"Kevin, what's going on? What isn't my mother telling me?" asked Lucy

"I wish your mother would tell you this Lucy but she's to upset. Your father is seeing another woman and they are moving into an apartment together, oh Luce I wish this weren't true but it is and Im gonna help you through this." Kevin said

"Kevin, don't worry about it. My parents are getting back together. My father can't be happy with a woman he just met. Everything will be fine. I promise."Lucy assured herself

"No, you don't understand Lucy, he didn't just meet her. They've been seeing each other for some time now. Noone knows for sure how long but while you were unconscious at the hospital your father made it perfectly clean to your mother that it was over between them and he is in love with this other woman, Im so sorry Lucy" Kevin said trying to comfort her.

Just then the front door opened and voices filled the family room. It was Eric and the kids.

"Kevin, please tell my father I would like to speak with him" said Lucy

Kevin left and went to get Eric. A few minutes later he appeared and sat down by Lucy.

"Ok Lucy I know your upset with me but I want you to understand that I still love you and that will never change, the only thing that will ever change between you and me is that I won't see you everyday because I am moving. Please don't be angry with me Lucy" pleaded Eric

" From this moment Eric, everything between us changes. From here on I am no longer your daughter I don't want to ever see your face again. I hate you Eric, you ruined our family and you treated my mother like shit. I hope Simon, the twins, Ruthie, Matt and Mary all feel the same way. Get out of my face" screamed Lucy at her father.

Just then Annie ran in to see what was going on.

"Please Lucy calm down. Your going to hurt yourself. Don't yell at your father like that. I am the one who should be mad at him, not you. Just because this family is splitting up doesn't mean you get to treat your father like that. Apologize to him right now" urged Annie

"Sorry Eric. Can I be left alone now please" asked Lucy.

"Of course" said Annie and she and Eric left the room.

" Good morning sunshine" said Kevin stroking Lucy's hair

" Kevin, what are you doing here? I thought you would be gone back to Buffalo by now" asked Lucy.

" There's no way I would leave you like this. I want to stay here and make sure you heal right. Lucy, I wanna be with you forever. I know this is not how you imagined it but Lucy Camden will you do me the honour of being my life" asked Kevin

Lucy glared at him and jumped out of bed. She limped out the door and down the stairs. Kevin was right behind her.

"Lucy, please what did I do? I want to marry you" he said as he caught her arm

As she turned around she tripped on her feet and fell down the stairs. Kevin stared shocked and rushed down to a pool of blood. He screamed for help and Matt came running.

" What happened here? She's bleeding. We have to get her to the emergency room now or she might....We have to go now" screamed Matt and Kevin went to get in the van. The rest of the family watched as they put Lucy in the van and then they followed to the hospital.

A few hours later Lucy awoke to a room of concerned faces. Matt came over.

" Lucy, I was so scared that I was gonna lose you before I got the chance to tell you that I love you and I don't blame you for what happened to Shauna and my baby. I really wanted you to know but I was afraid...."Matt started to cry and Lucy gave him a hug. He left the room and Lucy could see that someone was not in the room.

" Mom where's Kevin?" asked Lucy

Annie motioned for everyone to leave and sat down my Lucy.

"Luce, he left. He went back to Buffalo. He wanted me to give you this" Annie said and handed her a small piece of paper. Annie left the room and Lucy started to read the letter.

Dear Lucy, you know I love you more than anything in this world but I can't stand what I have done to you. I shouldn't have asked you to marry me. I know your not ready to trust a man right now since what Matt and your father did to their wives. I just wanted to make things better for you. I wanted to put that smile back on your face, I missed it. But I caused you so much harm. It's my fault you fell down the stairs. You could have died and it's all my fault. Oh Lucy I love you but Im afraid to be around you cause I just cause you more pain. You've been in the hospital twice now because of me. If I had been there that day when your mother told you about the divorce I wouldn't have let you leave. Im so sorry. If you want to see me please call me. Love Kevin.

Lucy through the letter down and started to cry. Annie came back in.

"Mom, how could he leave? I thought he loved me mom" cried Lucy

"He does Lucy, You know he does but right now he feels that you should be alone to heal. But he will come back if you ask him."Annie informed her

"Mom Im so sorry for what dad did to you. You deserve so much more than what dad ever gave you" Lucy said

"Lucy, I don't want to talk about that. We need to talk about you and Kevin" said Annie

"Mom Im not going to call him. Not now anyway. I don't want to see him." said Lucy

"OK then, it's your decision."said Annie and left the room.

It was now 8 months later and Lucy still hadn't talked to Kevin. Eric was moved across town and Matt was gone to New York with Sarah. Sometimes Lucy longed to talk to Kevin but she was mad at him for asking her to marry him. She wasn't ready and he was right about her not trusting men. The phone rang and Lucy picked up.

"Hi Mary, Im so glad to hear from. How are you?" chipped Lucy

"Very pregnant Lucy. Actually that's why I called. I want you to come to Buffalo to be with me when I have the baby" asked Mary

"Shouldn't mom be there for that Mary. I know she really wants to" said Lucy

" I already cleared it with mom and she said it's ok. I can only have 1 person besides Ben in the room with me and I can't choose between mom and dad so I really want you to come. Will you Lucy, Please? " begged Mary over the phone.

Lucy could tell Mary wanted her to and even though she might run into Kevin she agreed to go anyway. A couple days later Lucy boarded the plane and left to go to Buffalo When she stepped off the plane the only person there so greet her was Kevin. Mary had set this up on purpose. Kevin ran over to her and took her bags.

" Lucy, it's good to see you. You look great" he said

" Thanks, I guess Mary set this up did she. She thought you'd come to meet me and we'd make up on the way home and fall in love again. Am I right Kevin?" asked Lucy

"No actually Im here cause Mary is having contractions and expects to have the baby in a couple hours. Hurry up we need to get to the hospital" said Kevin as he took her hand and ran to the car.

At the hospital Mary was breathing hard and trying to smile when Lucy walked in the room. Ben was holding her hand and Kevin stayed outside. The doctor and nurse were urging her to push and a few minutes later Mary was holding her little baby girl.

"Oh Mary, she's so beautiful. What's her name?"asked Lucy

" I was thinking of Emily Lucy Kenkirk" How do you like it lil sis?"smiled Mary

"I love it Mary, Can I take her out to show her to Kevin" asked Lucy. Mary agreed and Lucy wrapped the baby in a pink blanket and went out and sat down by Kevin.

"She's gorgeous Lucy, just like you" he smiled

"Thank you. He name is Emily Lucy." Lucy said back

" That's gorgeous. Did you mean what you said before Lucy about us falling love again? Does that mean you don't love me anymore?" asked Kevin.

Ben came out and took the baby and went back into the room.

"No Kevin, I do love you. I didn't mean it like that. Im just so confused right now. I needed some time to get over what was happening to my life. I needed to sit back and take it all in and when you asked me to marry you it was like sensory overload. I know you were just trying to help but you made things worse." said Lucy

" I understand. I knew you wouldn't call me right away but when you took 8 months I started to get a little worried. I thought you moved on. I was so scared I would lose you forever. Am I" he asked

"Never Kevin. I love you to much. But I appreciate it that you waited for me. That shows that you really do care. I just want to say thank you" Lucy said

After they hugged the whole Camden clan came around the corner. There was Annie, Eric, Matt, Sarah, Simon, Ruthie, Sam, and David. They all came over and hugged Lucy and Kevin then went in the room to see their new granddaughter.

Lucy couldn't help but smile as she watched her whole family together again. It was like nothing had changed. Eric came over and gave her a hug.

" See Lucy, nothing has changed. We are still a family. I wouldn't miss being here with your mom for the world. This is our granddaughter and that is a bond we will share forever and not to mention our seven children" he laughed.

Lucy smile, " Dad, I forgive you. I know this has been hard on you. I wish we could've worked things out sooner. I've missed you. Then she turned to Kevin" And I've missed you Kevin. I love you so much and Im ready for you to ask me again" said Lucy

"Are you sure? This is perfect cause your already in a hospital" laughed Kevin.

Everyone made a circle around Lucy and Kevin as he bent down on one knee.

"Lucy Camden, I don't have a ring right now but I don't need one to show you how much I love you. I want to make a bond with you that can never be broken. I love you and you love me and we are brought together in this room filled with love and so much joy. So will you please do me the greatest honour of being my beautiful wife?" he asked

Tears streamed down her face as she screamed yes and everyone erupted in an applause.

"Mom, Dad Im gonna be a bride. Im getting married" Laughed Lucy with tears in her eyes.

Annie walked over to her and hugged her " Lucy, I am so proud of you. Then she turned to Mary and the other kids. " Actually Im proud of all of you. Matt you have been through so much this year, you lost your baby, an old friend and for awhile the woman you love. Sarah you managed to look past how stupid my son was when he cheated on you and for that I am forever grateful because he wouldn't be able to go on without you. He loves you. Mary I can't believe you have your own baby now and she's a cute one to. I can't believe you and Ben are parents but I Know you will make the best parents ever, I am so proud. Simon I can't believe how much of a man you are turning out to be, you are everything your father was at his age, I believe you will make a wonderful husband one day. Ruthie I can't believe how much your growing into your own little woman. You make me so proud to be a mother. Sam and David you have a lot of growing up to do and I am glad to help you get there. To all of my kids I couldn't ask for more. I am the luckiest mother. Even though you may make mistakes and say the wrong things sometimes I love you regardless. And Eric I love you so much for giving me 7 beautiful incredibly talented children." Then she turned to the whole room" We are a family no matter if were not living in the same house. Things change, people change, but we will forever share something so beautiful and sacred. I love you all.