Hello, I know some of you have been waiting for this, but for those who are just now finding this story, welcome! Titans Mid-West is about a new branch of the Teen Titans. This lovely group has been put together from the fantastic OCs you readers sent in. This story will follow (in third-person) the lives of the teens on the team and the others they meet.

I, unfortunately, do not own the Teen Titans or any other properties of D.C. , but I'm working on it.

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Rainy Canard rolled over and repeatedly slammed the blaring alarm clock with her pillow. It wasn't until she actually looked at the annoying device that she bolted upright and practically flew out of bed. Maybe flew is the wrong word, more like tumbled or fell, because she took nearly all the sheets with her.

"Crap, its Monday!" the girl was yelling at this point as she rushed to the bathroom across the hall to wash her face and brush her teeth. Once she felt she had done a thorough job, Rainy lifted her head from the top of the sink and gave her-self a reassuring wink in the mirror. Rainy turned her head when she heard a suspicious beeping noise coming from her room, realizing she had hit the snooze button instead of the off button in her haste. She made a noise that sounded an awful lot like growling and rushed back into her room. Regrettably she was unable to find the off switch. Rainy compromised for that by simply yanking the wire out of the wall and stomping down the hallway. She waded through the mess most people would call their kitchen and popped a new filter into the espresso machine lying on top of her wooden counter. Impatiently Rainy waited for her coffee while muttering a stream of profanity's under her breath. When she heard that satisfying beep that meant the cup was full she slipped a few curly red strands of hair back into the messy bun she had fashioned late the night before and made her way back to her room.

Whipping on some clothes while trying to balance the steaming cup, she realized belatedly, is not always the best idea. The bright green ceramic cup fell from her hand and shattered into four unequal pieces. For a moment she seemed to have a staring contest with the broken bit of dishware, "Oh well," she thought out loud, "I can always buy-ohh that was the one granny gave me...never mind." You see, she had a bad habit of talking to herself. Rainy lost interest in the cup almost immediately and proceeded to try and slip on a business suit while dodging the glass on the floor.

Managing to get in her car by six fifteen-only twenty-five minutes late-she joined the Traverse City traffic. She swung by Clyde's house just in time to interrupt her cameraman's morning yoga. Rainy never said it, but she always thought he should try a more rigorous workout; yoga didn't come close to canceling out all the donuts.

"Get in the car, we're late!" she shouted through the cracked window of her blue mustang, and this is, like, the worst part of town, but she would never say that, she simply thought it. In truth it really wasn't the best part of town. It wasn't close enough to the park or mountains to have nice scenery, but it had enough dark alleyways to make up most of the cities crime. Clyde lived on the west side of the city near the bank; the break-ins there nearly doubled the rest of the city crime rate. The Titan's Midwest was a new hope for the city, even this part of town. Rainy observed the little brown house that belonged to her camera man, it was in shambles and was about as much of a mess as hers was, well maybe, she thought. "You know the traffic around here's like hell." The population was modest, but travel in Michigan was harsh.

"Yea, yea I'm coming." Clyde mumbled as he lowered is equipment into Rainy's rusty old car. "What do ya' think the new titans will be like? Doubt they'll be as good as the originals." He got into the car and messed with the mirror. Rainy push her key into the ignition as her partner spoke. For a few minutes she zoned out listening to the smooth purr of the cars engine. She wasn't crazy over cars but she loved the sound they made when they first start up.

Rainy noticed Clyde and reached over removing his hand from the glass as calmly as possible. "Well, we'll see won't we?" She pulled out dodging cars left and right and after a few minutes the tower came into view.

"The Titan Tower." Clyde whispered from beside her.

Rainy had always heard that the Titans' Towers were big, and grand, with a breath taking view. This one was no exception. The Titans Mid-West Tower overlooked the Grand Traverse Bay; water would rush up and back on the sand, lapping at the edge of a small hill were the Tower was located. The bright blue waves reflected the orange and red of the sunrise on their foamy surface and the Tower itself shined like newly polished silverware. It all seemed to fill the reporter with hope, that is, until she glanced in the rearview mirror. She was a complete and utter mess!

Rainy tried to fix her hair and straighten her clothes as she pulled into the visitor's driveway. Clyde grabbed the equipment and rushed ahead to open the door for her. With mock grace he added, "After you." The reporter returned the complement with a very unbecoming hand gesture. The lobby had a silver gleam to it; the wall color resembled that of a new dime. The carpets were just as shocking and they were made of real red velvet. Velvet, one could deduct is a little extreme for a super hero's layer. They stood in awe for a moment before Clyde looked down at his watch and broke the silence.

"We're late." Together they walked to the elevator, Rainy pushed the iron colored up button, and Clyde turned on his camera. The reporter quickly pressed the third floor button as soon as the door opened and started talking.

Rainy went into business mode and smiled charmingly. "Hello, this is Rainy Canard, from Traverse on the One's reporting to you, live, from the new Titan's Tower. This is where the cities newest heroes have been living for the last week. Today, for the first time, the public will get a peek into their lives." She flipped her hair and-

"Cut. Great work Rain." Clyde said as the elevator doors slid open.

The room they entered seemed to radiate hostility. Though filled flamboyantly dressed teens, it felt nothing like a well-oiled superhero team. Each of the members had apparently claimed his or her territory and had no intention of socializing with the others. Their eyes trailed the anything but dynamic duo. The reporter and her cameraman became completely stiff.

A muscular teen wearing a dark blue jump suit was the first to approach the two newcomers. With a slight flip of his sandy brown hair and a glimpse of an award wining smile he shook both their hands, curing the pair of their shyness. "Hey, I'm Poseidon, the leader of Titans Mid-West. I suppose you're Rainy Canard and Clyde Clearwater." Rainy was a bit too mesmerized with his bright green-blue eyes to take any notice in what he was saying, so it was Clyde who answered.

"Yup, that's us. Nice to finally meet you, as you know we're here to interview you and…your team." He returned the hand shake with a grin. Poseidon's smile faded somewhat as he turned to "his team".

"You heard him, who wants to go first." Poseidon motioned his hands towards them, obviously looking for some support.

"I guess I will." A petite girl stirred in the back of the room, she had been sitting on one of the stools attached to the island in the kitchen. Rainy gave her a once over as the girl approached.

"My name is-" she seemed to give it a moment of thought, "Nightingale. Follow me" Nightingale seemed a fitting name as she wore mainly black from her combat boots to her helmet that covered everything but her eyes. Speaking of her eyes, as Rainy noted immediately, they looked extremely out of place. They were very sharp forest green, but before she could ponder on the thought for long Nightingale waved Clyde and Rainy into a hallway.

"I suppose I should show you around a bit, huh. Well this is where the rooms split off." Nightingale explained as tips of her fingers, probably one of the only parts of her skin exposed, brushed against the grey carpeted wall. She lifted her hand briskly and pointed down the corridor. "The gym's down the hall and to your left. It's got all the best equipment in town. Now, reporter lady-" she turned back to Rainy with a brave smile. "Didn't you have something to ask me about?" Nightingale grinned the words.

Reminded of the task at hand Rainy pulled out her notebook and microphone from her purse and gestured Clyde to start filming. The color drained completely from Nightingale's cheeks. She hadn't been prepared to go on camera. She tried to stop Clyde from starting. "This isn't really my thing- you, you should go talk to Stitch, he loves to talk. Or Poseidon, he adores the lime light. Just not-" It was too late.

"Hello, we're back and let me introduce you to one of the new Teen Titans, Nightingale." Rainy moved next to Nightingale prompting her to continue the greeting. She seemed to freeze under the camera.

"Err, um, gee, hey ya'll." A slight Michigan accent started to seep into her voice as Nightingale tensed up. Rainy couldn't help but to feel it sounded like a pirate from Kentucky with a head ache.

Trying to save the situation Rainy stepped in. "So where are you from, Nightingale?" She gave Nightingale a supportive smile.

"I-I'm from here, actually. I grew up close to the old railroad. It was nice; well I'm mean for that part of town. Not that it's bad. I love that part of town! I grew up there." She rambled until she ran out of breath before looking at her wrist. Nightingale's eye grew to the size of water melons and rushed out yelling, "Oh gosh, I'm late." Odd because she wasn't wearing any sort of watch. Rainy went bright red and prepared to cut until a hand tapped her on the shoulder. She turned to face the intruder and found herself face to face with a snowy blond teen. The girl had an air of concealed excitement that could put any youth to shame.

"I'm next!" The girl was wearing a short white dress which was as white as…well snow, along with matching gloves and flats. She reached her hand out towards the half stunned reporter before turning to the camera. "My name's Chiyuki, which if you didn't know, means a thousand snows in Japanese…but I'm sure you did." Chiyuki flashed an unsure smile, and sort of giggled.

Rainy composed herself and shook the energetic girl's hand. "Nice to meet you Chiyuki, so where are you from?"

Chiyuki's ray of sunshine seemed to diminish for a moment, but not for long. "Sioux Falls, South Dakota," She seemed to realize mid-sentence that she might have given too much away. "But I Love it here. I mean, have you seen the scenery? I bet it's gorgeous in the winter!"

"So what kind of powers do you have?" Rainy asked as they strolled towards the gym. Chiyuki pushed the door open and let them in before answering. The gym, just as Nightingale had said, was full of all the best equipment. On the far end of the room was a small training arena, complete with boxing ring like ropes to keep the subject(s) in. Punching bags were scattered around the room along with twelve or so bench-pressing stations, one of which was occupied at the moment, along with a varying collection of colorful weights.

"Well I can control ice, see-" The other person unfortunate enough to be in the room at the time was pale boy with extremely spiky blond hair; Rainy wondered exactly how much hair product he used to keep it that way. The blond heavy-weight champ was wearing a black short sleeve shirt along with red pants and black boots. A bright red jacket was sprawled lazily next to the weights and dumbbells. He was bench pressing at least twice his body weight, yet if Chiyuki hadn't spotted him he might have gone unnoticed for God knows how long. Next thing he knew he was dropping the dumbbell and leaping nearly ten feet in the air.

"God, Chiyuki stop doing that! My body is gonna be permanently blue if you keep that up." The boy advanced towards them, rubbing his side, not realizing a camera was on.

"Sorry, Neb," Chiyuki face the camera again. "This is Nebulo, he plays it tough, but I bet he's a real softy." She giggled as she whispered to the camera.

"Would you shut up Snow? Don't listen to her she's crazy." Nebulo retorted, finally directing his attention to the camera but trying to hide a faint blush. "So she can control ice, big whoop, so can a freezer." The irritated boy dismissed the camera with the wave of his hand. He made his way back to the bench and picked up a weight.

"Would you care to tell the viewers what powers you have?" Rainy offered, trying to defuse the situation. She walked over to where he was working out, followed by an aggravated Chiyuki and a weary Clyde. Nebulo continued as if he hadn't noticed while the others waited.

"Eh hem!" Chiyuki caught his attention.

"Well, I can step through dimensions, create things with my mind," He acknowledged the dumbbells. "And I have super-strength."

"Where are you from Nebulo?" Rainy inquired with a slight tilt of her head.

Nebulo paused and looked around before sighing and saying, "The one dimension I can't travel to. Listen this is whole interview thing is peachy and all, I'm just not one for spilling everything onto a plate in front of a live audience." With that he put down the weight, picked up his jacket, and slipped out of the room.

Chiyuki shifted uncomfortably. "We better head back to the common room. Golly, the others are probably waiting for us." Rainy gave Clyde the signal to cut and they walked back to the living room in silence. The silence was about 20% what had just happened with Nebulo and 80% because Rainy had never heard someone say golly before.

"Did you just say golly?" Rainy whispered as they walked back into the sitting room. Chiyuki just simply and slowly nodded her head.

"Heyyy, you're back! Akai, could you go get Poseidon. He said he wanted to be here for the last few interviews." They were greeted by an unmanageably cheerful young man. He scratched his head with a lean arm and turned to the elegant light-brown skinned girl who must have been Akai. "I think he's on the roof."

Akai, wearing a red jumpsuit that turned into a black leather skirt that just barely met her knee high black boots and a light red mask, stretched and strolled over to a set of stairs that most likely led to the roof.

All eyes turned back to Rainy and Clyde as Chiyuki strode past them to sit on a couch opposite the reporter and her assistant. The red sofa was already occupied on both sides by Nightingale, who had apparently joined the rest of her team after the horrifying interview, and a relaxed looking young gentleman wearing an armored black shirt and what looked like flexible jeans. He also wore a sensible domino mask and a slightly less than sensible red mid-length cape. Her eyes only briefly surveyed that part of the room before she realized the male Titan who had previously spoken was now standing right in front of her and had started speaking again.

"We should probably start soon, they might take awhile." He gave a sly grin, though it was unlikely anything he was thinking of would occur between the new team mates. Rainy ignored him and nodded to Clyde, who started filming.

The youthful reporter took her place next to the boy before she started the interview with him. "Hello, we're back with our next guest-" Rainy realized she had never asked him his name.

"Stitch." he added, brown eyes twinkling behind a pair of grey goggles. He ran a hand through his ruffled brown hair before continuing. "I thought I might lend you a hand." With a smile he held out his hand for her to shake it. Being the normal, pleasant human she was, Rainy shook his hand, and then nearly went into an eternal state of shock when she pulled away her hand and it was still attached to his. His arm in contrast wasn't (attached to his hand). The reporter leapt back and came crashing into Clyde, along with his camera and other-very expensive-equipment.

Stitch was rolling on the floor apparently having a spasm and laughing his head off, cough, literally. The boy next to Chiyuki on the couch threw a pillow at Stitch that instead of ceasing the team's mortal terror at what had just happened-on live television-only made the titan go even further into this horrific state. If Nightingale hadn't walked over to him, picked him up, and smacked him over the head, he might have gone on laughing for a decade.

"Whew, get's 'em every time." Stitch said finally cooling off. He collected his arm and smiled apologetically at his victim. "No hard feelings? Anyway got anymore questions for me?" He helped Rainy and Clyde up as he spoke.

Rainy tried to gather the strength to go on with the interview, straightening her posture and clearing her throat. "Well, um where are you from? What do you think of the city?"

"Earth." he offered vaguely in a semi-playful way. "I like the city it's…clean and…err…safe?" Stitch it seems didn't think through his answer very well.

"It'll be safe now that we're here, not to say it wasn't nice before, Ms…?" The boy on the sofa stood up and advanced to where the current interview was being held.

"Canard, Rainy if you'd like." She blushed just slightly at her response.

"I'm-" The boy started before being rudely interrupted by Stitch's laughter.

"The Teen Avenger." Stitch spoke with mock valor, hopping around the room with an imaginary sword. Then he stopped in his tracks, "What a stupid name!"

"At least I don't share the name of a blue-dog alien from a kid series!" Teen Avenger barked back pulling Stitch to a halt before regaining his composure. "Sorry 'bout him." He innocently went to shake the reporters hand before noticing her reaction and dropping his arm to his side. "I'll save you the trouble and-" Cut off once again The Teen Avenger swung his head around to face the young girl who had just entered the room.

"Has anyone seen Poseidon? I-I've been looking for him all over." A petite blond girl asked a little too intently. She lowered her gaze when she realized that everyone was looking at her and started to gently brush some nonexistent dust off her bright pink leotard.

"…he's up on the roof, Fuchsia. Akai went to go get him." The Teen Avenger cocked his head to the side slightly irritated with being interrupted. Fuchsia face fell while she removed a strand of golden blond hair from her face. Noticing this didn't seem to make Avenger any happier.

"He's always up there, Fia." Chiyuki added, bobbing her foot up and down from her seat.

"The absent leader, he comes in, all smiles, takes a two hour trip to loony town, and comes back just in time to order us around, just because he thinks he's better then us. Just because he trained with Aqualad and the Real Titans he thinks he can just waltz in here and play leader." Nightingale-who had moments before seemed completely calm-looked like she could-and would-kill Poseidon violently trembled and turned away from the group.

Stitch started bouncing up and down spitting out words, "Yea, he's the kind of guy that…if he went to the store and bought something for $9.99 with…a ten dollar bill… wouldn't say 'keep the change' even if the lady at the counter was hot! And don't even get me started on Akai!" The room barely had even a second to recover from this odd insult.

"Shut up Stitch! He may be…whatever you said, but we have to be a team! And for better or worse-right now-he's our leader. "Avenger growled at Stitch.

The room grew silent and Nebulo came rushing in as if the tower was on fire. "What's up?"

The lights flashed red and the alarm sounded. Akai dashed down the stairs followed by Poseidon. Clyde flicked camera off and Rainy looked dazed.

"Titans Trouble! Move out." Poseidon led his team out in a flash. They exchanged head nods and waves as they left the news team. Only Avenger hesitated.

"You wouldn't mind deleting that last part, would you?" The Teen Avenger smiled back at them from the door before quickly rejoining his team.

Well there it is! R&R, and I don't plan on ever using Rainy or Clyde again unless I see a lot of request for a return on their part. They were really just plot devises to keep the ball rolling. I think the next story will be how the team first met, like Go! Any how, hope you enjoyed it!