Beastboy's Valentine

Beastboy's all alone in his room.
He paces around, filled with gloom.
He stops in his path, just to say.
"Why can't I be her light of day?"
Why doesn't she laugh at my jokes?
She thinks my love is all a hoax."

There he goes, into the hallway.
"She'll fall in love with me today.
I'll bring to her a happiness;
She'll save me from my loneliness."

He goes to her, to seize the day,
But on his way he stops to say.
"I'm almost there, no turning back.
Though it is confidence I lack."

And so for courage he does pray.
Then hurries on without delay
The shapeshifter knocks on the door.
His face lights up when he sees her.

Those eyes which hold the light of day.
He opens up his mouth to say.
"I love you so, surely you know.
I've felt like this for such a time.
Won't you please be my Valentine?"

Sadly he starts to walk away.
But Raven says "Don't go, please stay.
Beastboy, I am truly flattered.
I won't let you leave with your dreams shattered.

Let's go have some fun, if we may.
Even if it's just for today."
But before they went out to play.
Beastboy stopped and turned, just to say.

"I'm so glad to be here with you.
I hope you feel the way I do."

"I don't know if I love you too.
But you're a rainbow when I'm blue.
When I am sad, your light shines through.
That much, I promise to be true."

"Then how do you feel about me?"
She thought, but only said "Deeply"

The two of them went to the zoo
Raven loves all the animals.
Beastboy transformed and saw old pals.

When they passed the crocodiles,
Beastboy got Raven to smile.
And as they looked at the giraffe,
He joked and got Raven to laugh.
Next they saw the frightening bears,
And comforted each others' fears.
They went to see the butterflies
And he lost himself in her eyes.
After viewing some white rabbits,
They sat down to watch the sunset.

Darkness grew, the day could not last.
They agreed; it went by too fast.
And on their way to the exit,
They saw one final exhibit.

'Twas by the rhinoceroses,
that they shared their first ever kisses.

Happy Valentine's Day!