Betcha didn't think I would write one of these!

For scifiromance!


Seven tried and failed not to frown at how the Mess Hall was decorated. Pinks and reds and whites were everywhere. Streamers of every imaginable shade of those colors criss crossed the Mess Hall.

"So Seven," Neelix began. "Have you thought about what to give your special person?" Seven was silent for a moment, trying to piece together what the Talaxian was talking about. "What do you mean?" She finally asked.

"Why it's Valentine's Day back on Earth." Neelix said excitedly. "Everyone gives something to the person that they love the most in the galaxy. Usually it's their spouse or significant other. It's kind of similar to other cultures where married couples or betrothed couples do things for each other.

Seven fought the urge to roll her eyes. She didn't really have time for love and she doubted that the person she was interested in was in return interested in her.

"Back on Earth I had friends who called Valentine's Day Singles Awareness Day." Nathaniel Harrow said from off to the side.

"Why is that?" Seven asked. "Because they didn't have either a boyfriend or a girlfriend." The bookworm of a Teleporter Technician informed her.


Chakotay hesitated as he walked into Astrometrics, to his relief it was empty. Quickly he walked over to the console and left a bouquet of lovely wildflowers on it.

Then as quickly as he had entered he left. Hoping that he hadn't been seen.


Seven walked into Astrometrics. She paused at the sight of wildflowers her console. Curious she made her way to them. A note proclaimed them to be for her, to brighten her day.

She quickly activated the security recordings and watched as the Commander came in and left the flowers.

Suddenly Seven felt like a school girl: giddy. Commander Chakotay had feelings for her.



I do know people that call Valentine's Day Singles Awareness Day and it really ticks my sister, Jean, off.