I do not own Vampire Diaries or any affiliated characters. I had to write something in response to Dangerous Liaisons.

"So Damon just attacked Kol for no reason?" Bonnie asked.

Bonnie had been recovering after opening Esther's coffin and had not been at the dance thrown by the immortals as
their introduction into Mystic Falls society.

Elena was filling Bonnie in on the details about the dance at the Grill leaving out her meeting with Esther in case
prying ears were listening.

Elena replied, "Yeah, he was being reckless and destructive as usual. Doing whatever suits him."

A voice interrupted their conversation, "Hey sorry it took me so long to get over here. We've been backed up and
I've had a little trouble taking orders out with this."

"My god Matt, what happened to you!" Elena exclaimed shocked to see her best friend's right hand broken so terribly.

"You didn't hear. It happened last night at that stupid dance." Matt stated.

"Stefan and I left early I didn't stick around after Damon made a scene."

Matt explained, "Kol tried to kill me. Damon made a scene because he saved my life Elena. I misjudged him,
he's not so bad. I owe him one."

Elena had a troubled expression on her face.

"Could he ever forgive me? Idiot. I can't believe I told him …."

Bonnie inquired, "Elena, what' wrong? You aren't making any sense."

Elena replied before leaving hastily, "I'll call you. I have to go right now… I made a mistake that I'm not sure I can fix.
But I have to try."

Elena rushed into the Salvatore boarding house calling, "Damon! Damon! Are you here?"

Elena not seeing him ran up the stairs towards Damon's room and pushed on the door while saying, "Damon, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean…"

A voice inside said, "Don't you knock? Damon is preoccupied at the moment."

"Rebekah." Elena stated surprised and surprisingly hurt to find the original female vampire under the covers in
Damon's king sized bed.

Pleased by the pain and jealousy etched in Elena's features Rebekah kicked her feet out from beneath the covers
and stood fully naked showing her form unashamed.
Rebekah smiled. This was much better than killing the traitorous wench though she planned for that too soon enough.