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Valentine Knight

By: JadeDragonKnight

Chapter 1

It's that time of year again. The snow starts to melt and the trees bud. Birds return and fill the air with their music. Then there's that feeling everyone gets in spring like a bad cold; love. Now what I just described doesn't really happen in Dream Land. There it's just half a year of warm weather and half a year of cooler weather. The birds fly there when it's winter somewhere else so they have that lovely bird music all year round. They don't get snow unless some unnatural element comes into play, like a demon or ice generator toting penguins. However, when the temperature gets warmer they do get that sense of spring which drives some people mad with love, and that particular time of year is February.

"Mom, where did you want me to put this?" Fumu asked.

"Oh, I'll take it," Memu replied from the top of a chair, "Thank you."

Fumu handed her the box that was labeled "Valentine's Day". Memu opened the box and a burst of pinks and reds filled her vision. She took out a roll of pink streamer and began to tack sections of it the ceiling.

Fumu stepped back and looked around the living room. To her the place looked decorated enough. There were crimson foil hearts hanging from the ceiling. Message posters having to do with love dotted the walls. The rug underneath her feet was the shape of two hearts overlapping. Knitted pillows with hearts on them lined the sofa. The only thing that was missed was the streamers that her mother was working on. Fumu sighed. There were just too many hearts…


"Yes dear?" Memu sang.

"Don't you think we're overdoing it this year?" she asked.

"Don't be silly," she replied as she got down from the chair, "You can never have too much holiday spirit."

"But Valentine's Day isn't until next week."

"Your mother's right, Fumu," Parm said walking into the room, "Valentine's is all about rekindling the flame of love, and I say you can never be too spirited for that."

He went to Memu, took her hand and drew her close.

"Isn't that right dear?"

"Oh you," Memu giggled.

They leaned in close.

"Guys! I'm still here!" Fumu objected, shielding her eyes with an outstretched hand.

Then, the front door opened. Bun and Kirby stepped in with a box in their hands.

"Hey, I finally got the- aww mom, dad!" Bun cried as he turned his head in disgust.

"Alright, alright," Memu and Parm said as they broke their embrace.

"What did you get?" Fumu asked, looking at the cardboard box.

"Something for Valentine's Day," he replied as he set the box down and opened it.

Once it was open, he shifted through the Styrofoam bits and lifted up a tan longbow, a tiny pair of angel wings, and an arrow with a heart shaped tip.

"That's cool. Are you going to wear it?" Fumu asked.

"Nope. Kirby's going to wear it," Bun replied.

Kirby walked up to the box and hopped in, sending Styrofoam bows floating to the ground.

"I think he's more interested in the box," Fumu chuckled. "Where did you find that costume anyway?"

"I found a magazine lying around and ordered it."

"I didn't think any companies like that would deliver here."

As Kirby played in the empty package, he found a slip of paper with numbers on it. He titled his head in curiosity. He flipped it over and saw Nightmare's insignia. He gasped and tried to get someone's attention.

"Is this the receipt?" Parm asked as he took the paper out of his stubby hand.

Kirby watched as he read it.

"Twenty dollars?" he gasped, "I hope this was your money you used."

"Mom let me borrow some," Bun reassured.

"Alright then," Parm replied as he crumbled up the paper and threw it in the trash.

Kirby jumped in surprise and rushed to the can. He looked over the rim only to see that the crumpled up ball was sitting in last night's steak sauce. He grimaced at the sight.

"Kirby, let's see how this fits," Fumu said.

He sighed and ran to the girl. She and Bun helped him into the Cupid costume. They stepped back and grinned.

"Perfect," they said.

"Oh, you're just the cutest little thing," Memu said.

Kirby blushed. Suddenly, the little wings began to flap. The pink puff was lifted into the air as everyone gawked in amazement. Then, the wings flapped faster and he lost control. He flew circles around the room as everyone ducked. Then, he burst through the balcony door and hovered in place. Kirby sighed in relieve. He looked down and saw the courtyard far below him. Bun and Fumu ran out on the edge of the balcony.

"Kirby, you'll be fine, just don't panic!" Fumu shouted.

The pink puff nodded. Just then, the wings seemed to trier out and he began to lose altitude.

"PIYO!" he cried as he spiraled toward the ground.

"Kirby!" they shouted.

"Oh no," Memu cried, hands cupping her mouth.

"Hurry down! See if you can catch him," Parm said quickly.

The kids rushed out of the apartment.

In the courtyard, weapons clashed. The sound of metal ringing filled the air. Sword and Blade lunged and locked swords. They fought against each other's weight then jumped apart. They stood and faced each other, both panting.

"Remember, whoever wins this round gets a ten minute break," Meta Knight called to them.

They shook away their fatigue at the same time and continued to fight. Meta Knight watched them intently, looking for any flaws in their form. Then, he heard screaming. He recognized it as Kirby's, and it was coming towards him. He looked around then up. His eyes widened when he saw a mass of pink falling straight at him. Kirby landed on top of the knight with a thud. Sword and Blade stopped when they heard Meta Knight groan in pain.

"My Lord," they called as they ran over to them.

They helped the two off the ground. Meta Knight rubbed the back of his head.


The knights turned to find Bun and Fumu running up to them. When they got close, Fumu knelt down to Kirby.

"Are you ok?" she asked.

"Piyo," Kirby smiled.

"Sure I'm fine, thanks for asking," Meta Knight added.

"Oh, he landed on you, didn't he?" Bun asked.

"Yup," Sword and Blade said in unison.

Fumu got up, bowed her head, and said, "We're really sorry. We didn't mean for this to happen."

"Don't worry about it, no one got hurt," Meta Knight replied. He lifted an eyebrow at Kirby and asked, "What is he wearing?"

"Oh, it's a Cupid costume for Valentine's Day," Fumu stated.

"Yeah, but the wings went berserk and flung Kirby out the window!" Bun explained, flapping his arms to mimic the tiny feathers.

"Uh-huh," Meta Knight said slowly.

An awkward silence followed.

Fumu cleared her throat and asked, "So, are you guys doing anything for Valentine's Day?"

"No, I never really cared for it," the knight stated, wrapping himself in his cape.

"What about Sword and Blade?" Bun added.

"I'll give them the day off, but they're training until then."

Then he realized they weren't next to him. He looked behind him and saw them standing by a woman.

"So, you see us out there?" Sword asked the girl in a sly tone.

"Yeah, we're working out," Blade added, emphasizing his arm muscles.

"HEY!" Meta Knight shouted, startling them, "Stop flirting with the tourists!"

"Hold on, tourists?" Bun asked.

"I thought we were done with the whole tourist industry thing," Fumu added.

Sword and Blade returned to their master's side.

"That girl said there's a convention a little ways from here and that they were just passing through," Blade explained.

"She said it was really big so I think we might see more," Sword stated.

"I'm sure his majesty is all over it," Meta Knight input.

"Well, we should go. Our parents are probably worried about Kirby," Fumu said.

"Alright, have a good day," Meta Knight replied as they walked away.

They waited until the kids were gone.

"By the way, no one won the match yet," the navy blue knight stated.

His subordinates looked at each other. Then they simultaneously drew their swords and continued to battle.

Happy Valentine's Day

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