Hello there, I'm just starting this fic because I was hit by inspiration many times. And also because I'm still not happy how the plot in generations was so... lacky. Not only that, but Sonic's friends not doing anything but just staying there watching you in the hub world was the most annoying thing. So, basically, I'm writing how I think Generations should have been, the romance excluded of course. I only added romance because I'm such a huge fanboy of Sonaze, except I don't want it to be the love-at-first-sight-whatever kind of fic, I want to be completely in character for this couple, a love that will build up over adventures, and that will start at the friendship stage(which already started in the rush series, be aware that I didn't play colors DS to see how Blaze was in those, even if not playable, but I don't think I should care about 06 since, time reset thing.).

This story will have a very slow start, whether it be romance wise for the couple(s) or scenario wise for the main plot, you've been warned.

Lonely Will Come

It was dark, not the usual dark where you could see something. No, it was completely dark, like no light had ever touched this place. And within this darkness, a blue hedgehog wandered, unsure of his steps.

With an anxious look on his face and a small amount of sweat dropping from his rather long blue quills, the hedgehog maintained his pace.

"Where am I? One second I was asleep and the next I wake up here, can't see a thing either so it wouldn't be a good idea to run." he sighed, his ears dropping a bit, disappointed to not be able to start his favorite activity. "Maybe I got trapped by Eggman? Nah, he wouldn't attack me while I sleep, otherwise he would have done that long ago... Mayb- What the, a newspaper?" he spotted a glowing flying paper right above him, falling slowly towards the black ground. He caught it and tried to read it, but for some reason everything was blurred.

"Weird, can't make out a single letter, it's all blurred." The hedgehog thought for a second, a finger on his chin as he remembered something. "Hmm... Wait, blurred? Tails told me about something similar yesterday..."

Suddenly, a young voice rang all over the place, the blue hedgehog instantly recognized it.

"Hey Sonic, did I ever tell you about dreams? In some dreams, you might be able to control yourself. You won't be able to control anything around you since it's your subconscious doing that, some people can but it's very rare to be able to. Apparently if you try to read anything, it will be blurred or you won't manage to recognize the letters. Pretty interest- Hey stop snoring!"

Sonic chuckled. "I wasn't really sleeping, just wanted to tease you a bit. Man, what would I do without you lil' bro?" he smiled "Alright, now that I know it's not something life threatening, might as well jog a bit." Sonic threw away the newspaper and began his "jog", which consisted of breaking the sound barrier. For some reason, he couldn't feel any wind at all like he felt while running in real life, it was his dream certainly, but it still bothered him a lot. It felt wrong, really wrong. But that didn't stop Sonic from running, in fact it excited him a bit, what kind of challenge was his subconscious going to throw at him? He smirked, thinking of the possibilities.

Sonic noticed a gleam in the distance, giving him a feeling of déjà vu for some strange reason. Before he could even begin to ponder about the feeling, a sudden rush of wind blew from the luminous source, caressing the hedgehog's body rather than harming it and making him warmer. The light then exploded, the hedgehog was forced to close his eyes to avoid being blind and only few seconds later he was able to open them. Standing before him was no longer an unending corridor of darkness, but something completely different.

"Wow..." was all he could say in front of this breath-taking view.

Instead, he was in an endless field full of beautiful flowers of every colors, petals being carried by a soft breeze with a bright blue sky, the sun smiling at him... quite literally.

"Woah, now that's creepy." he said, looking at the sun. The sun's smile instantly turned into a frown, which made Sonic take a step back. "I really hope this guy here won't try to crush me like that weird moon with a face. From what game was that anyway?" The sun sticked out his tongue at the hedgehog, who snickered in answer. "Oh well, who cares!" A path then materialized itself in front of Sonic, a straight path with no flowers to step on which made Sonic feel better.

Even if it was a dream, he wouldn't like to stomp on all those pretty flowers, especially when there were no giant robots, monsters or demons chasing him. He smirked and broke once again the sound barrier while following the path. He could feel the wind caress his face at high speed, like he was used to. Right now he didn't care about anything else than running, that was what he was made for. His whole reason to live was to run faster and faster, no matter where he was, in reality, fiction books, crazy spaceships, alien territories or even dreams now and he absolutely loved the feeling.

As fun as running in a straight line was, he still liked it better when there were loops or even robots to bounce off, he was starting to wonder when his subconcious would finally let him have more fun just as he somehow found himself right under a giant tree. A lilac cat stood there, motionless, her gaze set on the horizon. "Blaze? What is she doing here? At least it's not Amy, she'd turn this dream into a nightmare!" Sonic ranted, moving toward Blaze.

Just as he was about the place his hand on her shoulder, the world he was in shattered like glass just as he felt an enormous amount of power flowing through him. He was now airborne in his super form. He looked around and saw that he was in some sort of distorted area where all he could see were random colors fading into each other and Blaze in her burning form in front of him, Burning Blaze as he would call her.

He remembered that time, right after their first encounter and when she learned to use the power of the Sol Emeralds. It had also been a really sad moment for both of them and Cream as they didn't know they would meet Blaze again later. It was the moment when Sonic shook her hand, and once again, both of them were going to get separated. Once again, Sonic held on her hand, like last time. He knew they would meet again. He knew they would still be friends. Yet he didn't want to let her slip, his gut feeling told him to not let her go or that something bad would happen. He couldn't last longer as they separated, but this time, she didn't fall into her own dimension like he had seen last time. What he saw was a giant Eggman Nega smirking, suddenly grabbing Burning Blaze as she struggled to get free. Sonic couldn't do a thing as he was being sucked back to his own dimension, all he could do was watch and try to yell yet no sound came out of his throat.

"Blaze!" Sonic suddenly yelled, falling from the roof he was sleeping on, head first into the ground.

"Ow, stupid dream." he said, rubbing his head as he got up, 'I hope Tails didn't hear me fall from his roof right now.' he thought 'He worked all day on some of his "toys"' he continued, referring to most of Tails' machines. "He fell on his bed like a chunk of metal, I'm sure he di-"

"Sonic, are you alright?" a young and sleepy voice said, followed by a yawn.

Sonic bit his lip, he didn't want to wake up his little brother that needed a well deserved rest from his exhausting day of work. He quickly made his way to the front door, opening it before Tails reached the doorknob. Putting on his usual smirk, he stood in front of Tails. "Sorry lil' bro, just had a bad dream that made me fall off the roof, but don't worry, I'm as fine as always!"

Tails' ears perked up when he heard the words "bad dream". "Want to talk about your dream, Sonic?" Tails offered.

"I told you to not worry, I'm fine." Sonic answered.

Tails immediately said "Are you sure? You yelled Blaze's name very loudly." with a worried look on his face.

"Don't worry, it was just a nightmare. Anyway you should better go back to sleep, you worked hard all day."

Tails hesitated for a few seconds before nodding, walking back to his room. "Alright, we'll talk about it later then Sonic, after I get some sleep. I'm a bit worried about you." He said with a smile before entering his bedroom and falling like a log on his bed, fast asleep.

"Seems like the fastest thing alive wasn't fast enough to say no to his little brother." Sonic chuckled, making fun of himself. He yawned and made his way upstairs where Tails' guest bedroom, mostly used for Sonic, was. "Thankfully, I'm not dirty from falling to the ground, even if it still hurt my handsome face." he jumped into the comfortable bed, making sure to fall asleep on his belly to not pierce the bed with his quills. Before completely drifting off into sleep again, Sonic thought about the lilac cat one last time 'What was she doing in my dream? I don't dream often about anything else than chilli dogs. Nega Egghead won't get her that easily anyway, she's a tough one to fight.' Even if Sonic was sure she could take care of an army of robots by herself, he couldn't help but be a bit worried about her.

In a different dimension, on an island isolated far away from civilization, was a large and rather old-looking castle where only one person lived. Mostly spending her time in the large room in the center of it, the lilac cat stood there, arms crossed and eyes closed as if she was sleeping. Behind her was a large pillar, seven rectangular stones of different colors lodged in it, a small glow coming from each of them. The name of that cat was Blaze, the princess of her own dimension and a pyrokinesist feared by her people. She is the guardian of those jewels named Sol Emeralds, protecting them from any thieves, pirates or the usual fat and egg shaped scientist she always fought. The Sol Emeralds had unlimited power, and as such, if they were to fall into the wrong hands then hell would be unleashed upon earth which is why Blaze was sent by the Queen of her own dimension, her mother, to protect the powerful stones.

At first, no real threats came since she easily defeated each of her foes, which mainly consisted of pirates that only wanted the gems, thinking they could make a lot of profit from selling them. They usually ran away after she displayed a tiny bit of her power. But then came a real threat, the mad scientist calling himself Dr. Eggman Nega, that could create terrifying robots, each bigger and stronger than the last one. The mad doctor also occasionally used living animals to power up his robots by using them as the main source of energy, which usually failed, or replaced some parts of their bodies with robotic parts to be able to control them and make them smarter than his usual robots, which usually succeeded if the subject didn't die during the modifications. Those had always been rumors she had heard from others as what she had fought up to now had only been robots only made of wires and metal, although she knew that the doctor was definitely capable of using living beings as experiments.

Blaze was disgusted by Nega's way of using people without even caring a bit about them, and she swore to always stop him from doing his evil deeds.

The room was completely silent, and Blaze could only meditate. She thought about what had happened before and her two adventures with a particular blue hedgehog. At first, she just found herself in his dimension without even knowing who he was, and after meeting Cream the Rabbit, Blaze's first real friend, always telling her that Sonic could help her and that they could beat Eggman if they worked together.

Sonic this, Sonic that, it just angered Blaze more and more until she met him and fought him at the same time to release her frustration that had built up during her travels in his dimension. She was surprised that he could keep up with her in a fight. It ended in a draw as they both started to chase the Eggmen after becoming friends. In the end, she had to go back to her own dimension, as she promised to Sonic that they would meet again, even if she didn't want to go yet.

Cream and Sonic were her only real friends, or at least the two she considered as her friends at that time. She then thought about her next adventure with Sonic, this time with his best friend Tails as well as a raccoon named Marine that they ended up meeting later on. She tried hard to befriend the people of her kingdom but they still rejected her for her power over fire and it wasn't exactly easy since she was royalty, too. In the end, Eggman Nega came to make trouble and somehow spread the Sol Emeralds around one of her dimension's sea, where people were clueless about royalty, and were way too laid back to even think about it. It would have almost been like vacations if it wasn't for the guard sent by the queen following her everywhere, reporting almost every movements she made to the ruler of the land.

Almost, because she personally threatened the guard to not report about Sonic and Tails. He promised he wouldn't say a word about them, fearing the princess and the rumors about her mercilessly roasting people if they didn't follow her orders. Of course, that wasn't true, Blaze didn't care much about those rumors anyway. She was used to them since she was a child. Death threats, lies, kids running away, people mocking her behind her back. But, she wasn't helpless of course. She mastered her power surprisingly quickly so most bullies were beaten easily, whether kid or adult and through hard work and talent, became one of the strongest individual of her kingdom.

She threw away most of her emotions after understanding they wouldn't help her in this world. She became a feared person throughout the lands, a princess despised by her mother, put in an old castle to keep seven magical gems and be named Guardian of the Sol Emeralds, which was just a really bad excuse to get rid of her.

Blaze shook her head, 'I shouldn't remind myself of such things, the past is the past.' she thought as she sighed. She felt lonely, it had been such a long time since she talked to Cream, Sonic or even Tails. Marine still came to the old castle, what Blaze called home, more often than the cat thought was reasonable. She appreciated the effort the raccoon put in to come here nearly every day but having only a 10 year old constantly talking about pirate related story wasn't the best person to talk to. She still felt lonely, one of the emotion she had discarded long ago. She craved for company, for discussion with people she could trust. Especially Sonic, because he is as powerful as her and had even taught her how to use the power of the Sol Emeralds.

But he wasn't feared, he was actually recognized as someone people could always count on by everyone she met. She was a bit jealous that he was a hero and she was a monster, a freak as they would call her.

The worst part is that there was nothing she could do about it, no matter how hard she had tried, she would end up being rejected.

She sometimes would think long and hard about the similarities of their dimensions: they both protected their world, they both had each a set of seven emeralds, they both were very strong, they both fought villains and a mad scientist, both very similar in each dimensions, having similar names as well as near identical physical appearence and the same wish to dominate the world. The thing that bugged Blaze was that the one in her dimension was named Nega. Did it mean that her world was the bad one? When she was in the other dimension, nobody feared her for her powers even after she recklessly showed them. Then again, only a few individuals in that world were aware of her powers and nearly all of them were Sonic's friends or the blue blur himself.

A loud sound interrupted her thoughts, a sound she was almost used to. Metal stomping on the ground heavily, followed by a soft whirr. She prepared herself for a battle, fire already burning on her fists. She waited a few seconds before the source of the sound appeared. Glowing red eyes appeared in the dark as the robot slowly came to the light, right in front of Blaze. It was a rather tall robot, about five meters taller than Blaze. It had a cannon that replaced its right hand, shoulder pads with spikes on them, his feet had spikes under them and both of his legs had 2 wheels inside, same for the arms. The main body was rectangular and the head was covered by a helmet with two spikes coming out of it, like horns. Behind the metal monster was a round machine hovering with the mad scientist of her world, Eggman Nega, inside of it, wearing an evil smirk on his face.

"Begone, Nega, or I will have to make this painful." said very coldly Blaze, watching closely the menacing robot, waiting for any suspicious movement before making a move.

Nega's smirk grew even wider "Hello to you too, dear princess. You don't seem very welcoming today." he said, carefully caressing his great white mustache "But no matter, I am sure you know why me and my small creation are there today."

Blaze exactly knew why: the Sol Emeralds. Her eyes didn't waver from the robot as she answered the mad scientist. "Over my dead body!"

"I wouldn't have had it any other way my dear! Crush her, Nega Hunter." The robot didn't even have time to process his master's words that he was already knocked into a wall by a fierce kick from the lilac cat, who started then spinning into a small tornado of fire and charged right at the robot that was still down and the lights from his eyes were dying down, as if the damages it had received had been heavy. Just as the tornado of fire was going to hit the robot, its eyes lit up as it suddenly got up by back flipping, standing right next to the fire tornado and hit Blaze with the side of its canon, sending her crash into a wall and making the whole castle shake.

Blaze, injured, tried to ignore the pain all over her body. Nega's robots weren't usually that smart, that robot had just set up a trap by playing near dead and the cat had completely fallen for it. She would have thought that Nega was just getting better at making robots if she didn't hear a suspicious sound right before she was hit.

'Was that a very loud and fast heart beat? … Is it alive? No, it can't be.' She was about to attack once again but stopped, remembering the Sol Emeralds were right next to her. "I might as well finish this quickly, I don't want my home to be destroyed." Blaze said, the sol emeralds spinning around her faster and faster, power entering her body. Her transformation was almost complete until Nega shouted to his robot, an evil smile making its way on his face.

"Now! Grab her!"

Blaze didn't have time to move out of the way since her transformation was still going, the robot's huge hand caught her easily as she struggled. Blaze finally turned into her Burning form and forcefully got out of the robot's grip, destroying it as blood splattered everywhere, making the robot yell in pain which froze Blaze for a second in total shock. She never had hurt anyone that badly before, the only thing she had ever destroyed were Nega's mindless minions, full of wires and metal.

That second was all Nega needed to make his plan work. Taking out a remote hidden in his hover pod and pushing a button, eight smalls floating disks hovered near Blaze, trapping her in a yellow cube. Coming back to reality, Blaze tried to get out of the cube, charging into it with full force, yet to no avail.

"What did you do?!" she yelled, panicking since she finally understood why Nega came here, out in plain sight. It was a trap, he had wanted to force her to use the Sol Emeralds since the very beginning.

"Heh heh heh, just a little trick I learned from my counterpart, princess. Now to extract the power out of you!" he pushed another button on the same remote as two huge golden disks slowly came to Blaze's front and back. Blaze tried hitting the cube harder, even tried to melt it, but she was still stuck, sweating a lot, working her brain out to find a way to destroy this prison. Her eyes widened when she saw how close the two disks were as their center began to glow.

"This is it! The day I'll finally create Eggmanland! Nobody will stop me! Noboooo...dyyyy-"

Time started to slow down as Nega's speech was approaching its end. The doctor was moving in slow motion and so were the disks. Blaze didn't understand what was happening, she couldn't use her power to cause that kind of effect, she could move freely in her cage through, compared to everything alive surrounding her and the scientist. A small and dark dot began to form in front of her. The sluggish moving golden disks were just about to activate as Blaze put her arms in front of her as a last attempt to protect herself.

Suddenly, the dot widened in an instant, sucking the golden disks first then Nega, his robot and the trapped princess into the void. Blaze, being the only one that could move freely, looked around when she was in the distorted space. Both Nega and his monster had disappeared from her sights right as she entered it. The golden disks were also nowhere to be seen, which made Blaze sigh in relief. She was still trapped, but she actually felt safer now, being protected by an indestructible shield. There wasn't much to see here, she could make out some numbers floating far away, some sort of transparent corridor to her left while colors around her changed from purple to black to purple again.

Her prison wandered aimlessly for ten minutes as nothing new showed up. Blaze was surprised to still be in her burning form, as it should have ended a while ago. She sighed and decided to try and get some sleep as she had nothing else to do. She didn't really care about this place as long as the Sol Emeralds were with her, it was alright, she would eventually find a way home. Closing her eyes, she waited for her ride to end as she drifted into sleep.

It wasn't long until her prison was shaking madly. She quickly opened her eyes, ready for a fight, until she saw what caused her prison to move so much. In front of her was a giant monster made of smoke, a face where blue light came from the mouth and eyes, with four massive arms, one of them having caught Blaze's prison, actually protecting her from any harm. The monster tried to crush the yellow cube with his two arms, Blaze flinched a bit as she feared the worst, but no matter how much strength it used to squash the box it stayed in perfect shape. She was surprised that the cube could endure that much pressure.

The beast suddenly roared out of frustration and put one of his hands in the air. It opened a hole, similar to the one that stole her from her castle. It then threw with incredible brute strength Blaze into the hole, not even having time to prepare herself. She disappeared into the opening, being able to do nothing. Blaze's pride forbade her to scream as she just watched what was in front of her: another hole, this time showing a deep blue sky with clouds. Her prison was starting to disappear slowly, the disks not being able to follow the cube, that probably already broke the sound barrier because of the throw, anymore. 'I'm not even sure if it's good or bad that I'm starting to get free now!' she thought.

The box completely disappeared just as Blaze was sucked in the hole. The next thing she knew, she was above the clouds, falling, her fear of heights taking over her pride as she screamed.