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Shadows in the Wind

14: Shadows Wake

The hospital doors burst open. "Give me some Epinephrin!"

A nurse turned. "Kankuro-Sama. What's wrong?"

The Head of the Anbu Shinobi strode up to her. "Get me some Epinephrin. ...or Antihistamine... or some other antidote."
The nurse frowned, partly confused. "...Why don't you explain the situation a little. Then we can decide what you need."

The Puppet Master's eyes darkened. He stuck his face in the young Nurse's face. "How about my brother is dieing and I'm going to hold you responsible if you don't give me what's needed now?"

The nurse blinked in shock. "...uh... come." she turned, hurrying into a room.

She opened a drawer, and pulled out a few needles. "What happened and how bad?"

"Bad." Kankuro said. "Matsuri gave him something he is allergic too, and now he can't even breathe."

The nurse selected a few needles, and grabbed a glass bottle, looking at the label. "How long?"

Kankuro grabbed the nurse's arm and pulled her out the door. "Long enough!"


When they got to the house, Matsuri was in the front room, crying in the arms of the Kazekage. "I didn't know he was allergic to peanut butter. …I... I've killed him!"

Gaara slowly set his hands on her shaking back. "He's not dead yet Matsuri."

Kankuro ran to Gaara. "How is he?"

Gaara glanced at the bed room. "Awake now. Shikaku-San is relieving some of the swelling with Mednin Jutsu."

The nurse stared at the Kazekage. "Wait, who's sick?"

Kankuro grabbed her wrist again, pulling her into the other room.

The Nara didn't look much better than when he left, but he was awake.

"Got it?" Shikaku asked, his hands bracing his son's head and neck, a soft green glow of chakra radiating.

"Got it." Kankuro answered, passing Yoshino to get to the older Nara.

The nurse swore, and rushed to the patient's side. "Temari-Sama, turn his arm so I can give him the injection."

Temari held her husband's hand and did what she was told. "Their here Shikamaru."

"He woke up 60 seconds ago, and he's aware of what's happening."

The nurse started to fill the syringe.

Kankuro moved beside her. "How long before it takes effect?"

"This shot goes to the veins. It's practically instant."

Kankuro smiled. "Sweet."

"Really?" Temari asked, not quite sure.

The nurse nodded. "It only relieves it though. Judging on his condition it won't last the whole time."

"Can't you give him a second one?" Kankuro asked.

The nurse's brows creased in annoyance. "Ya, if I had enough. You only gave me time to grab the partial bottle."

She made sure there was no air in the needle, then pressed a couple fingers on Shikamaru's arm. "Get ready to breathe Shikamaru-Sama."


Shikamaru took a couple full breaths, filling his lungs. A tear rolled down his cheek. "...Thanks."

"Don't ever do that again!" Temari embraced her husband.

He closed his eyes, putting his arms around her.

"I need to know what and how much he had." The nurse said.

Shikaku spoke. "It was peanut butter. There was apparently not much of it, but that's all it takes."

"Has this happened before?"

"Ya. When he was little."

"Three." Yoshino added.

Shikaku nodded once. "Same symptoms. We caught it earlier then."

The nurse listened. "He was out for a while. It might not be bad taking him to the hospital for a few tests. I didn't quite have a full dose, so he'll need another shot soon anyways."

Shikaku nodded once. "It's decided then."


"It'll be faster if we just help him." Kankuro whispered.

Shikaku walked on one side of his son. "Walking helps the oxygen go through the body. He'll be fine."

The nurse walked on the other side of Shikamaru. "So, how did you and Temari Sama meet?"

Shikamaru walked steadily. "The Chunin exams."

"You fought?"

Shikamaru's mouth twitched. "Ya. It was troublesome."

"Did she win?"

Shikamaru looked at the nurse. "I guess."

"From what I heard, you gave up in the fight."

Shikamaru shrugged.

"Was that true?"

He smiled slightly. "Do you want my side of the story, or hers?"

"You know both?"

"It's pretty obvious."

The nurse smiled. "Prove it."

Shikaku smiled, listening to his son give both sides of the battle, but without the details. There was no lovey thoughts or anything then. Just two young Shinobi trying to up their ranks for the sake of their village. more then the other.

Kankuro cast a sideways glance at Shikamaru. He still wondered how his sister fell in love with the lazy cloud watcher. He had the Chunin exams, but then gave the title 'winner' to Temari.Then again, Shikamaru was practically the only one who became a Chunin.

"Sound's about right." The nurse told Shikamaru.

"I'm guessing she told you then."

"Yes. She was my sensei after all."

The Nara nodded. "Shanun, right?"

The nurse blinked in shock. "...Yes."

Kankuro perked a little, hearing the name. Shanun was the name of one of the older students that had become Shinobi when he and his siblings had decided to teach. "How did you get into the medical field?"

"Talent." She glanced at Kankuro, then back forward. "Temari Sensei always said I was skilled with keeping my chakra balanced.

Kankuro snorted slightly. Now she's bragging. He moved beside her. "Then why are you just a nurse?"

She didn't turn "A doctor is a full job in itself. I spend the rest of my time strictly on missions where I am needed."

"Sounds busy to me."

Shanun glanced away slightly. "I need to be if I'm going to become an Anbu rank Shinobi."

Shikaku raised an eyebrow. She's blushing.


He turned to his son.

Shikamaru's expression changed, brows creased slightly, almost in pain. "...It's coming back."

Shikaku turned to Shanun. ~Even though it wasn't a full dose, it was close. It shouldn't have worn off this quickly. This could be a long night.


By the time they got to the hospital, Shikamaru's breathing was almost forced, and they immediately took him into an emergency room with Shikaku, Kankuro and Shanun.

Temari sat down in the waiting room, her feet and back feeling sore. Matsuri was soon asleep across a bench, Gaara standing against the wall beside her, watching the few people that walked the halls.

Yoshino came and sat beside her daughter-in-law. "He'll be okay."

The blond woman put her head in her hands, her mother-in law started rubbing her back. "Why does crap happen?"

Yoshino smiled. "I'd like to know that myself."

Temari closed her eyes. "It's like... does he do this on purpose to make me feel guilty, or does it just happen?"

"Guilty?" Yoshino asked.

"...I don't know. ...I..."

"Just take a few breathes Temari."

Temari did so. The first one was easy, then the second wavered. By the third, she opened her eyes, vision misty. "...I don't know I can do this."

Yoshino let her talk.

Temari leaned back against the wall. "I'm tired of snapping at Shikamaru, and he's been trying to help me. Now he's in trouble, and I can't help him. ...I..."

Yoshino took Temari's arm. "You're tired. Don't be hard on yourself."

Temari shook her head.

"Anything else bothering you?" she asked.

Temari wiped her eyes. "...I've tried my best to take care of my brothers, and now Shikamaru, but they're grown men. ...But the truth..." She set a hand on her stomach. "...I don't know what to do about babies."

Yoshino touched Temari's hand. "You've helped Ino-san with her children. I'm sure she'll be more then happy to help you with yours." She cupped Temari's cheek in her hand. "And I'll be here too."

Temari closed her eyes as a tear slipped down her cheek. She put her arms around Yoshino, feeling safe again. "..Thanks mom."

Shikaku came into the waiting room, followed by Kankuro and Shanun. "Their starting the extraction." He said.

Temari looked up. "The what?!"

Kankuro leaned against the wall. "They need to extract it out if his system, kind of like they do with poison."

Temari shifted in the chair. "Who gave permission to do this?!"

"Shikamaru did." Shikaku said.

Temari settled. "Oh." She turned away, not happy. "...Can I talk to him first?"

"They already started. The antidotes you have here are good, but it's not lasting as long. It's best to extract the source from his system."

"It's perfectly safe Temari-Sama." Shanun said.

Temari rested her chin in her hand, mumbling about this whole thing being troublesome.

Yoshino rubbed her daughters back.

"...Ohh..." Temari groaned.

"He won't feel a thing." Shanun assured. "The doctor knows a lot about..."

Temari gasped, putting a hand on her lower stomach while bracing her back.

Gaara walked over instantly. "What's wrong?" he asked worriedly.

Temari blinked a little, then felt the pain again, but worse. "...I don't know... but... Gaul, it hurts!"

Yoshino stood, and pushed in front of the men. "We probably have a baby coming."

Shanun jumped into action. "Get her to room fourteen, three doors down. I'll get some professionals."

Temari gritted her teeth. I'm a Kunoichi. I'm a Shinobi. ...I can handle a little... "Auhggg!"


"Shikamaru-sama." The nurse said quietly. "Your wife is here."

Shikamaru's eyes fluttered open. He turned to see the other hospital bed beside his. Temari lay there, half propped up on her elbow. "Feeling better?"

Shikamaru smiled. "Ya."

"At least I didn't pass out." She bragged.

"I didn't." The Nara stated. "I..." he paused, realizing something wasn't quite right. He studied Temari. Her blonde hair was loose to her shoulders. Despite of her weary expression, she smiled like everything was going her way. Shikamaru tried to sit up as it dawned on him. "Kimoni..."

"She's fine." she said, moving her arm to stop him. "Want to meet her?"

Shikamaru laid back down, blinking. He craned his head around as Yoshino walked up carrying a small bundle in a blanket. Gently, she laid it down in between them. "Here's your daddy."

Shikamaru reached over, and gently moved a corner of the blanket. A little round face peeked through, surrounded by dark brown hair. The tiny girl opened her eyes that looked just like her mothers.

Shikamaru smiled. "...Hey."

Temari smiled, watching her husband.

He gently touched the little infant's face. "...She's so tiny..."

Temari grinned. "Not a tiny as your son."

Shikaku came over, holding his grandson. He looked at Shikamaru, then back at the baby. Touching the baby's duty-blond head, he finally relinquished the child to his son, and moved away.

"...Two..." Shikamaru forced himself up on an elbow to see both children at once. "Asuma..."

"You were right Shikamaru." Temari spoke quietly. "First the girl, ...then the boy."

"...Both..." He felt Temari's hand on his, and he squeezed it. "...And you're alright?"

Temari smiled. "Yes."

Shikaku watched as his son's face beamed. Shikamaru wasn't one to show that often, but when he did, he looked just like his mother. He was proud of his son. Gently, Shikaku moved an arm over his own wife's shoulders. Yoshino turned to him, he guessed in some sort of brief confusion. She then laid her head against his shoulder, and they watched their son grow up together.

~The End~