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Chapter 1

Edward groggily opened his eyes to find his hands and feet bound. His throat was dry and he had a bad taste in his mouth, chloroform. He was in a small dark room with no windows; Edward tried to sit up but was thrown down on his side by the movement of the room. I'm in a vehicle. As he laid there on his side, he felt the vehicle start to slow. It eventually stopped moving, he waited as his captors came to retrieve him. They opened the door and light flooded in, which blinded him. As he tried to blink the blindness away, two sets of hands grabbed him and one tied a blindfold over his eyes. Edwards tried to fight, but the two strangers managed to perfectly restrain him. One man grabbed his shoulders and bound hands and another grabbed Ed's legs. Together the two of them carried him into a building and down a flight of stairs. One person set his feet down and Edward heard the creak of a metal door being opened. The other guard came back and picked up his legs again, together the two people threw Edward into a cage. One of the people laughed as they slammed the cage door.

"Let's go get sumethin' to drink." A man's voice cheered.

Edward heard the stomping of their boots as they marched back up the flight of stairs and slammed the door behind them. He listened to the darkness, wanting to know what else was in there with him. With his bound hands he fiddled with the knot on the blindfold, but all his attempts were fails. He heard the tweets, barks, squealing, and screaming of other animals in the room. He tried to open the cage, he fiddled with the lock and tried to kick the door out. Again, his attempts were failures. He eventually gave up and resorted to waiting in the darkness.


A man flipped the lights on and walked down the stairs and up to the blonde teen's cage. The boy was propped up against the bars of the cage, sleeping. "Wake up!" He snarled and shook the cage.

The boy sat up and tried to look around, he then remembered the blindfold.

The man opened the cage door and pulled the teen out by his long blonde hair. The man leaned in and breathed the stench of booze into Edward's face. "The Doctor wants to see you now."