Chapter Two [LAYTON] – Out of commission

The Professor just stood there, staring out at the busy London streets, lost in his thoughts and utterly confused at what he had read earlier.
"Where is that girl?"
Layton was unable to fathom how Emmy could become so distracted when there was a serious case aloft.

"Professor, I'm positive this letter is not a fake!"The boy, so sure of himself, stood by the Professor right side, enthusiastic with the idea that he would be able to help the Professor once again solve a great mystery.

"Now, now Luke, a gentleman never rushes into a delicate situation without the proper preparation."

Layton could see the current of disappointment flooding through Luke's eyes as they began to slowly glaze over.

"Any minute now Emmy will be back with what we need, than we will be able to solve the puzzle this letter is concealing."

Luke fell back into one of the Professor armchairs, examining the letter that had arrived earlier that morning. "What does this seal mean?"

Seconds later an ear piercing screech echoed through Gressenheller University, making it clear to the Professor that the time was near.
"About time, a lady should never keep a gentlemen waiting..."

Luke jumped up from the armchair to his feet immediately. "Emmy! Emmy's here Professor!"
He ran over to the door, about to open in.

"Luke, get back!" Layton rushed over to push Luke out of the way of the door.
With all her force; Emmy kicked the door to Layton's office, causing it to swing with immense pressure inwards.


Layton flew across the room, landing on a stack of archaeology text books, whacking his head into one of his desks nearby.

"That's not a very good place to take a nap Professor…"

Luke crawled from his spot on the floor, left of the door, toward the now unconscious Layton.

"Emmy, what did you do!"

The young lady realised what had happened and in an instance was at the Professor's side assisting Luke in bringing him to.

"Wow Emmy, look at that mark of the Professor's face." Luke squinted his eyes attempting to make out what the marks on the Professor's face were.

"Is that…"

Again Emmy's personality had changed within an instant. "This is not a good start to uncovering the mystery."

"Wait here with the Professor Luke. I'll go fetch a warm cloth."

Luke sat with the Professor, shaking him and calling his name, however nothing would wake Layton from his coma.

"C'mon Professor, you've got the biggest puzzle of them all to solve…"

Once again Luke's eye filled, "We can't do this without you." The boy laid his head against Layton's shoulder and continued to weep.

Just as fast as she had left Emmy returned with a few medical supplies.

"No need to worry Luke, I'm trained in these types of situations."

With teary eyes Luke gave Emmy a look of incredible disbelief. "I hope so, London's on the line."

Emmy wiped Layton's cheek with a warm cloth that had been dapped in alcohol rub. Pressing harder to make sure an infection would not befoul the Professor. Gently she placed a small bandage over the mark on Layton's cheek, sticking it down with some medical tape from her first-aid kit.

"That's the cut taken care off, but Luke where did the Professor's hat go?"

The two began to search the small room, leaving Layton to suffer in the corner. Neither of the two could find the famous top hat.

"I've lost the Professor's hat! What a great apprentice I am." Luke went back to his position next to the Layton while Emmy continued, with no luck, to search for the hat.

"Never mind Luke, I'm sure it'll turn up somewhere. I hope"

Both Luke and Emmy attempted to sooth the Professor back to health, however their efforts continued to fail. "It's no use… how could Emmy be so careless?"

"Maybe we should get some help Emmy?" Luke's face was washed with desperation as he gave Emmy a puppy dog like look.

Emmy knew she wasn't qualified enough to deal with this type of situation although she had made it clear to Luke she was.
"Guess it's time to end the façade."

"Alright Luke, let's take the Professor to the hospital."

Using all of her strength; Emmy pushed her arms under the Professor's back, lifting him into a cradling position.
"A bit too many muffins don't you think Professor…"

"Luke get the door would you?"

Emmy, with one hand, unlocked the door to the Laytonmobile, throwing Layton along the backseat.

"Could you try to drive carefully this time Emmy?" The boy was no longer interested in the letter the Professor had received early that morning; he had left it inside the Professor's office it was focus on ensuring Layton would be in perfect health.

"No need to worry Luke, I'm the one of the safest drivers you'll ever meet."

Emmy's words were lost on Luke as he continued to turn to face the unconscious Layton lying on the back seat of the car. "Please be ok Professor…"

Emmy pressed her foot hard against the accelerator, as if she hadn't taken Luke's concern into account.
They speed off along the busy streets towards the closest hospital Emmy knew of.

Even at this time of the morning the local hospital was bustling with traffic, emergency vehicles littered the roads surrounding it, sirens echoed through the halls and Emmy once again lifted Layton into her arms, carrying him through the hospitals entrance.

"Luke, go to the reception desk and ask for some assistance. I'll put the Professor on a chair over in the corner."

With a look of innocence, Luke made his way to the reception desk.
He called out for help from one of the ladies at the desk, as he was too short to see over the high desk.

"Hello young man." The voice came from a somewhat elderly lady stretching over the desk so she would see where the call had come from.

"We need your help right away…" Luke turned to face Layton with glazed eyes. Look back at the lady with a look of desperation. "Please…"

"I see. I'll get someone on that right away." Clicking and typing at her computer the lady had lost interest in Luke and his situation.

Returning to Emmy and Layton, Luke slumped into a hard hospital waiting chair.
He couldn't help but feel responsible for what had happened to the Professor. "If only I hadn't rushed over to the door…"

Emmy; being the impatient lady she was, got up and demanded that the lady at the reception desk get a doctor to assist the great Hershel Layton immediately. The entire hospital seemed to stop as Emmy shouted at the top of her voice at the two reception ladies. Luke pulled his hat down over his eyes as if in an action of embarrassment.

"Please miss calm yourself… There are many others waiting to be assisted. I am quite aware who you are here with but the system has no exceptions." Like before, both receptions deck ladies went back to their work on the computers.

"This is hopeless. How are we supposed to solve the greatest mystery facing London with a dud of a Professor?"

After a few hours of meaningless waiting for any assistance what so ever so finally met with a doctor by the name of West, a tall somewhat skinny man with charcoal black short hair. Downed in a regulatory white doctor's robe he approached Emmy and Luke who were both incredibly fed up with the service at the hospital.

"Good morning young man, oh and you too my lovely lady, my name is Dr. West. How may I be of assistance?"

Both Emmy and Luke jumped form their slouching positions on the chairs, almost knocking West of his feet. "About time we could assistance… Where have all the English gentleman gone in the world?"

"My name is Emmy Altava, Professor Layton here had a terrible fall and now won't wake up…"

West examined the Professor with a rough hand, in a way that anyone would be able to.

"Well it doesn't look like he'll be coming to anytime soon." The doctor took a notepad from his robe and scribbled a few quick notes before stuffing it back in his pocket.

"What going to happen to the Professor?" The boy tugged on the doctor with his signature look of depression. "Please, let him be ok."

"Miss Altava, I'm going to have to put this man into a hospital bed for a proper check over."

With a nod of the head Emmy agreed with Dr. West, again lifting the Professor from his position on the chair, following West through a maze of hallways into a small room with three unoccupied beds. She placed Layton on the second bed, covering him with a few thin sheets. Emmy could see that the events that were unfolding were having a profound effect on the young apprentice.

"Luke please don't worry about the Professor. He'll be back on his feet in no time. Then the three of us can finally solve the great mystery." Emmy placed a hand on Luke shoulder as a sign of comfort, attempting with all herself to calm him and try to get his mind of the unfortunate event.

With that West finished officially checking over the Professor, and continued to scribble notes in the pad from his pocket. "Yes just as I thought..."

"It may be depressing to here this but it's my job to inform you that the Professor may have a case of amnesia when he wakes."

Emmy looked at Luke with the same expression he had exhibited before, knowing that while Layton was out of commission London would continue to suffer.

[To be continued]