(told from aprils point of view)

I cant believe it! My parents aren't letting me out of the house today. Something about protecting me from puck! And they are having guards watch the room until the ball. Well I get to leave for a little while to get ready for the ball and to go to the ball… but still! I should be able to make my own choices about who I date. Well at least dad didn't kill me. But I won't get to see puck. And I bet at the ball if he even comes near me. Dad will kill him.

Well maybe not because that would be rude so he might let him dance with me with him shooting glares at us the whole time. Right before I could continue sulking the door opened and lady weaver walked in. "hello april I am here to fit you for your dress. I already know how it will look I just need your size. Then I will leave you to bathe. When I have the dress ready I will come back to put it on you and do your hair have a nice day." She said after measuring her.

(told from pucks point of view)

I look around where is she? I grab a passing fairy and ask her she tells me that april is not allowed out of her room as punishment. I whirl around and start to walk towards the house that they are staying in. I climb the wall and gasp at what I see april is standing her room with a baby blue dress on. It shows off all of her good features. Man I am going to dance with her tonight if it is the last thing I do. I smile and wave.

Man the look on her face, priceless. She runs over to the window and opens it. "what are you doing cant you what until tonight." She whispers "nope." I reply with my trickster grin. With that I transform into a raven and fly off.