The sun was rising just above the horizon in the small town of Boston, telling Emanuelle that she'd been awake for two days and three nights. She was waiting for a telephone call from a man, her father to be exact. Her anxiety had went up since she had missed his first call, and since he called only once a day, it made the hours go by even slower the next day. It worried her when he didn't call the day after, showing that he didn't call then, either. Emanuelle nervously tapped her foot as she sat on the balcony of her home, staring at her phone.

She sat like this for about two hours, until her eyes hurt. Then, as soon as the time read 5:59, the tones of Rihanna filled her ears as 'Unknown Number' flashed across the screen. Almost too quickly, she hit the talk button and put it to her ear.

"Hello?" Her voice quivered in excitement.

"Emmy? It's me." Paul Smecker's voice was scratchy from all his months in hiding.

"Hey Daddy. How come you didn't call yesterday?"

"Sweetheart, you're twenty. You don't need to call me that anymore."

"You're avoiding the question, Dad."

"I was busy doing some research yesterday, Honey. Eunice and I had some planning to do."

Emanuelle had completely forgotten about her. Eunice Bloom was an ex-cop who'd taken the same route as her father did. They both had given up fantastic ranks in the FBI to join sides with the infamous Saints. Emanuelle had never met them, but according to her father, they were two great men with a purpose for what they did. They intrigued her, for one reason. Paul Smecker was the most well respected man on the force, mostly for his dedication to his job, and these two men had made him go rogue. Same went for Eunice. Emanuelle thought she was a good match for her dad, and even tried to talk him into start going out with women again. She thought that he still had at least a small amount of actual male hormones left in him. Ever since her mother died of cancer, he ignored other women completely and started hanging out at 'Ramrod', the gay bar in Boston. No matter how many times she tried to lead him into the 'Sin Bin', he always figured out her plan. She learned to accept him the way he was, because, after all, he was her father.

"How is she, anyways?"

"She's doing better than I thought she would. Y'wanna talk to her?"

"Yeah, put her on."

She waited a brief moment while she heard shuffling on the other end of the phone, then Eunice's soft southern drawl filled her ears. "Hey darlin'. Sorry I've been keepin' your daddy busy. We had some things to talk about all of yesterday.''

"Such as?" she giggled. They were always up to something, and she was a nosey person, just like her dad.

"Oh you know, things."

"Damn it, Eunice. You know that I can't stand when you keep shit from me." And it was true. Especially when it concerned her father.

"Okay, I want you to do somethin' for me. Go stand in front of the mirror."

Emanuelle sighed in frustration and did as she was told. Her reflection was something she'd grown to hate over the years. She was an exact copy of her mother. Same blonde hair, same crystal blue eyes, same body structure. It was like Janine Smecker was resurrected from the dead. The only difference was Janine's age lines and Emanuelle had her hair cropped short in a feathered fashion. The body structure thing was the worst thing about it. She was far from thin, but she wasn't fat, either. Emanuelle was about twenty pounds overweight, with normal sized breasts and a 'ghetto ass', as her dad's coworker, Greenly, had pointed out. "Okay," she answered. "What am I supposed to be seeing here?"

"Now, repeat after me, sweetheart. I am Paul Smecker's daughter."

"I am Paul Smecker's daughter."

"I am tough. I am smart. and I don't give up."

"What's this got to do with anything?"


She sighed. "I am tough. I am smart. and I don't give up."

"I am capable of anything."

"I am capable of anything."

"I'm going to break the Macmanus brothers out of a maximum security prison."

"I'm going to do WHAT?"