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"W-what are you talking about; my name is Phantom, Danny Phantom." Dash just stood there shaking his head.

"I-I saw you in there, t-talking with Mr. Lancer. Danny Fenturd, you're Danny Phanturd?" cursing silently to himself, Danny momentarily forgot about the ghost that was outside and landed next to Dash. Danny looked both ways down the hall and transformed back into Danny Fenton. Dash gasped.

"Yes, I am Danny Phantom; you can't tell anybody it that clear." Eyes still wide, Dash nodded his head. "Not many people know my secret, so you had better not tell anyone." Once again, Dash nodded his head vigorously, suddenly his eyes flew open even wider (If that was possible) and he gasped pointing at something behind Danny's back. Danny whirled around, just in time to be blasted back by an ecto-blast. He smashed into the wall behind him and slid to the floor, looking up he smirked. He transformed back into Danny Phantom and rose into the air. "Nice of you to join the party Plasmius, got tired of hanging around with your cats?" Dash was in awe of Danny, the cockiness of his voice, the confidence in his stance; it was hard to believe that it was the same Danny Fenton he had bullied for all these years. Vlad smirked slightly.

"I'll have you know, that I don't own any cats, little badger. I am here on business, so nothing funny from you." Danny narrowed his eyes.

"What business?" Vlad's smile grew wider. As an answer, he conjured up a portal and in no time at all, she blasted the ghost boy backwards inside it, tossing the human in for good measure.

As Danny pushed himself up from his position on the ground, he realized two things. One, he was in Vlad's lab, two, he was surrounded by… cats? To Dash's confusion, Danny burst out laughing, picking one up and stroking it behind the ears.

"I'm guessing your name is-" Danny was cut off by the sound of Vlad roaring,

"Don't you dare touch my Maddie!" Shivering slightly, Danny smirked; sure it was disgusting that Vlad had a crush on his mother, but to name all his cats after her, that was just plain wrong.

"What do you want with me Vlad; you've dragged me all the way to your lab, and for what? To introduce me to your cats?" Vlad sneered,

"I don't think you fully understand the direness of the situation my dear boy, here you are with nothing but your pitiful powers to help you and your classmate from what will surely be death at the hands of the most powerful ghost in the ghost zone, in his own laboratory." Danny's insides shrunk a little, but he kept his confidence up, pulling his body into a battle stance.

"You can't kill me Vlad, I will always beat you, and no matter what happens, you won't lay a finger on Dash." Startled by Danny's statement, Dash sat where he was, shocked. Here he was, sitting on the floor, scared silly while the kid he beat up everyday was standing up for him, putting his life on the line, when he owed him nothing at all!

"Ahh, but you forget Daniel, that I have the Plasmius Maximus... and what do you have?" Cursing slightly under his breath, Danny watched as Vlad Picked up something from a table behind him. Clenching his fists, he charged up an ecto-blast and fired, hitting Vlad dead on... but nothing happened.

"Oh Daniel, you think I am that ignorant? No, take a look around you Daniel, and for once in your life, pay attention." Breaking off into maniacal laughter, Danny glanced around him and noticed for the first time, that they were surrounded by an ecto-dome. Smacking himself in the head, Danny once again cursed, punching the wall of the dome, sending an electric zap through his system. 'Not smart' he mentally berated himself and for the first time, he turned to a frightened Dash.

"Don't worry Dash, I'll get us out of here, I swear." Gawking up silently at his long time hero, Dash could do nothing but nod his head and hope for the best. Once Plasmius returned from the back of the room, Danny backed away from the edge of the dome ever so slightly. "If you think I'm just gonna let you poke me with that thing then you're an even bigger fruit loop than I thought you were." Snarling, Plasmius glowered down at the smaller boy.

"Of course you are going to let me poke you with it Little Badger, unless..." Vlad turned his head toward the frightened quarterback huddled in the corner. Danny's eyes narrowed into slits.

"Don't you dare lay a finger on him." The venom in Danny's voice surprised even Vlad, making him chuckle slightly.

"Oh Daniel, I wouldn't think you would care so much about a boy who bullies you so mercilessly." Shock spread through Dash's features while Danny merely smirked.

"Still keeping tabs on me eh fruit loop? Or are you simply interested in the affairs of the city...?" Narrowing his eyes, Vlad reached through the dome and grabbed Danny by the shirt.

"I see what you're playing at Daniel, but you seem to forget, I am not the only one with a secret." A smirk played across his lips, Vlad thinking he got the better of Danny, momentarily let his guard down, sneaking a glance at the human in their presence, leaving enough room for Danny to let loose.

Grabbing Vlad's fist, Danny pulled him through the dome and into his awaiting palm, ecto-blast loaded. Grabbing the Plasmius Maximus from Vlad's slackened grip, Danny didn't hesitate to stick him in the stomach.

"What secret?" Shocked eyes looked up into those of Daniel Fenton, now standing in the place of Danny Phantom, a now limp Vlad Masters in his grasp. Punching him in the face, Danny grabbed the tie of his suit. "Here's a tip Vlad, never threaten a civilian while I'm around, not good for the health you know, especially at your ripe old age." Shifting back into Phantom, Danny grabbed Dash's wrist and pulled the shocked boy to his feet.

"Wait... that's the Ma... the mayo... Wha..?"Danny smirked slightly at Dash's bewildered expression.

"Best not to think to hard about it buddy, now time to get you outta here, aren't you missing a football game?"

In the not-so-distant future of Danny's high school life, let's just say, things got... well, easier. With Lancer and Dash on his side, let's just say nobody messed with him or his friends ever again. But you know, perks of being a superhero I guess.

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