Author's Notes: This shall be an ongoing, probably not very often updated collection of Draco-centric drabbles for the draco100 community on Dreamwidth. There may be a bit of Druna thrown in (because I am, after all, me), but I expect for it to be mostly family or general… of course, who knows, I could be completely wrong.


Title: Failure
Pairing: None
Prompt: draco100 – #184 – "How disappointing"
Rating: G
Word Count: 100

"So," the Dark Lord said, his voice so cold that Draco actually shivered, as though he was caught in a cold wind. "You failed at your task. How disappointing."

"I am sorry, my Lord," Draco whispered. He could scarcely draw enough air into his lungs to speak.

"It is hardly a surprise. With a family like yours, I could hardly expect anything but weakness."

Draco glanced up quickly, taking in his mother's impassive expression, his aunt's look of hurt, and the shame that painted his father's face. "I will not fail you again, my Lord."

"See that you do not."