So, I'm sort of writing before Will and Alyss's wedding, if you've read The Lost Stories. Review if you hate it, review if you like it, review if you could care less. I will accept constructive criticism. By the way, this is my first fan fiction. Enjoy!

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Mentally Lost by: JustaBunchaHOOPLA

Chapter 1: Missing

Twang! Twang! Twang! The repeated slap of the bowstring against his leather cuff rang out through the silence. Bam! Bam! Bam! Three arrows hit their mark, straight in the bulls-eye. Hoping Will would be home soon, he ran to retrieve his arrows.

"So, this must young Phil, Will keeps talking about you!" a female voice rang clear across the clearing, startling Phil and breaking into his thoughts.

"Yes sir, I mean madam!" he jumped to attention, giving a half salute. Dressed in an elegant courier gown, she stood a head and a half taller than him. Weren't couriers supposed to be more formal? Like, aren't they supposed to knock or something?

"Who are you?" Phil asked, quite rudely.

"I see Will hasn't taught you manners, as he doesn't have any himself." she said, one eyebrow up in amusement. "By the way, I should probably introduce myself. I'm Alyss, and as you might know, Will and I are getting married. I have come to tell you, and Will should be here and time now." Wow, Phil thought to himself. She even has perfect grammar.

"Where is Will?" he asked, "He went to get coffee, but he should be here by now. I'm surprised he didn't send me to get it."

"Ah, yes. He had to," she paused, looking for the right word, "consult Halt for some wedding stuff. Although, what does Halt know about weddings?"

"Oh. Well, he did have a wedding. Wait, do I have to write a speech?" Phil asked warily. He had heard of Will's speech for Cassandra and Horace's wedding, and he had heard it didn't go to well. But, in the end, he ended up going on a mission that destroyed it. It was much better after that. I mean the fullmostest of heart? What does that mean?

"Yes, yes, that would be good. Write a speech. Now, where is Will?" she looked around in slight annoyance.

"Well, you're not gonna find him here. This is the middle of the woods if you haven't noticed. He's not gonna find coffee here." Phil pointed out. "I think we should ride out to town to look for him. I'm really thirsty."

"For what? You're not old enough-Oh, wait, let me guess. Coffee." She answered dryly. Rangers and their coffee, she muttered to herself. "C'mon, let's go look for Will. He must be somewhere."

"Maybe he got the coffee, drank it, then drank so much he couldn't ride back. Or, maybe he got the coffee and apples for Tug, then Tug ate too many apples and they couldn't ride back. I'm not sure why, but Will, Halt, and Gilan are always telling me to stop feeding Nudge apples, but they always feed their horses apples. I don't get it! Why? But I thought yo-"
"You're not helping," Alyss interrupted, "By the way, you're too young to think, you're only an apprentice."

"Shut up," he grumbled, hating it when anyone told him that. And he thought Alyss was supposed to be nice. So much for that.

"Come on, and bring Ebony with us," she chose to ignore his comment. Phil sighed, then called Ebony over to the door while going to saddle up Nudge.

"Let me go saddle up Nudge. Can you get my arrows?"

"Okay, hurry," she called to him, watching him walk to the lean-to, before going to fetch his arrows. He's so much like Will, she reflected, He'll be a good ranger someday. I just hope Will's okay, he's can't be that long. Sighing, she muttered about how rangers are always somewhere, lurking in the shadows. He'll turn up somewhere. He always does.