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-man = Hashino-sensei

Disclamer:I do not won -man,if I did Kanda would be topless,Allen would be a total evil Noah and The Count would wear a filthy big old 16th century pink dress(I don't hate him,I like him but it's funny to see him dressed like that ^.^) Oh and Tyki isin't such a douchebag beouse I got the 16-22 manga volumes and I started to like him ." Oh and Kanda and Allen were kinda(a lot) out of character,so sorry for that too:(

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Kanda/Nobody's P.O.V.

I hate myself,we actually do it all the way.I should have taken it was still a virgin after all,it the fact he is a I think I'm a pedo{pedobear lol =))}

I was still so sleepy,I felt like mosquito after drinking lots of blood,then in my mind appeard the image of me, drinking Allen's again I hate myself.

I wanted to take a walk,to clear my mind,but when I opened the door...

''Yuu-chan3~~'' That was a shout that I would not confuse in one thousand of years.''Good morning~'' the idiot continued,puting his arm aroung my shoulder''What are you doing?'' I tried not to get too anoyng in the morning.''Trayn' too cheer you up~''

''How the *yawn* hell can you be so energic in the morning?'' Kandas voice was slow and sleepy as his eyes,the black eyes that turned crimson red last night..Again,not a happy thought.

''It's easy you try to sleep the night and not try to kill somebody'' That turned into a serious voice..Lavi was rarely serious.He heard us?Please tell me he didin't.

''Kanda,I felt his blood,and I'm pretty sure the whole neighborhood did too.''

The alley was indeed a rich and beautiful one but there were lots of vampires,werewolves and other ''things'' there too.''If you killed him there,you know who would be extremly mad''

I know who has he refered,last time when we got in an argument whit him,Lavi lost one of his eyes and I almost lose that was history and I don't like history.

''Did he survived at least?'' That was a little sad voice.''You didin't tought I killed him did you,usagi?'',*glare**glare*''Nope~I know you have a stone hearth,but you wouldn't kill that boy,but you should do somethong 'bout his blood loss...he might die..." ''He needs bo be alone right now'' That was a he nedeed sleep.''Promise to be there when I wake up?'' *doki* *doki* *doki*.All right I should get to sleep now. {Kanda's in love3~~~kukuku`~}

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Time Skip~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


~Le flashback:~

''Allen~come out~ you can't stay in bed for the rest of your life!'' The woman's voice was kind and gentile but in the same time annoyed.''Nobody is going to belive that you blacouted becouse you didin't eat!''

A little kid around 5 years old,was in a large bed,covered in satin and wearing some fluffy pale fuchsia pijamas whit polar bears,..pirate polar bears.''We need to go to uncle before he goes out for the mission!" ''But I want to sleep~'',''If all the people would sleep al the time how do you think the world would end up?!" ''A better,quieter-(not sure bout it)- place whit bubelgum flowers and choco lakes and honey-milk rivers an-'' the little boys entusiasm was cut off by a mad slipper.''Dress up,or,on our way to uncle I will drop you off at school and show you classmates you pijamas''.Oh~ every morming in the Walker family was like family was pretty small,A hysteric adorble mother-Trisha*,a ''no fuck gives'' adoptive father-Claude, and two half brothers: Allen- an angel-demon adorable hybrid,whom is the youngest,and the elder one..Kanda-well lets just say that he is an difficult teen..very there was their uncle Mana**,a creppy and happy Santa whit all of the descripison on her head,Trisha was going to do the most difficult thing in the morning...waking up an big sleappy head by the name-"Kanda! Wake up you little Cinderella!''-(now he know Allens the fovorite child -.-")-

''Urgh...",''OK,I guess I have no choice then..Yu-chan~~~ please wake up~ I need you~-(o.o) you wake up now mama is gonna give you some delicious sweets..Well your uncle will but still..WAKE UP!''

aaand...another the slipper fell onto Kandas head the killer aura maked his apparence...''You woman-..HOW DARE YOU INTERUPT MY SLEEP,MY LITTLE PLACE WITOUGHT YOU PEOPLE!'' Like I said,the mornings were difficult..And just a point on..Kanda keept his name 'Kanda Yuu' from when he was little,hes not Yuu Walker-(a.k.a. Allen's wife)-''Kanda,no soba for you'' no expresion on the womans annoyed expression on Kandas.''Tche,fine gtfo so I can change'' he waved his hand at her like she was a dog,obyouslly to annoy her.''You win this battle becouse I need to change myself,but it wont end here!'',''Whatever you say'' and then the dor was shouted,almost broken out of the wall.'That womans crazy~~' tought the now naked will have to endure her for 6 more years..just six more..just six,six,six..OH HELL THAT WILL BE AN ETTERNITY!.Ok need to focuss,where did she put my boxers? The woman was a genuine devil,come to think of it they always had a seryous competiton on who to get the last soba,or pizza or even who to get Allen at the last one was,is,and would be the akward and harsh always fighted on who to get Allen-(oh Kanda you are such a Tybalt) was always surraounded by little girls whit pink likes that and thinks of it as an angel core,Kanda tought it was hell,and the gils were some devils who wanted to kiddnap Allen and force on him horrible things-(you watch too much Fifty shades of Grey,Kanda) tought that Allen being Halloween-dressed as a kitten is horible,Kanda tought it was the cutest thing on earth-(Soo thats why Kanda has a Kitten fetish .")- And so the toughts gone on and on and on and on,till he blushed,Allen was cute no matter how a man or a woman would think about it.

After some half an hour they were all ghatered in the front of the house,waithing for the car that would bet them to soon the car arrived.''Allen-kun,Kanda-chan~ come on we gotta go,or uncle would cry out till he drawns~'' That was their father who called,those thow were always with Clouds in the brain-(I actually mean what I just said)-,just like a fog that you can cut it whit a knife and sarve it as a pizza*.But Kanda was the distant one..the reasons why he was that closed minded was becouse he adored his little brother.But before be could thik anymore..''BOYS MOVE YOUR ASSEZ HERE!,Please~'' that womans change of attitude was the drove till Uncle was long we finnaly arrived.''Kay boys outta here'' ''Uncle Mana!3'' Allen was more entussiastic than two seconds Allen was in Manas arms,huging him thightly.''Arra~ _'' Huh? What did you say Mana?..Mana?...MANA!

''Arrrghhh'',that was a seryous loud shout,probably the flashback was another nightmare,he had those a lot.''Ma...na...'' he bearly breathed,the next second the door openned whit a kind-of-not-to worried Tykki.

''Oy,shouen,are you oka-..'' Tykkis cigarette just fell on the floor,and his eyes were wide open.''All...e..n...?''

Oke~~ that was pretty much it,sorry cuz its so short...even tought I was a looong time to write it ,srry again..."

*I really like than name,so deal whit it

**I hurmbly belive that Earl is Mana,so Earl being like a shugar daddy,it fits him.

What will happen next?What is thet Tykki saw?,wll I don't know yet so..yeah...well anyway I shall await you crittics and rewievs :*