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Fiyero couldn't stop his hand from slowly making its way beneath Elphaba's skirt to her thigh. She moaned. "Fiyero..." she whispered. He gently kissed along her neck, trailing down to her collarbone, making her shudder lightly.

Okay, so maybe a janitor's closet at the Ozdust wasn't the ideal place for him to be feeling up his girlfriend, but they were both too caught up in each other to notice, let alone care.

She moaned into his kiss, pushing gently against the seal of his lips with the tip of her tongue. He was all too ready for it, opening his mouth without any hesitation as they began the typical struggle for dominance.

He undid the top few buttons on her blouse, and she pressed herself closer to him in response as his fingers tangled themselves in her long ebony curls. His scent filled her nostrils, and she inhaled deeply, taking it in.

It was sweet and woods-y, almost musky, even, and her favorite scent in the world. He smelled like pine needles and rain mixed with damp earth. For his part, Fiyero was busy admiring her scent, as well; lilac, coconut, and rosewater.

The edge of his teeth gently grazed her earlobe. She closed her eyes, relishing the feeling of it. "Yero...Yero, please...I need you..."

He silenced her with a kiss, one hand already beginning to lift her skirt, while the other worked to unbutton his pants. Elphaba's long, graceful fingers moved swiftly to undo the buttons on his shirt, craving the sight of his blue diamond tattoos. He unbuttoned a bit more of her blouse, then undid some of the stays on her corset, exposing her breasts. Her nipples hardened in the cool air.

He kissed her one more time before entering her slowly, gently, being careful not to hurt her, just like he always did when they made love. She closed her eyes and smiled in content, laying her head down on his shoulder as he filled her.

As they came to a peak, Fiyero fell back against the wall with Elphaba in his arms. They slid to the floor together and stayed there, curled up and resting in the corner, and perfectly happy to stay that way.

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