In the course of the night Robin managed to relax a little and was even able to ignore the fact that Adrianna was Sam's wife as she chatted with her and Sarah. They had left the kitchen and were now sitting on the couch in the living room.

She was even able to ignore Sam and she was proud of herself for that. Unfortunately, she couldn't help but glance every so often in his direction but he didn't even look at her once.

And Robin wasn't surprised; his wife was sitting next to her, so the hell would he do and stare at her openly. Robin sighed, mad at herself for thinking about Sam again and forced herself to focus on Sarah and Adrianna who were talking vividly; but it was no use.

When she looked at Adrianna she couldn't help but compare herself to her.

Adrianna smiled brightly and brushed a curl of shiny light blonde hair behind her ear.

She was smart and kind-hearted and Robin had nothing against her. In fact, she even liked her. She was a nice and friendly person and one of Sarah's best friends.

So, Robin held absolutely no grudge against her and why would she? The only thing that bothered her though was the fact that she was so intimidated by her.

Robin knew she was a smart and beautiful girl herself and she usually wasn't so self-conscious. But whenever Adrianna was around she felt so damn insecure and she hated that feeling.

She was a mechanic whereas Adrianna was a lawyer.

Robin had seen her once in her business suit and she had looked perfect. She was perfect.

She was perfect for Sam.

Robin swallowed hard, cussing at herself inwardly. She was wallowing again and she had to cut it already. She had absolutely no reason to complain.

She had a great life and she was happy. The thought cheered her up a little and with a smile playing on her lips she finally paid attention to the two women.

In the next moment she wished she hadn't. They were talking about babies. Clearly, she couldn't join in the conversation.

"Paul and I have been married for three years now and maybe it's time for us to have a baby." Sarah said nervously and looked at Robin and Adrianna, waiting for their opinion.

"I mean, having a baby is pretty scary and it will be hard to get back to work but..." Sarah trailed off and Robin watched how a soft smile spread across her face. "I found myself thinking about having children lately."

"Well, then you should stop drinking now, I suggest." Adrianna replied and both women laughed. Robin joined in to cover the hurricane of emotions inside of her, hoping her feelings weren't written all over her face.

Robin had reached a new level of uncomfortableness and felt sick to her stomach. She glanced over to the guys but they were too lost in their game to even look their way.

Robin took a huge gulp from her bottle of beer to calm herself.

"What about you and Sam? Do you want to have kids?" Sarah asked in the next moment and Robin chocked on her beer.

She started to cough and Sarah jumped off her seat to tap her back. "Oh God, Robin are you okay?" She asked worried.

Robin took a few deep breaths and wiped the tears out of her eyes. "I'm fine, thanks. I think, I should get some coffee now and stay away from the beer." She tried to joke and looked at everyone.

Sam, Dean and Paul turned back to their game after seeing that Robin was alright. She flashed Sarah and Adrianna a smile and disappeared into the kitchen to make some coffee.

The coffee was an excuse to get away from the girls and she was happy she wouldn't get to hear Adrianna's answer now.

The next thought hit her like a brick. What if Sam and Adrianna had a baby?

Sleeping with a married man was bad enough but not as bad as sleeping with a family man, that was outrageous.

And she didn't want to be the slut to destroy a family.

Robin shook her head at herself and reached for the coffee powder, filling it into the coffee machine.

She put the machine on and waited as the aroma filled the air.

Then she heard the door bell ring and suddenly there was a commotion in the other room. She walked over to the doorway and saw another person that made her feel uncomfortable.

"Hey, Robin." Daniel greeted and winked at her. "Hi." She said back and thought of something to say but her mind was blank.

Daniel was a friend of Sarah's and a regular customer. She had fixed his car multiple times. And she'd also had sex with him a few times.

They were on good terms, he was flirting with her whenever they met and usually she liked it but at the moment she didn't want him there.

It would only cause trouble because she knew Dean hated that guy with every fibre of his being. Robin thought it was because he was also hitting on every girl and Dean saw him as his rival.

"Hey, Danny. Who invited you?" Dean asked, showing how pissed he was.

"That was me." Sarah said and everyone looked puzzled at her. "Yeah. Daniel and I went to college together and are close friends. I wanted to see him again." She quickly explained to everyone, shooting Dean a warning look.

Dean huffed and took his seat at the table again, avoiding to look in Daniel's direction.

"Hey, wanna join us?" Sam asked politely, offering him a seat beside him.

"Yeah, sure. Thanks, man."

Robin saw that everyone had calmed down again. "So, I'm going back to making coffee. If you want some, get in line." She said cheery and everyone laughed appreciatively.

Sam wanted that night to be over already. So far, nothing bad had happened besides the semi-aggressive exchange of words between his brother and Daniel but he feared some time during the night something bad might happen.

There were only Dean and Paul sitting at the table, still playing poker. Daniel and Sarah were sitting on the couch next to him, talking about their college time but he ignored them. Robin had disappeared to the kitchen for the hundredth time that evening and he was thankful for that.

Seeing her near Adrianna made his blood run cold. Plus, he was glad he didn't have to see her.

Sam looked up when he saw his wife coming back from the bathroom and he smiled lovingly at her. She smiled back at him and sat next to him on the couch, cuddling up to him.

He kissed her on the temple and she let out a sigh. "You having fun?" He whispered in her ear and wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

"Yeah." She answered quietly. "But it's a little bit...tense, don't you think? I mean, I'm expecting Dean to punch Daniel at any moment for no reason."

Sam laughed at her words. "I know what you mean. I've no idea why he hates that guy so much."

"And Sarah's been talking all evening about..." Adrianna broke off, blushing. She didn't want to bring up the baby topic. " It's exhausting and I'm already tired." She said and held back a yawn.

"Do you wanna go home, then?" He asked her and she laid her head on his shoulder. "No, not yet. It's just...I missed you. I haven't seen you all evening."

"Yeah, I'm sorry. But the guys didn't let me go. If I had known, I would've rescued you from Sarah and her blabbering."

Adrianna chuckled, making Sam smile. "Can we just sit like this for a while?" She asked quietly.

"Yeah." Sam whispered back, pulling her closer to him.

It felt so right and nice to sit with his wife on the couch, watching his brother and friends enjoying themselves and having a good time.

Robin rushed into the kitchen to hide from everyone. She had decided on drinking only coffee for the rest of the night but right now she needed a beer.

Finally, giving into her cravings, she opened the fridge and took a bottle of beer out. She took a few gulps, calming herself down.

She had no idea what was going on with her. She couldn't be uncomfortable just because Sam and Adrianna were there. And then, it hit her.

She was feeling guilty. That little nasty gnawing feeling was driving her insane.

She felt guilty about sleeping with Sam. Hell, she couldn't even look Adrianna in the eye. It wasn't right of her to do something awful like that to another woman and she had to end it.

Robin decided to end her affair with Sam. She felt a huge wave of relief wash over her at the resolution. She smiled a little, feeling better.

Robin wanted to turn around and go back to the living room when she heard footsteps behind her. She looked over her shoulder and saw Daniel walk in with a grin on his face.

"Hey Robin. I haven't talked to you all night. How are you doing?" He asked and stepped closer to her, leaning against the fridge.

"I'm good, thanks." She replied with a smile. Daniel smiled back at her and leaned in to whisper the next words. "So, I'm leaving now. Wanna go with me?"

Robin had slept with Daniel a few times before her thing with Sam had started. He was hot and she even liked him a little.

Maybe it was time to take him as her lover instead of Sam. At least, Daniel wasn't in a relationship and she could have sex with him without feeling guilty.

But she still hesitated.

She didn't want to leave to have sex with him, she realized.

Before she had the chance to turn him down, Daniel had already pulled her to him, pressing his lips on hers. He wrapped his arms around her and deepened the kiss.

Robin froze, not sure what to do, and felt movement beside her in the next moment. Someone had walked into the kitchen.

She broke the kiss and looked to the doorway, her mouth gaping open as she saw Sam staring back at her with an undefinable expression on his face.

"Sam..." She stuttered and blushed. Sam's expression changed and Robin was able to read him now. He was disappointed and disgusted.

Robin's heart started to ache. Sam looked at her like she was a slut.

"I'm sorry guys." He said and took a bottle of beer out of the fridge. "Carry on." He added and left the kitchen.

Sam was pissed. He should've figured that Robin was sleeping with several guys at the same time. It wasn't that surprising yet he was shocked.

For some odd reason he had thought she was only seeing him.

But a woman who was as ruthless as Robin wouldn't have a moral dilemma having multiple sex partners.

Sam couldn't believe that he had been stupid enough to trust her. She had clouded his mind and deceived him. He had risked his marriage to be with her.

With a heavy sigh he looked to the right at his wife who was sleeping in the passenger seat, leaned against the window.

No woman was worth hurting his beautiful wife. Especially not such a slut like Robin.

Adrianna was one of the most wonderful persons he's ever met and she didn't deserve being treated that way.

She loved him and trusted him and he kept cheating on her. Thankfully, tonight's event had been like a cold shower to him and made him things see clearly again.

Sam finally knew he needed his wife more than anyone in this world. He wouldn't be going to see Robin ever again.

"God, I'm so tired, I'll go straight to bed." Adrianna said, walking inside and rubbing her eyes. She barely could keep them open. "You coming?"

"In a minute. I have to check a few messages first." Sam answered, smiling at her.

"Okay. See you in a minute." Adrianna said and kissed him quickly before heading for the bedroom.

She yawned, taking off her shoes before stepping to the bed to pull the covers aside.

She bent down to fluff up the pillows like she always did before going to bed when something caught her eye.

Something shiny was tucked between the gap of the matresses. Adrianna pulled cautiously at it and her eyes widened when she held a simple but filigree gold necklace in her hand.

She felt the blood starting to rush through her veins, echoing in her ears, as an ice cold shiver ran down her spine.

She didn't dare to even think the thought that started to build at the back of her mind.

Was it possible...? No, she had to stop. There was a reasonable explanation for that.

Suddenly, the tiredness was gone, Adrianna was wide-awake and she forced herself not to panic and think.

She sat down on the edge of the bed, inspecting the necklace thoroughly. But tears started to blur her vision and Adrianna grew angry with herself.

"Stop it. You're not going to cry, you're not going to cry." She repeated over and over again.

Eventually, she got it together and got up from the bed. She put the necklace carefully in the first drawer of her bedside table and headed for the bathroom.

She had absolutely no reason to be suspicious, she calmed herself. Sam hadn't been acting weird lately.

However, he had come home in the middle of the night a few times. But he had told her he had to work and why shouldn't she believe him?

Adrianna believed and trusted him. She knew a marriage wouldn't work otherwise.

That's why she didn't confront Sam and chose to see what the future would bring.

Adrianna wiped her tears away and splashed water on her face, feeling herself cool down again.

She banned the nasty thoughts from her mind and went straight to bed, telling herself that everything was going to be fine and that she had nothing to worry about.