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Chapter 11: Therapy

Therapy is weird. Sometimes some ways work for some people, sometimes it has no effect. This was one of the weirder cases. Will had been suddenly reawakened by Phil's ranting. Halt said that all those years of his screaming had become deeply lodged in his brain, and that had activated many other things related to many other things, and whatnot. Alyss and Pauline sat there politely, nodding in the appropriate times as their Courier training kicked in. Phil was pretty sure he didn't know what he was talking about. But, then again, Phil never knew what he was even talking about half the time. Sometimes he wondered how he even came to be a Ranger's apprentice. Like, to the legendary Will Treaty. Phil had simply been hiding in the woods, then Will stepped out of a tree, then suddenly he was his apprentice. His mom was so proud of him for once, and that was a foreign idea to him. The only way he dealt with it was through his ranting, for some strange reason. But Phil was a strange boy. Will knew there was some link, but never really truly realized it. All in all, he thought this realization had come over him, waking him up from what Alyss described as a deep, unlively sleep. Slowly, slowly, slowly, he made his way to the road of recovery.

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Chapter 11: Epilogue: Relieved


Will lay in his bed, next to Alyss, just thinking about everything that has happened to him. He had been accepted as a Ranger, helped defeat the villainous Morgorath, fought a terrible warmweed addiction, helped save Skandia from the Temujai, saved the Oberjarl in Arradia and found some really great coffee, met an amazing healer and saved Macindaw, saved Conmel, saved Halt from the edge of death, help Horace in saving the Emperor of Nihon-ja, and did a lot of saving in general. He had an amazing life, and never wanted to lose it. He had been so close to never remembering anything, not Alyss, not Halt, not Tug, not Pauline, not Horace, the list went on and on. He would do anything for these people (and animals). It still pained him to think of this. He fully realized how painful this had been for those he loved, him being there, but not being there, so close, yet so far away. His mind wandered among this train of thought, and he got up to watch the sky from his window.

Quietly praying, he promised this wouldn't happen again, and he fiercely promised it wouldn't happen to anyone he loved. His lips parted and the seemingly sacred words flowed out, under his breath he prayed.

From the bed, Alyss smiled.

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