"The Adventures of Prince Justin"

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Chapter 3: The First Encounter, Part 2

Justin had appeared once again trying to keep Daisy awake for the remainder of the night. It took a little bit longer than 10 minutes for him to continue the story.

"Sorry for the long wait, honey. Your mother was scared about a rat that was sneaking all over the kitchen. So I just threw my knife at him and he was just ratatouille. So...you have any idea where we are?" Justin said as he took the stool once again.

"Oh, I know...Prince Justin and the Princess met! And their horsies fell in love with each other!" Daisy cooed at the image. Although it wasn't was Justin thought at all.

"Well...it wasn't what I was thinking of, but I guess that works to...okay...it all started like this..."

Back to the story...

Prince Justin and Princess Heather had now traveled alongside their companions, Phantom and Bruiser, who we're busy making lovey-dovey eyes at each other as their hooves walked side by side together. They we're busy trading stories between each other while the fireflies stood upon them.

"So...what do you do besides being en excellent knight?" the Princess said as she continued to gaze at Prince Justin.

"Well...the only thing that matters to me is to make sure I do my hardest to protect my land from evil and death up above." the Prince replied. "...Sometimes, I tend to worry about the people and friends that I love when I'm gone for a long time. I somehow get the feeling that the smell of fire may infest it soon enough, but I'm always there to make sure that the people who are closer to me live longer."

"Wow...that is impressive. I'd bet your mother and father must be proud of you." Princess Heather responded to him. But somehow, Prince Justin felt a little down when she brought it up. What could this be exactly?

"About that...my parents are not here anymore. They died a long time ago..." Prince Justin replied grimy. His statement touched Princess Heather like a warm water bottle.

"Ohhhh...I'm sorry to hear that. What happened?"

"Well...it all started when I was 6 years old and me and my brother Alejandro were happy spending time with my real parents. We laughed, we sing, and we played. It was really normal for us. But all of it changed when these evil red dragons started attacking the whole village. It just happened to be Lord Scott and he somehow cast these dragons on our whole entire town. My real father knew at first, so he started evacuating her mother, Alejandro, and me to a safe underground tavern in the village. They ran and ran even more, but these dragons were just too much for them. My mother's foot was stuck in a hole and my father just tried desperately to get out, but it was just to no avail. Lord Scott and his dragon had breathed fire on to both of them, where they were burned alive." Prince Justin spoke grimly as Princess Heather had felt sad for him.

"I'm really sorry..." the Princess said softly in comfort.

"Me and my brother cried seeing that. Luckily, there was someone I told about my tragedy. It was King Chris himself. He just felt sorry for the both of us, so he did the most noble thing by adopting us as his sons. I never felt so used to royalty once before. Me and Alejandro were living it up like we were the richest sons on the planet. But there was one moment that changed me and Alejandro's life once and for all. King Chris told me that only me and Alejandro would only be suited on who would be the lead Prince of the kingdom. He put me and my brother in tests on how to pick up a sword and fight, dodge fire with our shields, and ride a horse in the middle of battle, although me and Alejandro wouldn't be suitable for a war just yet." Prince Justin spoke as he finally laid a quiet smile.

"How so..." Princess Heather added thoughtfully.

"Yeah, but in the end...King Chris chose me as the Kingdom's lead Prince. But I think it might have scorned my brother. You see, back in the past...my brother Alejandro was a troublemaker. He was just in more trouble then I am. One day when we were 11, Alejandro ended up stealing boxes of Apples that he wanted for himself. Once, he planted them in my bedroom so that Alejandro would lead the authorities to the false evidence. And he ended up blaming it on me." Prince Justin scowled a little bit of that thought.

"So...did you get arrested for it?" Princess Heather added once again.

"Well, not exactly. King Chris was there with the authorities as well. The King knew exactly well that I wouldn't do any of this stuff. So he'd just let me off with a free pass. It seemed that whatever Alejandro would want to cause trouble, he'd make me take the blame. But it wouldn't affect me in the least. I just happened to be the good son that King Chris saw in his eyes. But I think that it made Alejandro sick that he wasn't being appreciated by his efforts. So without any warning...he'd ran away from the kingdom to heaven-knows-where. I don't blame him for leaving, because he was jealous of me. Soon, jealousy just grew to hatred. He hated me for the way I am now. Nobody knew where my brother was."

Princess Heather just grew horrible knowing that Prince Justin's partnership with Alejandro had grew worse because of this.

"But sources told me that Alejandro had now aligned with Lord Scott secretly in order to gain more power so that he would come back to this village and someday take my spot as Prince. It hurt me so bad that he would do something so foolish and unforgiving." Prince Justin cringed angrily a bit.

The Prince's entire story soon reminded Heather of a similar tale, otherwise it wasn't like Justin's tale.

"Well...at least you're never alone. When I was 6 as well, I was adopted by Queen Blaineley when my parents gave me away because my parents ended up dying from tuberculosis. My birth mother's last words to the Queen was 'Please take care of my daughter...' And the Queen stood by her promise. She treated me like I was actually her daughter. She showered me with gifts, even though I just came from poor family. I still think of my mother and father as well even though they didn't live to see me grow up. But no matter if they were dead or alive, I always knew in my heart that they were proud of me, no matter what." Princess Heather spoke as she forcely braved a smile after her comment.

"I glad you were able to deal with your parent's death. I guess we're pretty much even." Prince Justin replied as a firefly flew across him.

"Yeah, but Blaineley knew that I could defend myself because of my tough exterior. At one time, when a war between my kingdom and a bunch of Mongolians broke out 8 years ago, I saw a dead knight in front of me. It was one of the Mongolians that was killed by one of our men. I knew from that exact moment that I had to defend myself. I couldn't spend the rest of my life all cooped up and alone. So I grabbed a sword and shield and my life was changed forever. When the brief war was over and the Queen had saw me with a sword and shield in my hand...she knew that I was a fighter through and through. She was highly impressed that I knew all the assassination spots to every body there is. Queen Blaineley had now made into the warrior princess I am today." Princess Heather spoke reminiscing.

Prince Justin was just impressed that on the inside, she was a vengeful warrior in Muskoka Land only to be a gentle, loving princess on the outside. They soon got off their horses and had approached a cliff where the amazing landscape had caught their eyes.

"Wow...it's even more beautiful than I imagined..." Princess Heather smiled as she saw Wawanakwa Land far away. The way its lights had lit up across the whole village was nothing short of extroadinary. Prince Justin agreed with the beautiful part, although he wouldn't even know who he was referring to, the beautiful landscape of Justin's home village or the Princess herself.

"Yeah...it's really romantic too...so unbelievable..." the Prince said as he had witnessed the beautiful sight as well.

Minutes passed as Prince Justin and Princess Heather had unexpectedly held hands during the whole time. They just didn't know it until now. They would've broke that little grip away because of embarassment, but shockingly...Heather felt his warmth. So soft and so cloudlike. Heather's heart was just gonna melt like silky chocolate.

"You have such warm hands..." Heather cooed as she blushed in front of the Prince.

"Thanks. I'm really glad I knew a lot about you. You're just that beautiful and gorgeous when you're like that..." Prince Justin cooed as well. Heather felt like she would sigh inside if it had too.

But something unexpected happened...

As the prince and princess still held hands, their faces were now starting to get close to each other. Both Princess Heather and Prince Justin's gazes to each other was just so mesmerizing, so hypnotic, and just so heart-melting. They would be wondering what each other's lips would taste like. With slow desperation...

...their lips had finally touched passionately. It was just an amazing sensation that filled everywhere inside the prince and princess. The sensation made Heather's hands touch and rub Justin's soft shaggy black hair. Justin had never felt something so warm and sweet touch his lips before. His hands was strapped on to Heather's lower back, feeling like he would never wanted to let go.

"Mmmmmmmm..." the Princess moaned passionately as Justin's tongue was gently shoved deep inside her mouth. Exploring ever bit of her pink morsel there ever was. His long tongue was just was warm as the embrace that they had a while ago. Heather urged him to rub his tongue inside her mouth more just for another warm feeling, but he soon slowly broke off the sweet french kiss.

Prince Justin soon looked at the Princess yet again. Such loving eyes filled both of them with passionate pride.

"Well just say it's a preview of what's yet to come..." Justin replied to Heather as he slowly got off to his horse.

"Wait, Justin...I just want to let you know that myself and the Queen will be heading to your palace right around the next couple of days. You wanna pretend we never met even though we already did?" Princess Heather replied to him. He looked back at her and gave her a wink.

"I would love nothing more, Princess Heather..." Prince Justin smiled at her as he and his partner Phantom, took off which left Princess Heather and her pony Bruiser to watch the stars go by. She had smiled, thinking of the wonderful, tender, yet passionate kiss the Prince had now given her. Her heart just exploded with just the sweet salvation he had now gave Princess Heather.

Back to reality...

"Ahhhhhhhh, that was lovely daddy..." Daisy sighed as Justin appreciated the gesture.

"I'm glad you feel that way..." Justin replied.

"But there's something I don't understand...what's with the pink morsel?" asked Daisy, in which Justin felt a bit off-guard.

"Well...pink morsel is a type of bubble-gum, sweetie. Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta go send your mommy some more face creamer. Her pretty looks don't wanna get damaged, and so do mine...but I'll come back with the continuation of the story!" Justin spoke as he left her daughter's room again.

"Okay, daddy!" Daisy exclaimed as she sighed sweetly once again. "I wonder what a pink morsel tastes like..."

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