Well, I wasn't sure what to rate this, but I think it's okay to have rated it K+. Tell me if I should change the rating. I've never written a fanfic with this subject before. Anyway, the paranormal has always been an intriguing subject for me, especially ghosts. So, I figured, "why not share my interest with my readers?" and this fanfic was made. No, I don't really believe in ghosts (I'd need to see one in order to ;), and yes, I'm a Christian, but no one said Christians couldn't write ghost stories. This is all for my (and hopefully, my readers') entertainment. Enjoy!

P.S.: Oh, I almost forgot! Whether this is the original or the Disney version of the Jungle Book, you decide. This isn't really supposed to be any specific version, although I imagine it to be in the Shonen Mowgli universe. Just so you know! ;)

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Aashi knew she was different. She had known it from the first night she had turned five. Because that night, she started seeing them- the spirits of the jungle.

The first encounter had been- of course- the first night she had become five years old. She, her father, and her mother had all settled down for the night in their little hut. She was nearly asleep when something told her to glance outside. When she listened to that voice, she was at first alarmed to spot a panther silently moving through their village. Then, the fear mysteriously disappeared. Aashi had no idea what she had been thinking, but she silently crawled out of her bed and tip-toed outside. She followed the panther, until it stopped at the edge of their village, where the jungle began.

Aashi then froze, not willing to follow it any more. The panther then, much to her surprise, turned around and locked eyes with her. For nearly a minute, she had stood, gazing into the creature's hypnotic yellow orbs, when the panther turned tail and soundlessly sprinted towards the jungle border. Before it entered the area, it turned and locked eyes with Aashi one more time before jumping into the deep green foliage and vanishing in mid-leap.

Over the years, Aashi was visited by that same spirit-panther several more times, as well as by many other animal entities, including an elephant, a monkey, two wolves, a snake, and many more. Aashi suspected they were the restless ghosts of animals that hunters had killed many moons before.

Occasionally, the beasts would even speak to her. She didn't really hear the voices per say, she sort of heard them in her head, like thoughts. The elephant would greet her, the panther would tell her to not be afraid, and the she-wolf and monkey would cry, "No! Don't hurt me! No! No!" as if she were the hunter.

Aashi didn't know why the jungle spirits visited her so often. Perhaps it was because her father was the wild boy. Maybe these entities were animals he once knew. If so, why didn't they appear to him instead of her?

Whatever the reason, the animal spirits continued to visit her. She was the only one to be able to see and hear-and sometimes, even feel-them. Aashi did not know who (or she often wondered, what) they were, or why they were there, but over time, she ceased questioning it. There was one thing she did know, though: These creatures were not meant to be heard. Not meant to be seen. Not meant to be felt.

Not meant to be noticed.

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