Thanks Iris129 for requesting this :) Sorry this is uber short, but I kind of hurried it...

The Warp


My name is Marco. Just Marco. You know the drill: secrets, Yeerks, can't tell you anything or we all die, fighting, blue cube, Elfangor, morphing power, the Animorphs. Really happy story, huh?

Anyway, I was coming home from school when I saw her, Just a girl, cute, I guess, with dark red hair, large, square glasses, and brilliant green eyes. Just a regular girl. But she was holding- and not looking too happy with- something that might have been a cellular phone except smaller, thinner, all screen with a single round button at the bottom. I heard her mutter, "What do you have to do to get any reception here?"

She noticed me and walked over. "Hey" she said. "Do you by any chance know where the nearest hotspot is?"

I stared blankly and said something intelligible like "what?"

She sighed. "You know. Hotspot. Wi-fi. Wireless Internet?" she said, looking at me like at some sort of idiot. What on Earth was she TALKING about?

"I have no idea. But your, uh, thing is cool." Now, it was her turn to look confused.

"My iPhone? It's not cool, it's old. Like, from '06." '06? 1906, or… 2006? something was wrong. Seriously wrong.

"What year is it?" I asked her quickly. She looked me like I was insane, again.

"2012," she replied, then added, "duh." I shook my head, and saw skepticism on her face, followed by a wave of realization.
"Oh, my God" she whispered. "What year is it?"


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