Authoress Note: Since the book ends in December and the book was published in 1997, this will take place on February 14th 1998. This is in Paul's POV.

I sat on the steps of my house and looked around the neighborhood. The muck fire was smoldering from behind, but the smoke didn't rise to much above the house, luckily. I sat mostly thinking of what happened the last couple months. Not much had happened in January or this month, I meant the months before in 1997.

Sure it was a month and a little less than a half ago, but I remember everything clearly. Every time I see or smell the Golden Dawns, the image of Arthur hitting Luis with the blackjack flashes through my mind.

Another thing is watching the St. Anthony's team play soccer makes me think of the Tangerine team. I had formed many friendships on that team. Although, because of that team I almost lost Joey as a friend. I miss the Tangerine team, but I don't regret attacking coach Warner. But, next year I'll be back...

I also remember Mike's tree. Mike's tree makes me think of the first time I met him. He was nice guy. He didn't deserve to get hit by lightning. He would of made a better player than Erik. Erik. He's in jail,now with Arthur. That's what they deserve for killing Luis.

I was sitting in thought when I heared a voice say,

"Hi Paul!" I looked up and saw Kerri. She sat on the steps beside me. I got a bit nervous.

"Oh, hi, Kerri.." I almost studdered.

"So I heard you're going to St. Anthonys now?" She asked. I nodded slowly. "Oh okay. You know, ever since you left Lake Windsor Downs, I missed you."

"Really?" I asked. She nodded with a smile one her face.

"Joey did too." She explained. I nodded, understanding. Friends missed each other when the others left. But..I barely knew her. I met her a few times and Joey said she might like me but,..liking me didn't seem like one of the options.

Then she did something unexpected. She leaned in at first and I had no idea what she was doing. Only when she put her lips against mine did I understand. She was kissing me. She did like me! She pulled back and smirked as she looked me in the eyes. I was at a loss for words.

"Happy Valentines Day." She said sweetly and left. I was left frozen on the steps, but I was happy.

The end.