Conner wasn't sure that he'd heard Rosa right. "No' breathin'?" His grip tightened on Emanuelle's hand. "The fuck ye mean 'no' breathin'?"

"Conner, you need to calm down." Eunice told him.

"Fuckin' do somethin'!"

Emanuelle was breathless beside him, not able to revive any energy at the moment. "Conner." She whispered. "What's wrong, baby?"

Remorse and regret filled him as he began to tell her what was wrong with the baby. "The babe, lass. It's…" The room was then filled with the cries of two newborn babies. To Conner, it was the most beautiful sound in the world. "Perfectly alrigh'." He finished. "They're both alrigh'." He let go of her hand and grinned as his son was placed in his shaky arms. He was so scared that he'd drop the precious new MacManus that he sat down on the bed. "'Ello, little man. Welcome to the family."

Emanuelle smiled. "You're daddies now."

Murphy sat down on Emanuelle's other side. "Aye, we are." His smile never faltered as he stared at his newborn daughter. "Say 'ello to yer ma, Elizabeth." "Elizabeth?" Emanuelle asked as she let the baby wrap her tiny fingers around her larger one. "I rather like that. Elizabeth Sharree MacManus." Then she looked at Conner. "Your turn."

"Ye wan' me to name 'im?" When Emanuelle nodded, he took a deep breath, watching as his son opened his toothless mouth in a yawn. "David." He said. "David Aaron MacManus."

"I like that." Emanuelle tried to sit up, but Rosa stopped her.

"You need to rest. Let them take the babies and you sleep."

Her body ached all over, so she couldn't say no. "Okay. Dad, Eunice?"

"Yes, sweetheart?" Paul asked her.

"Will you help them out? You know, if they need help changing diapers or what-not?"

He chuckled. "Good thing I went shopping for those, huh? Yes, we'll help. You get some rest." He took her hand. "I'm proud of you, honey."

"I love all of you. Thanks for sticking by my side through this." She said gratefully.

Murphy smiled, and then leaned down to kiss her forehead. "We love ye, too, babe."

She watched as her son and daughter were carried out of the room by their fathers. Her heart filled with joy as she said a silent prayer, thanking God for having everything turning out okay. Her eyes blinked shut, sleep and exhaustion taking over her body. She was a mommy now, and she smiled at that thought as she drifted off into a slumber.

Emanuelle awoke to the sound of a familiar voice coming from downstairs. She tossed the covers from her refreshed body and noticed that she was naked… And extremely hungry. There was a sundress lying on a chair, along with a pair of underwear. She noticed that she was in Eunice's room. She didn't remember how she'd even gotten in there. The last thing she remembered was falling asleep after Elizabeth and David were welcomed into the world.

She quickly threw on the clothes and rushed downstairs, wanting nothing but to see her children and their fathers as soon as possible. The sight she saw when she reached the living room was almost too beautiful. Conner and Murphy were both holding a baby, talking while they fed them. "This one's we'." Murphy said as he got up and walked to the changing table in the corner of the room. Emanuelle watched as the muscles under his tattoos worked in his shoulders as he gently lay their daughter down to change her diaper. "Alrigh', Liz, I'm goin' to 'ave to stop feedin' ye so damned much. Yer pissin' a gallon a diaper, lass." He laughed.

Emanuelle smiled as Elizabeth fisted her hand in Murphy's white tank top. "I believe you make a fantastic father, Murphy MacManus." She said as she walked up behind him and placed a kiss on his shoulder. "Hey, baby girl. Mommy's going to steal you from Daddy for a minute, okay?" The response she got was a giggle and a spit bubble.

"She does tha' a lo'." He chuckled, and then kissed Emanuelle on the lips. "I'll give 'er to ye when I'm done, alrigh'?"

She nodded. "I'm going to check on David, then." As she walked, she noticed that Ma MacManus's voice coming from the woman who sat next to Conner. She was a plump, red-headed woman and she was watching her son's every move as he held her grandson.

"Hey, Ma." Emanuelle smiled and hugged her. "It's nice to finally meet you."

"Are ye alrigh,' lass? Ye gave us quite a scare when ye slept for two days." Ma said. "I don' blame ye, though. These two took me energy away, too."

"Wow. I've been asleep for that long?"

"Aye." Conner said. "David missed ye. Quit cryin' every time we came up to see if ye were awake."

Emanuelle smiled. "Can I hold him?"

"The fuck ye even askin' for? O' course ye can 'old 'im. 'E's yers too, ye know." Conner chuckled. "I 'ave to warn ye, though. 'E's deffinately a mini Conner."

Emanuelle giggled as she took David in her arms. "Of course he is. He looks just like you."

Murphy came into the room and sat down on the couch. "Can ye 'andle both of 'em?"

"If I can handle you and your brother, this should be nothing." She giggled as Murphy's face turned a tint of pink. She gently sat down on the couch next to him. Murphy laid Elizabeth on the arm that David wasn't occupying. She leaned against him to adjust herself for the babies to be comfortable.

Conner plopped down next to her. "So, when do ye think we can make more?"

"What?" She and Murphy said at the same time. "I don't think my body can take anymore, Conner." Emanuelle continued as she laughed. "But I'll let you know when I'm ready."

Paul, Rosa and Eunice then stepped into the room. "Oh, good. You're awake!" Eunice smiled. "You feelin' alright?"

"I feel better knowing that we're all okay."

"Good." Paul said. "We're taking a picture, then." He looked at Rosa with an asking smile. "Will you do the honors?"

"No." Emanuelle begged. "I look like shit run over twice."

"No ye don', lass." Murphy said. "Ye look beautiful. Ye'll be the best lookin' one in the damned photo, along with Liz and David, o' course."

"Please?" Paul asked Rosa again.

"Of course." She took the camera and stood in front of them. It was an old Polaroid that printed the pictures right after you take them.

"When did ye even ge' tha'?" Murphy asked Paul.

"A couple days ago when I went shopping for diapers. You'd be surprised what they have on sale around here." He answered. Then, he sat next to Conner as Eunice and Ma sat next to Murphy. "Now, everybody smile."

"Ready?" Rosa asked. "Say cheese."

When the camera flashed, it spit out a picture that flowed to the floor. Everyone was smiling, the babies were calm, and the light hit everyone perfectly. It was a portrait-like photograph that would be classified as a 'big, happy family' example. That single photo would represent the Smecker/Bloom/MacManus home forever, and it would never be taken off of the wall.

COMPLETION! YUSH! Haha. I love this ending, but I hated ending it, you know? Anyway, I've decided on doing a bunch of one-shots that relate to this story, such as baby moments, lovey-dovey stuff, SMU… I'm stopping myself there ;D. I hope you guys really enjoyed this story. I sure did. I enjoyed writing it more than anything. I thank you readers, subscribers and reviewers, for inspiring me to write more. It's really your fault that the story made it this far. I hope my one-shots get this many reviews, reads and subscribes!

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