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Prologue: The Doctor's Rage

The spacious and well-light room with its domed roof seemed completely empty, save for the single figure seated at the small, oak table in the room's center. The entire room was plated with a smooth metal painted a dull gray coloring. A huge display the size of a JumboTron was suspended from one of the walls, facing the table behind which the aforementioned man sat. A computer keyboard sat before the man while cup of steaming coffee was at the his elbow, perched neatly on a coaster, his hands gripping the armrests of his swiveling chair firmly as he stared up intensely at the display before him.

Currently, the display was playing a video of a blue, anthropomorphic hedgehog zipping at incredible speeds around a towering, bulky robot of a bright crimson shade, easily outmaneuvering the robot's deadly yet slow attacks. The hedgehog then curled into a ball and shot upwards like a bullet, straight at the robot's wide torso, piercing through it as if the machine was made of cotton and not metal. The giant machine lurched forward and fell flat on its front with a heavy impact before short-circuiting. The cerulean hedgehog landed on top of it and gently poked it with the front of his red and white footwear. Grinning, the hedgehog turned towards the camera and waved.

"Come on, Eggman, these things aren't even a challenge anymore!" he remarked in apparent disappointment. "You're losing your touch, man. Maybe you should just retire from the Evil Business, eh?" The hedgehog leaped off the robot's damaged remains and dusted his gloved hands, a smirk playing across his furless muzzle as he glanced at the downed robot and then back at the camera. "Looks like the next time I need a warm-up, I should give you a call, right?" With a hearty chuckle, the hedgehog dashed off-screen, causing the recording to sway violently from the slipstream of his speedy departure.

The video feed then came to an end, a black screen replacing the image. A tense silence hung in the air for a brief second before the man at the table raised his gloved hands into the air and slammed them forcibly onto the wooden table. "Dammit!" he cried in fury, slamming his fists repeatedly against the desk. "Dammit, dammit, dammit, dammit, dammit, dammit, DAMMIT!" He slammed his fists once more on the table, finally upsetting the cup beside him and causing it to slip off the table and fall to the ground below. The cup shattered as it hit the metal floor, but in his rage the man paid no notice. Pushing his chair back, he folded his arms across his chest, above his rather largely-proportioned belly, grinding his teeth furiously as he muttered incomprehensible words to himself.

Dressed in a bright red jacket and black trousers and boots, with goggles situated at the top of his bald scalp, a pair of deep blue, pince-nez glasses obscuring his eyes, and an unbelievably large and flamboyant moustache growing underneath his pink, beak of a nose, the man was none other than the genius with an IQ of 300 and a mastery in the manufacture of machines: Doctor Ivo Robotnik, known more notoriously as Doctor Eggman. And the hedgehog he had just been watching onscreen was his arch-nemesis, the eternal thorn in his side, the famous high-speed hero: Sonic the Hedgehog.

"Aaarrgghh! Why can't I ever beat that blasted hedgehog?" the Doctor raged, holding his head furiously in his hands. "Every single time I come up with a plan, he finds some way to thwart it! Whether it's through sheer luck or skill, every time it's the same result. Gah!" Stomping his feet on the ground in a comically childish manner, the Doctor continued his tantrum, ranting about how much he loathed "that meddlesome blue rodent".

When he had finally finished venting (and causing $100 worth of property damage), he leaned back in his chair, breathing heavily through his nose and ruffling his facial hair as a result. There just had to be a way for him to rid himself of Sonic, but how? How was he going to beat someone he hadn't been able to beat for years? And especially when he had all those troublesome friends at his side?

"Hmm. Oho, I know! I'll enlist the assistance of a mystical being to help me kill that darn hedgehog!" His expression brightening, the Doctor pulled himself closer to his desk and placed his hands on the keyboard, his fingers dancing with skillful and practiced grace across the keys as he fired up the Google Search Engine. After all, even evil geniuses used Google for their frequent searches. Why bother hacking into and going through government documents when you could find anything you wanted through Google? The highly familiar webpage loaded onto the giant display on the wall as the Doctor began entering his query. Eggman had just finished typing in the words "Cliché Apocalyptic Entities From Obscure Mythology" in the search bar, and was about to press "Enter", when he froze, his hand slowly moving away from the keyboard to stroke his chin thoughtfully.

Was it just him, or did every single one of his attempts to seek the aid of a supernatural entity result in said entity betraying him and then putting the entire planet (or something of that scale or even higher) in jeopardy due to their own twisted agenda? There was that time when he released Chaos, and the water lord had ended up betraying him to express his pent-up rage; then there had been Shadow, who had not only manipulated the Doctor in the very manner he had hoped to manipulate the black hedgehog, but he had created a situation which was even more perilous than the one Chaos had induced! There had also been the issue with Dark Gaia's awakening and its subsequent betrayal of Eggman to destroy the world, as well as the Gizoid christened "Emerl" by Sonic and his friends who ended up turning Eggman's brilliant plan against himself and the Earth. And though he did not remember it, Eggman had also been played like a flute by Solaris' malevolent and separated subconscious, Mephiles the Dark, in an attempt to slay Sonic and eradicate all of time and space. And let's not forget the fact two of Eggman's most powerful robots, Metal Sonic and E-123 Omega, had both betrayed him because they felt he had "mistreated" them a little. Or maybe it was "a lot". He couldn't really remember.

Eggman sighed, cancelling the search program and flopping back down in his seat once more. Even if he found an ally that didn't have a hidden scheme and wasn't going to betray him (Yeah, good luck with that!), Eggman was certain that Sonic would find a way to overcome the threat. As much as he despised the blue nuisance, even Eggman admitted that the hedgehog was not so easily defeated, nor was he one to give up so easily. Whether it was because of his determination or through the power of the Chaos Emeralds and his Super Form, Sonic overcame whatever challenge Eggman threw at him.

The Doctor's eyes suddenly widened as he leapt to his feet with a roof-shaking: "That's it!" Returning to the keyboard, he began typing furiously; scanning through specific files and logs, before a triumphant smile spread across his face. "Ho-hohohohoh!" he laughed enthusiastically after straightening up, his hands on his bloated stomach as he did so. His moustaches curled upwards with his smile as his sunglasses glinted sinisterly. "Yes, this will work perfectly! I can't believe I didn't think of this sooner! Ho-hohoh!" He continued his fervent typing, his determination and energy having returned with a vengeance now that the familiar prickling began appearing in his mind, the prickling that indicated the formation of a plan.

"This time, Sonic, this time you've met your match! This time, I'll be the one with last laugh!"

Author's Note: Confused? Interested? Well, it's a prologue, that's what's supposed to happen.