"The Adventures of Prince Justin"

Rated T for Humor and nothing else.

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Chapter 1: The Story Begins

Ahhhhhhhh...it just seemed to be any ordinary night in the cold February night.

Right then, there was a little girl of seven, looking so cozy in her soft warm bed. The child had exceptionally long black hair just like her mother, almond shaped blue eyes just like her father, and just smooth tanned skin in between. She was even so pretty like her mother as well. She was usually a mix of Asian and Hawaiian blended together.

This actually happened to be Daisy, which happened to be the daughter of Justin. After the Total Drama series had ended such a long time ago, the male model continued to work nonstop back and forth until he met up with one of his castmates from the past. It wasn't until they started a trusting, blossoming relationship that it resulted in the birth of their daughter, Daisy. Justin made enough cash to retire at age 30 and he and his wife had settled in a nice quiet condo in Los Angeles, California. Even though Justin merely stuck to his good old Hawaiian roots. The only things that now meant more to Justin's life was his comforting wife and their loving daughter.

One of their monthly traditions for the father and daughter is that Justin would tell Daisy a nice made-up bedtime story, while his wife just chilled on the soft comfy couch. One of these nights would prove to be one of the most interesting tales his daughter had ever heard in such a long time. It all happened when Justin was busy looking for a nice fairytale to read for his sleepy daughter.

"Okay, which story do you want me to read for you? You want the "Humpty Dumpty" or the "Three Blind Mice"? I swear, my hands are gonna be worn out from all this book searching..." Justin spoke as he turned to her daughter. Justin had now became 30 years old in which he still looked the same in which he had stepped into the Island 14 years ago.

"I don't know, daddy. I feel like we've been reading the same story all over again. Why can't we get any new stories from the library?" Daisy said right to her handsome father.

"We could, but the library is still infested with absestos and I wouldn't want anything sick to happen to my little girl. Besides, this is the only thing we can do until the rest of the library is cleared of this problem."

"Ohhhhhhhh...could you make up a story for me so I can least go to sleep?" Daisy pleaded for her father with just the cutest puppy-dog face she could ever make. Justin let out quite a chuckle, knowing that he could never refuse for her daughter.

"Well...I don't see why not. I can decide to kill time. Okay...um..." Justin thought so hard trying to come up with a good plot of the story.

"How about 'Once Upon A Time', daddy?" Daisy added.

"Hold on...let me think..." Justin replied, still thinking. He had finally come up with an idea that would make her daughter satisfied. "Okay...I got one. Once upon a time...there was a handsome prince named Prince Justin. And he was in a blood-line to become the next king, led by King Chris. This all took place in a fairy-tale place called Wawanakwa Land."

"Wawanakwa Land? Isn't it like the lame island you were in a long time ago?" Daisy informed. Justin had to just change the subject.

"Yeah, but this is different. This fairy-tale land was just full piece of heaven itself! You have these hot-rod chariots, just like those vehicles your Barbies ride. There's even a fountain full of chocolate that can never be seen anywhere. And there is a magical kingdom that has every technological advance there ever is. It's like a futuristic fairytale." Justin imagined as her daughter was just amazed.

"Tell me more, daddy!"

"Okay...and inside the kingdom, was yours truly...and it all started like this..." Justin replied as the whole story now transformed into a platinum kingdom around a diamond-filled land. It was metallic all over the place with every building shining like the giant quarter there ever was.

Standing there on the throne was King Chris. He was as royal as it gets. All shiny from head to toe. Sparkling like the finest club soda that ever tasted out of a soda fountain without losing any fizz. He was now greeted by his son, Prince Justin.

Prince Justin was decked in a breathless platinum suit fit for a knight with a nice dragon imprint covering the most of the outfit. The nice little dragon imprint was a symbol of hope, determination, and the fire that filled his Hawaiian body, soul, and mind. He was a complete combination of gentleman and knight put together. He was a gentleman on the fact that he had stunning male supermodel looks and is a charmer with the ladies because of his care-free attitude and a knight because he became the valiant warrior that protected Wawanakwa Land from the evil Lord Scott.

"Father. I have come to you in victory, my good sire." Justin spoke as he kneeled down in honor. King Chris was most pleased with what he'd has done so far.

"I see. Considering that you have protected the Queen's kingdom in the town of Muskoka. Considering why that dastardly Lord Scott had tried to do Queen Blaineley, but luckily...you prevented the assassination attempt. For that, the Queen thanks you for all of your troubles." King Chris responded in thanks.

"Only one thanks is good enough, father. I will now settle down to my room." Prince Justin bowed once again. But King Chris stopped him from leaving.

"Before you go, my son. There is something that Queen Blaineley from Muskoka Land would like to speak to you in this message mirror." King Chris responded as he faced the clear-view mirror to Justin so that he could see it.

A static soon comes from the mirror and Queen Blaineley's image appears. She had looked so attractive and so young for a queen, even though she was a bit 30-ish, yet 40-ish. But she had the looks of a brilliant supermodel.

"Prince Justin, I have come to you from Muskoka Land. I want to say thanks to you for taking care of that ignorant rat Lord Scott. He almost put this whole village in peril with his balls of fire that infests him and the sky all put together. We won't know were would we be without you in this time of distress. For that, you must be rewarded full time." Queen Blaineley replied as Prince Justin understood every word that came through the Queen's mouth. But the Prince soon cut her off, but respectively.

"Queen Blaineley, there is no need. Only the protection of your fabulous kingdom is reward enough." Justin added as the Queen wasn't quite finished.

"Thanks. But this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I have an offer for you that will help mold our two kingdoms into one in peace." The Queen said as the prince now felt a little bit anxious, yet not too anxious. But he just felt so calm.

"I understand. What is the offer?" Prince Justin replied yet again as the Queen thought up of a tremendous offer to give to the Prince of Wawanakwa Land. Luckily, it only took her nanoseconds to come up with the perfect solution.

"I want you to marry my daughter, Princess Heather."

Whoa, that was unexpected. He didn't know the Queen had a daughter. Yet, this was most surprising to Justin so far.

"My apologies, I didn't know you had a Princess in your kingdom." the Prince responded with respect.

"Yes, well. I recently sent Princess Heather on a mission to locate the jeweled stone of the Arinx (Aer-inks), right before that devious Lord Scott decided to infiltrate our kingdom, and nevertheless, she became quite successful moments after you left our kingdom. That jeweled stone represents what my land needs to survive. Without it, we will be defenseless. Right now, we are rebuilding the remains that is our land. Much of our palace only suffered minor damage, and with the Arinx, we will rebuild faster and we will proceed to work between our two kingdoms put together. Inside, she may be a princess, but on the outside, she is one of the toughest fighters in my army. Here's a picture of Princess Heather." The Queen added as a picture of Princess Heather, sitting down in the royal chair appeared in the mirror.

Justin just couldn't believe it when he saw that image of her.

She had the most beautiful, breathtaking long black hair that streamed to her back, not to mention those almond-shaped black eyes that just witnessed her beauty all over her body. And that sweet, caring smile that she possessed, melted Justin's heart inside his body. She was built in that stunning, yet sparkling red dress, complete with matching white gloved and a little platinum tiara. Her face felt so innocent and alluring. Justin could feel like he was gonna lose conscious by looking a creature so beautiful and gorgeous like Princess Heather. She even had the body of a captivating supermodel that just matched so perfectly for her. Prince Justin would likely imagined how they would rule one day in a peaceful land full of love.

Justin felt like he was really gonna swoon looking at her for real when Queen Blaineley finally snapped him out of his daydream.

"It's okay if you can't say anything. My daughter is beautiful for you, and I think with this marriage...we will bring our kingdoms into one. My daughter will look forward to meeting you in the days to come. Until then...good day, Prince Justin." Blaineley replied as her image disappeared from the mirror.

King Chris had a honest look on his face.

"I hope that put a smile to your face, son. You can expect Princess Heather's arrival in the next few days. We will make sure that we will expect her and her Queen a warm welcome." King Chris smiled down on his son.

"I will follow your orders, my dear father. Thank you." Justin bowed down as he finally left to his master bedroom upstairs. Around the whole night, Justin looked at the incredible shining moon and dreamt of the very same woman in which he would now share his entire life forever in just several days from now. He could just imagine once again. Getting married and having a prince/princess of their own. Helping their army lead through revolutions of wars against anyone who threatened their kingdom. Sharing every last tender embracing moments as a handsome king and a beautiful queen through a land of love and tenderness. He relaxed all through the night thinking about Princess Heather.

Back to reality...

"Mmmmmm...that was real beautiful, daddy...so...is mommy the beautiful princess?" Daisy replied as Justin let out a nervous smile.

"Well, sweetie..." Justin added as he was soon cut off.

"Justin, could you go feed the cats? They've been a couple of days without food, and I don't want them to look like toothpicks! I swear, the last time these cats have been fed is when I asked Lindsiot to take care of them. I swear, she thinks cat food is latin for 'hemi engine'!" Justin's wife said upstairs as he was a bit annoyed that someone would interrupt his story.

"Oh, crap...I'll be back, sweetie...I'll tell you more of the story." Justin said to his daughter as he left the room. Curse the interruptance...

I bet everyone of you can realize who Justin's beautiful wife in reality is...

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