Lucy got out of bed and went to the bathroom. It was only 7:30 am. Someone was already in the bathroom. Lucy put her ear to the door and listened. It was her brother Matt. Who was be talking to? Lucy wondered. Suddenly the door swung open and matt walked out. He had the cordless phone is his hand. He glared at Lucy and went downstairs. Lucy went in the bath room. She noticed that Matt had seemed a bit odd and never even said good morning. Maybe he was just nervous about going to his new wife's Sarah's house. Lucy figured she better go talk to him since she was the 'good' camden. He found him sitting at the table with his head in his hands. He looked up when he saw her coming.

"Is there something wrong Matt" asked Lucy

"Lucy, can you just leave me alone?

"Well you seem kind of upset. Can I help? She asked again

"No you can't help! Noone can help!, Matt yelled at her

Matt's shouting voice awoke Eric and he came downstairs as well.

"What's going on?" Eric asked in his cheery minister voice

"Dad, can you please just go back to bed. Nothings wrong!" Matt said to his father

"Lucy, go upstairs please, I need to talk to Matt" Eric instructed

Lucy went upstairs to her room. She picked up the phone and pressed redial. She knew it was nosy to check up on Matt but obviously there was something big bothering him. And it was more than Sarah and her family. The phone started to ring and a young girl picked up.

"Hello this Shauna, who is this?" asked the girl

Lucy's mouth dropped. She couldn't believe who it was. Shauna was Matt's ex-girlfriend. They had broken up years ago when Shauna went to New York and cheated on Matt. Lucy quickly hung up and went back to sleep.

At 10:30 Lucy awoke again to the sound of all the camden's downstairs having breakfast. Lucy went downstairs and joined the family at the table. But Matt wasn't there.

"Dad, did you find out what was wrong with Matt" asked Lucy

Annie quickly butted in the conversation. "What's wrong with Matt" she asked

"He said he was just sick. Something about a flu he said. But he's alright now. Actually he's gone to Sarah's to have breakfast with her family" Eric answered.

Lucy knew that Matt have made the flu story up. She heard him on the phone and she knew he was talking to Shauna. Lucy wasn't going to tell her dad about Shauna because he would somehow use it against Matt and his new marriage to Sarah. But she knew she had to find out what Matt was up to.

"Guess what Lucy" Ruthie chipped in


"Mary is coming home tomorrow. She got a few days off from work and she's coming home. I can't wait to see her." Ruthie told her sister

"Yea, that's great. Mom can I take the van, I need to go somewhere after dinner?" Lucy asked her mom.

"Sure Lucy, but I need you to pick me up a few things from the store. Is that okay?" Asked Annie

"Sure, what do you need?" Lucy asked

" Well Matt and Sarah are coming for supper tonight so I'll need a bag of carrots, and some rice."

"Matt and Shauna are coming for supper" asked Lucy astonished

"Lucy, are you okay? I said Sarah not Shauna" replied Annie

"Right. Well I think I'll go get ready and I'll go then" Lucy said and ran to her room.

She couldn't believe she had said Shauna in front of the family. Lucy put on her dark denim jeans and a gap t-shirt, tied her hair back in a pony tail and left the house. She wasn't really going anywhere special, she was going to go by Sarah's house to see if Matt was really there. As she came near the house she found just what she suspected.