It hates him, it's host body, it hates him so much. hates him like it hated the last host, and the host before that. They hate it too, they just don't know that until it's too late.
Why? why was it saddled with these ungrateful hosts? It gave them power, heals them, protects them, and yet they still hate it, treat it like dirt, like nothing.
An object, that is what it is to them, something to be used when needed and discarded afterwards.


It showed him kindness, granted him so much, and was hated for it, he only ever tried to help yet was thrown away. Like the trash they all think it is, so oblivious to it's pain.
Does it existence requiring hosts make it a monster? No, it doesn't believe so, it's only crime was being born, and it was condemned for it so long ago.


The pain, the pain drove it mad, he ripped it from his flesh and ran away, utter rejection of the symbioses it offered him out of it's kindness. It loved him, loved him for rescuing it, loved him for accepting it... only he didn't accept it, he didn't even know what it was.
It thought he knew, thought it was his choice to join with it, that was it's biggest mistake.


The Rage made it this way, it was blank, but the rage it felt from being rejected intermixed with the rage of it's next host, rage at the same man, changed him.
Revenge, they both wanted revenge, and the host was unable to get it alone, so it came to him, helped him.
He accepted it gladly, took it and merged his thoughts with it's, they were one yet two, and in the end he threw it away like all the others.


That hurt the most, it's longtime host left it, sold it, it was never the same, it was empty, used like a weapon by those who didn't understand. Why did he leave, they were so alike. when they were together, they were a new being, not man or Symbiote, but a new, whole creature.
They were Venom, they were whole.

It is empty now, it needs him thought it was rejected, surely he was wrong, he will see that.
Or be made to see it.