Chapter Five: Of Kissing Boys Goodbye

AN: Please go watch episode 12 of season 1 of Torchwood because this is AU from that episode and do not anyone to get confused.

Outside Dance Hall:

Jack pulled up in front of the dance hall while Tosh continued to talk on the phone in Japanese. Slamming the door of the car he got out. Tosh slammed the door sighing.

"Its my grandfather eighty-eighth birthday today." Tosh said

"And I thought you went to all this trouble for me." Jack said

"Eighty-eight is a joyous year for the Japanese, and enough for old men in London to throw rice." Tosh said

"You can get that in the baulk after stock tab." Jack said, "Ok down to business. What do we got?" Pushing open the door and going in

"The Ritz Dance Hall, its been empty since the 1980's but someone complained about hearing music drifting out, music from the 1940's." Tosh said while Jack went up the stairs.

Shushing Tosh he listened.

"Listen." Jack said as music drifted down the stairs toward them, "You coming up?"

"Wow, look at the chandler, no neon lights back then." He said grabbing Tosh he began to dance around the room, "Just dashing young soldiers an pretty young ladies and as they danced the girls would look into their partners eyes, smile softly and say—

"Jack, mind my laptop!" Tosh said a little flustered

"I was thinking more along the lines of and how long before you head of war." He said laughing as they went down the back stairs "Come on there's nothing here except memories and dust." Continuing down the back stairs but stopping when he heard the sound of drums and laughing

Jack and Tosh reached the top of the stairs and noticed a lot of people, in 1940 clothing dancing and chatting with one another.

"They look so real." Tosh said, Jack just stood their smiling

"There not ghosts." He said looking at his vortex manipulator, noticing Tosh's scared face he elaborated, "It's a simple temporal shift and it's beautiful."

"We should get out." Tosh said grabbing touching his arm.

As they headed down the front stairs again, Tosh avoided a couple going up while Jack saw something that made him stop, leaning up against the wall, by the bar was his sister in cream colored blouse with large pale red roses on it, a navy colored skirt with button's going down the front and red high heels. While her hair had ringlet curls but her mouth was in a frown. He wished he could go over there and make her smile but instead he followed Tosh out the door.

"Do call again." Said an old man who held the open again.

"I would love to." Jack said then went outside and noticed the car was gone and that it was nighttime.

"Its night." Tosh said stepping further onto the street. "Where's the SUV has it been stolen."

"No we have." Jack said staring at a flyer on the wall that read.


Kiss the Boys Goodbye


Saturday 7:30 pm




At the Ritz

"It's no use lines dead can't get through to the Hub." Tosh said

"Let's get back inside that's where we were when we crossed." Jack said

When they got back inside Jack saw a younger version of himself pulling Margaret toward the door, he and Margaret were arguing.

"Come on Jack, I came all the way from New York to give you a gift why can't I just have one dance?" Margaret asked

"Why couldn't you ship the gift like a normal person?" younger Jack asked

"Because maybe I wanted to see my older brother." Margaret said

"Well good now that you've seen me I can send you back home to Alonso so he can keep you safe." Younger Jack said

"But I want to at have one dance before you send me back to New York." Margaret said

"I said No." younger Jack said

"Well I don't care." Margaret said pulling her arm out her brother's grasp.

"Fine but you are going to regret it when we get back to the hotel you're staying at." Younger Jack said angrily

Jack knew what was supposed to happen after that Margaret was supposed to gulp, take his arm and then they would go the hotel room Margaret was renting then he would tell her to get ready for bed. Once she was ready he would dole out her punishment.

Margaret did gulp but instead of grabbing his younger self's arm she turned and walked toward them.

"Sir," Margaret said

"Yes." Jack said hoping that Margaret didn't realize that she was talking to an older version of her brother.

"Would you do me the honor of dancing with me?" Margaret asked

"I already have a dancing partner Miss." Jack said motioning toward Tosh

"Oh." Margaret said sadly

"Don't worry about me, I'll just go get us some punch. Go and have some fun." Tosh said and then left them standing there.

"Well Miss, Would you care to dance." Jack said offering her his arm.

"I certainly would." Margaret said taking his arm and he led them out on the dance floor.

Halfway through the song Jack noticed that his younger self was glowering at them.

"Who's that man over there he's been staring at us for a long time?" Jack asked

Margaret glanced over her shoulder.

"That would be my brother, Jack Harkness," Margaret said "and the reason for his staring is because he is angry at me. What is your name, Sir?"

"Captain Jack Harper." Jack said "and what is your name Miss?"

"Margaret Harkness." Margaret said as the song ended

"Well I believe I must go find my wayward dancing partner." Jack said

"Thank you for the dance Captain." Margaret said quickly going up on her tiptoes and giving him a quick peck on the lips.

"Your Welcome." Jack said and then Margaret walked away.

Jack went and leaned against the wall waiting for Tosh.

"Come on Jack I've got what we need to get back." Tosh said heading toward the door.

Once outside Tosh went around the side of the building opened up what looked like a generator and placed a piece of paper in it.

"I hope they find it." Tosh said not noticing that Jack was watching a couple down the street.

Then the Sirens went off.

Tosh ran for the dance hall, not noticing that Jack was not behind her. When Tosh looked behind she screamed.

"Jack stop standing there and run!"

Jack looked at her then at the couple running down the street. Glancing one more time at couple he then ran to Tosh.

Down in basement of dance hall it was dark, crowded and smelled like mold.

"Who was the couple in the street you where staring at Jack?" Tosh asked

"Myself and my sister." Jack said

Looking around Jack and Tosh noticed a man staring at both of them.

"Tosh, do know that man?" Jack asked

No, do you?" she asked

"No but I would love to." He said

"Jack!" Tosh said a little angrily

"Your right now is not the time." Jack said

The Staring man begins to make his over to them

"I think we should move." Tosh says but before they can move a voice cuts thorough the darkness.

"Let the dancing continue." The old man who held the door open earlier said then slowly everyone went back up stairs.

Once upstairs, Tosh and Jack sit at one the tiny tables surrounding the dance floor in silence. When a hand is offered to Jack, he takes it and finds himself in the arms of the man who was staring at Tosh and himself.

They dance for a while both men just looking at each other.

"I am leaving in little while and we will never see each other again and I would like to know the name of my dance partner." Jack said

"Captain Jack Harkness of the 45th regiment of the United States of America's Army." The man said

Jack is shocked he never imagined meeting the man he stole his name from.

So soldier what is your name?" The Other Jack asked

"Captain Jack Harper." Jack said

Then the Other Jack slowly kisses Jack.

They break away from the kiss when they here Tosh's voice

"Jack, time to go we don't have much time until the vortex closes.

"Goodbye." Jack says and runs into the vortex after Tosh but then turns around watches the man who kissed him and the 1940's fade away.

"Oh its great to have you back." Gwen says hugging Jack and as she hugs him he wishes he could go back to the time were his sister was smiling and things were a little easier. The Happy Times.