(A/N:) Here's my first fan fic. That's not Ren and Stimpy related! People think I got the inspiration for this from the Animaniacs episode Potty Emergency. Shockingly, I didn't! I actually had this in a dream weeks ago, before I even saw that episode XD So enjoy the Rocko goodness! ;)

"For Bladder or For Worse"

Chapter 1

Rocko and Heffer walked into Rocko's house one night. "Phew! What a night!" Heffer flopped on the couch. "I'll say!" Rocko joined him as Spunky jumped on his lap. There were bags under their eyes. "I KNOW!" He yelled with enlightenment. "AH!" Rocko screamed and fell off the couch, alarmed by Heffer's loud and excited voice. "We should have a water drinking contest!"

"What?" He said, helping himself back on the couch. "A water drinking contest! Whadda you say, Rock?"

"I don't see why not! Let's go!"

They sat at the table. "I should warn you, Rocko, I can drink as much as I can eat!"

"I dunno, Hef, I had a lot of popcorn tonight, and I'm really thirsty!" They laughed and GULPED.

1 hour later…

The two were bloated. "Okay, Rock, you win! I give up. Congrats."


"Well, I actually better go home." He grabbed a chicken from Rocko's fridge. "'Night, Rocko!"

"Goo'night, Hef!" He shut the door. "Time fuh bed. Come on, Spunky." Spunky barked in agreement and ran behind Rocko up the stairs. He settled into bed and sighed. "'Night, Spunky. See you in the morning."

(A/N): I know this was a weird chapter 1, but trust me, Rocko's in for a bad time starting in chapter 2! I mean, drinking God-knows-how much water one night and the fact that people have to take a whiz first thing in the morning? YIKES.