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James Sirius Potter son of Harry and Daphne Potter, the Gryffindor golden boy and Slytherin Ice princess, the right troublemaker just happens to be wondering around Potter manor, and wondering what prank could he do.

He just finished his third year at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry being the popular and likeable Gryffindor.

James just happens to be passing his father's forbidden study of course forbidden for them and many times James wondered what exactly his father is hiding in there.

Being the curious boy that he is James peaked around to check if it's clear which seems to be as if he remembers correctly his only brother Albus is playing exploding snap with their cousin Scorpius, his older sister is somewhere in the garden walking hand in hand with her boyfriend Marco Zabini and his youngest sibling Lily is riding ponies at the stables and to his parents well his mother is probably planning another party while his father is off at the ministry so having the open way James made his way inside forbidden study.

Of course what James saw didn't make his interested at all as the room looked like any other study, so James knowing that it is impossible for his father to be so ordinary went in deeper and saw a small shining object looking like clepsydra.

Being the reckless Gryffindor James picked up the shining clepsydra and stared at it.

"James what are you doing in here?" The voice startled James who quickly hidden the clepsydra in his jeans pocket and swing around just to be face to face with his god-brother Teddy Lupin.

"Nothing" James answered quickly trying to play innocent. "When did you came?" He asked smoothly.

"Just came in and everyone's waiting for you in family room at the second floor well everyone but your parents" Teddy answered and practically kicked James out of the study and being James he scowled and left to the family room with Teddy trailing behind him.

James of course had forgotten that today is Saturday and they were spending time together as family (plus guest sometimes) every Saturday afternoon in what they dad called a family bonding day.

Soon they were sitting together in the family room still without the eldest Potters which as they were lately informed were planning a formal dinner for next week however it is good that they spend time together therefore that's why Isabelle is doing Lily's hair while Albus and Marco were playing wizarding chess and James could only guess but it seems like Albus winning.

"James what is this poking out of your pocket?" Teddy asked as his eyes spotted something shiny pocking of James pocket.

"Nothing" James answered quickly and it seemed too quick as Teddy caught he was lying and outstretched his hand.

"Don't believe you. Now show me what do you have in there?" James took out the shiny objet but instead of placing it in Teddy's outstretched hand James took off running but unfortunately for them all he fell over while tripping on a red rug and the shiny clepsydra collided with hard wood floor causing it to break into million pieces and purple fog.

The 7 people felt as if they were to be sick any moment, and suddenly as the feeling of sickness stopped they hit a hard ground.

"James what did you do?" Isabelle screeched annoyed as she stood up of the hard floor with the help of Marco.

"Guys we have a problem" Albus stated causing the others to look at their surrounding and it appeared to be great hall in Hogwarts however what was even weirder was that at the head table was sitting Teddy's father as well as Albus Dumbledore.

"And who may you be?"

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