him or his Kitten.

'' Kanda stop…I'm going to…'' ''Go ahead cum in my mounth'' ''No,that's''

With those words Knada started to suck even harder tham before and then…

''Kanda…AHHHHHHHH'' Allen just cum in Kandas mounth he was emberested to death.

''Ow,you really cum very fast don't you?''

''I could not help it it was the first time when I'm doing this''

''You're frogiven,but I still have to punish you''

Kanda make Allen to fall down into bed and he started to unzipp his pants and take of his skirt.''Now you know wat'ss coming right?''

''Somehow'' Kanda pressed Allen agnist him and putting him down.

''Suck'' Kanda's hard member was 10 inch big and Allen's 7.''It's huge!'' ''Just suck'' Allen opened his mounth and beggin to suck Damn for someone who never done this before he's damn good at it. ''Allen…mnph..mnn..harder'' Allen do what he was told and beggin to suck harder and faster till Kanda come.

''That was fast'' ''Shut up!''

''Uh wat's next?'' ''First lay down on bed,2.i nedd to get up''

''Fine'' Now Kanda was up and Allen layed down on pleased two finger in Allen's entrance.''Auch,it hurts!'' ''It would pass out soon,you'll enjoy this belive me''

''I belive you''

He plased one more finger in Allen Good I think he's proprelly broken in.

Kanda slowly pushed his member in Allen's entrance making his Kitten go crazy.

''Nahh.K-Kanda,so good..ahhh''

''You fell so good Allen''

''Kanda..harder..fatser..anythind'' '' As you wish'' Kanda beggin to move faster and faster,harder and moans where so loud,he was felled with pleasure.

''Ahhh..Allen..i'm gonna..''

''Me too…Kanda..tougheter''


''KANDA..AHHHHHHHHHHH'' they both on theyr stomach and Kanda inside Allen.

They both take a good was perfect till Kanda's eyes turned red from saw those eyes of this beautiful creature.

''Kanda,you're allright?''

''I'm fine''

''Kanda you don't look good..''


''If you stay like that it would hurt you right?''

''Yes so?''

''So drink mine's''

''I can't do that''

''Kanda please I don't want to see you hurt''

''But it will hurt''

''It's all right as long is you it allright''

Kanda slowly geted clode to Allen,he smeled so damn denyed it till be could not take it.''Allen I'm sorry'' Kanda just bited Allen.

''K-kanda..mnnah'' ''For a vampire to drink human blood it's the greatest pleasure for human that no one could immagine'' Kanda sucked Allen's blood more and more.I need to stop if I kill him he'll be a vampire.

''Don't do that again my little Kitten''

''Why didin't you let me die,I would be a vampire now''

''I will change oyu but not now,now you need to rest my dear Kitten''

''Fine,but just if you promise me that you will be here tomorrow''

''I promise''

''Good night then''

''Good night My Little Kitten''

Author note* 1.I'm Romanian so I didin't write verry well. 2. I's my first lemon and net writing so don't be mad if it's not good inaf(S.P.). Please rewiew;O;